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Andre Rozier: Derevyanchenko beat Golovkin 7 rounds to 5

Derevyanchenko takes it to Gennadiy Golovkin. Photo by Amanda Westcott/ DAZN
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Andre Rozier tells one and all how much he loves working with Sergey Derevyanchenko, and he repeated that stance outside Madison Square Garden an hour after three judges said his guy lost to Gennadiy Golovkin, in a this close contest that has folks still debating the result.

A man of few words, Derevyanchenko simply told Rozier in the dressing room after that he thought he won, and that he did his best.

The plan, you saw, but Rozier shared a bit more. “The plan was to back him up, and work the defensive circle, which he did, and to keep his jab going up and down,” the Brooklyn-based tutor, who will have Richard Commey back in the Garden Dec. 14, against Teofimo Lopez, stated.

Sometimes he forgot the circling, but Rozier had zero complaints. “All in all, he gave one hundred and fifty percent,” Rozier continued.

He told me he was scoring it, and saw it 7-5, for his guy.

And will ge go back and watch it? “I’m gonna watch it about ten times, I saw flashes of excitement, and brilliance, and amazing capability.” Yep, he thinks it was Fight of the Year, better than Errol Spence-Shawn Porter.

And he wants a rematch? Damn straight. “Push for it…I wanna dance again!”

He said the people and the press need to push for the sequel. “Let’s go!”

“I’m really 1-2 right now, everybody told me that walking out,” he said, referring to having cornered Curtis Stevens and Danny Jacobs in NY versus GGG before.

And when Michael Buffer started reading those scores, was he thinking Derevyanchenko would get that life changing announcement? “I was cautiously optimistic,” he admitted. “But I said, ‘We got screwed.”’

The trainer had told me that he really, really thought his guy would win, but of course, would the judges see it that way?

And off he went, into the night, after admitting that no, he won’t watch ten times. More like 50 times, he said.

And, of course, he will bang the drums for one more time, a sequel. That replay might in fact be more fun for him to watch, because, he said, he saw some things that could help Derevyanchenko the next time.