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Sergey Kovalev needs two trips to make 175 pounds; Canelo comes in under

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Drama visited the Friday afternoon weigh-in at MGM in Las Vegas, as WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev initially didn’t make weight, and had to sweat off a quarter pound to make the limit.

Sweat, or maybe a bathroom session?

The Russian was 176, and then upon immediate re-weigh, after taking off a gold necklace, the scale read 175 1/2.

Kovalev then took off his under-pants, and with a towel covering him, was 175 1/4. He had one hour to drop the extra. He needed just 15 minutes. He dropped the drawers, stepped on the scale, the old school style beam scale, and was 175.

Success, if with a bit more nudity than expected….

Alvarez, most suited, it seems, for middleweight, scaled in at 174 1/2 pounds. The Mexican hitter, who has collected belts at 154, 160, and 168, seeks to snag Kovalev’s 175 pound bauble on Saturday night at MGM, and on DAZN.

Alvarez (52-1-2, 35 knockouts), 29, spoke to Chris Mannix after he did the weigh in, and said that if Kovalev wasn’t able to make weight, he would still fight. “I can’t just leave my people like that,” he said. And how does he feel at this weight class? In Spanish, he said he feels strong, and we will see tomorrow. He said he ate more, and sparred people that were larger than per usual, to get ready. He expects it to be “a complicated fight for both of us.” He is happy to be gloving up, after missing a September date.

Kovalev (34-3-1, 29 KOs), 36, after his step-on, jetted to attend to business.

Golden Boy Promotions, led by Oscar De La Hoya, has put together the event, along with Main Events, and Alvarez and Kovalev’s promotional outfits.

Ryan Garcia, the social media stud who is tired of being known as much for that as his hitting ability, was 135. He told Mannix that he wanted Romero Duno from a few weeks back, when Duno wore a t-shirt that mocked him for “running.” Duno, the NABO strap-holder, weighed 135. Their stare-down was properly dramatic.

Blair Cobbs fans made themselves known by hollering the Ric Flair “Woooooo,” and the colorful talent weighed in at 147 on the dot. His foe, from Mexico, is one Carlos Ortiz, who checked in at 146. An NABF title will be up for grabs. Cobbs told Mannix he is “the most exciting guy in boxing.” He promised “nothin’ but action,” and invited boos from Ortiz fans.

East LA’s Seniesa Estrada’s reading was 110 1/2, while flyweight foe Marlen Esparza, from Texas, was 111. They’ve beefed on social media and face to face, and conjured solid buzz for their scrap. They did a face-off, and there was a crew ready to pry them apart if the stare-down went south. They barked but there was no biting or pushing. Mannix asked Estrada what she was saying. “All the talk is done,” she said, mocking Esparza for wearing heels and makeup, as if readying for the prom. She said she moved up in weight, for the opportunity to whup Esparza. “She’s just another person I have to get rid of,” in order to get to bigger bouts.

Esparza then told Mannix that Estrada “lies a lot.” And fighting coming up in weight, what about that? Esparza said that is a lie, Estrada has been 112 before. And she’s now fighting harder, being a mama, because she’s fighting for a family.

Others who succeeded with their weight cuts included Evan Holyfield, son of the living legend Evander Holyfield. he made 154. He is promoted by Main Events, and his dad said he was proud when the kid said he wanted to follow in his footsteps.

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