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Krzysztof Glowacki management to appeal controversial loss to Mairis Briedis in WBSS semi-final

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On Saturday, Mairis Briedis and Krzysztof Glowacki met in a World Boxing Super Series cruiserweight semi-final in Riga, Latvia and it turned out to one of the most controversial fights in recent memory.

Hometown hero Briedis landed a blatant elbow flush to the jaw that put Glowacki on the canvas. Referee Robert Byrd deducted a point but gave the stricken fighter no additional time to recover and Glowacki was dropped shortly after the action resumed.

Briedis smelled blood and jumped on the Polish fighter. The home crowd cheered wildly for their man to finish and Byrd didn’t hear the bell to end the session. During the chaos Glowacki was dropped heavily by huge power shots – a full nine seconds after the bell had first sounded.

The minute’s rest wasn’t enough and Glowacki was dropped and stopped at 0:27 of the third round. This was one of the worst nights of Byrd’s career – perhaps the worst.

Not surprisingly, Glowacki was furious with the treatment he received.

“It is hard to accept such a situation,” Glowacki told The Ring through Jacek Szelagowski of Knockout Promotions on Sunday. “I would never expect an elbow. I have never fought anyone who would fight like that. I was not interested in acting. I wanted to continue and win this fight with classic boxing.

“The elbow was really strong and clear to the chin. I did not know what happened. I do not remember a lot after that. I did not hear anything. I was trying to take my chance in a direct war.

“I am extremely disappointed I am not in the finals. I sacrificed everything to win that title.”

Glowacki’s manager and promoter, Andrew Wasilewski, intends to protest the official ruling.

“If we want boxing to exist we must fight against a robbery like that,” said Glowacki’s handler. “Mr. Briedis confirmed in interviews that the elbow was intentional and that he had heard the bell. It is criminal everywhere for everybody and he is policeman. A Briedis team member was inside the ropes. In all federations this means disqualification for Briedis.

“The situation is difficult for everybody; for the tournament, for federations and everybody around this fight. If anyone wants to build respect for boxing we must be against such a situation and try to find a clever solution. I read that experts, fighters and fans from all over the world are sure that it should be a no-contest or disqualification.

“I cannot imagine that a respectful federation can approve this fight and the result. (Briedis) confirmed in interviews that he made very dangerous fouls intentionally as a champion of this federation. It is a criminal act, not sport.”


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