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Marlen Esparza doubts Seniesa Estrada really wants a rematch

Seniesa Estrada (left) vs. Marlen Esparza. Photo by Tom Hogan
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Flyweight contender Marlen Esparza is questioning Seniesa Estrada’s sincerity about a rematch.

The bad blood between the fighters was genuine leading up to their clash last November, which took place on the undercard of the Canelo Alvarez-Sergey Kovalev light heavyweight title bout. In an ironic turn of events, blood turned out to be the deciding factor of the bout.

An accidental clash of heads in the fifth round opened up a nasty gash on the hairline above Esparza’s forehead. Blood poured down her face for the next four rounds until referee Robert Byrd halted the action, which resulted in a technical decision, with Estrada winning by scores of 90-81, 89-82 and 88-83.

Estrada initially balked at the idea of a rematch, but recently told The Ring that she would be willing to give Esparza another chance because the fans enjoyed their first battle.

Esparza did not buy her explanation.

“She wants the rematch because the fans didn’t think she won,” Esparza, a 2012 Olympic bronze medalist, said. “So she’s like, ‘Oh sh–, I have to do this again.’”

On the other hand, Esparza was also surprised that Estrada even mentioned the possibility of a second fight.

“I didn’t think she was going to give me the rematch,” she added. “But I feel like because she didn’t get the feedback necessarily or the respect that she wanted from the win. I think she realized that she needs to (fight me again).”

But Esparza (7-1, 1 knockout), 30, of Houston, Texas, doesn’t expect to see Estrada inside the ring any time soon.

“She’s going to do it on her terms,” she continued.

But Esparza has no issue waiting for another shot.

“I respect that. I think that’s cool. I don’t mind it.”

When asked how a rematch would play out, Esparza did not mince words.

“There were a lot of different elements that led to the outcome,” Esparza continued. “I thought I was winning the fight, and I got tired (in the early rounds) which was super random because I don’t get tired. Then when I caught a second wind, I got head-butted.

“I feel like I’m just going to walk over her, in all honesty,” she stated. “I feel like (the first fight) was legit the worst day of my life. If you couldn’t do anything to me that day, then what else do you have?”