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Florida boxing manager Robert Pergament dies at age 89

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Robert Pergament, the Florida-based boxing manager known for giving fighters a second chance in their careers, died Monday, July 1 at his home in Boca Raton at age 89. The cause of death was congestive heart failure, according to his business partner Elvis Crespo.

Pergament, along with Crespo, counted Joel Julio, Daniel Edouard, Dyah Davis and Said Ouali among their roster.

“He treats his athletes like family, with respect and dignity,” said Crespo, adding that he would take care of his boxers’ housing and transportation needs so they could focus exclusively on their careers.

“Mr. P truly believed in the good in people and made sure to give opportunities that generally wouldn’t have been possible,” added Edouard, who was managed by Pergament from 2008-2012.

A native New Yorker, Pergament first made his name with the Pergament Home Center chain of home improvement stores in the tristate area with his father and brother before turning his attention to boxing. 

Davis says that he and Ouali were his first boxers.

“Great man, he’ll be missed no doubt,” said Davis.

Pergament is survived by wife Lois Pergament, 85, of Boca Raton, daughters Debra Pergament, 61, and Lori Dorman, 59, and son Arthur, 58.

“My Dad loved boxing,” said Arthur Pergament. “I used to play fight with my Dad as a kid. I was Ali and he was Frazier. All I know is the best fighter I ever met was him. If he got knocked down he always got back up from the canvas and enjoyed life.”