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Floyd Mayweather says he’ll un-retire in 2020, work with Dana White

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He is 42, will be 43 in February, and he hasn’t stepped into a ring for real since August 2017…and yet, his move on Thursday night, when he informed the boxing and sports world that he will glove up in 2020, conjured solid buzz.

Of course, much of it was negative, and he is quite OK with that; Floyd Mayweather has known for a good long spell how to push buttons, get people talking about him, caring about him, whether it be in adoring fashion, or by rooting for him to get his tail kicked.

“Coming out of retirement 2020,” was the message which accompanied a pic of Floyd, date taken unknown. In shape, looking ready to rock.

But, against who…when…where…and for how much?

That’s TBD…or TBA.

We are on a need to know basis, and Floyd will let us know when he damn well pleases. We should be careful of assuming, though, being that his last time out he fought, arguably, it was an exhibition, against 0-0 pro Conor McGregor, the best shit talker, if not the the 20th best mixed martial artist on the planet when they did their dance.

But, wait, some of you might say…Didn’t I read on Nov. 19 Floyd reiterating that he was done?

“I’ve got calls to get back into the ring, but my health is my wealth,” Mayweather told Reuters at the opening of a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness gym in Torrance, California.

“Boxing is a very, very brutal sport. In the last few years a lot of fighters have died inside that squared circle. You have got to know when to hang it up. I had a great career.”

Oh, and after the McGregor money-maker, which left a mixed message, with some folks thinking it was more entertaining than they expected, and others not caring for a circus of silliness in the leadup, he also did a real exhibition, end of 2018 2018, in Japan. That was against a kickboxer, and that event doesn’t really leave anyone with fuzzy and fond memories. Maybe Floyd, from that check he cashed…

A sampling from Twitter tells us that reaction to the Thursday IG teaser is mixed.

Many will figure that the 50-0 Michigan born all-time great, who in recent years has spent more time plugging his strip club than any other endeavor, does have fighters signed to his promotional company. Gervonta Davis is making a run and aiming for super-stardom. He’s set to add to his resume Dec. 28, against ultra-vet Yuriorkis Gamboa…but his promoter is snagging more buzz than the Baltimore boxer now. And, we know Floyd, he is skilled at prolonging buzz, giving hints, tossing out red meat for media.

Red meat like…Hmmm, what were Floyd and UFC bossman Dana White talking about at that basketball game?

Yes, it seems like Mayweather and White may indeed be collaborating, if we believe this assertion, on this Mayweather IG post, from Thursday evening.

Start the engines of speculation if you wish. Or, if you can, focus attention elsewhere, if you’d prefer to give your time to the next gen pugilists. Good luck with that; “Money” is almost as skilled as a news-maker, and buzz-driver, as he is ring general.