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Jarrell Miller: ‘I messed up, I made a bad call’


After absorbing three devastating shots, which dealt a sharp blow to his near-term prospects and certainly impacted his career, Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller went on camera and did a video in which he admitted he screwed up.

The video dropped on Friday evening, hours after word dropped that Miller, slated to fight Anthony Joshua June 1 at Madison Square Garden, had tested positive for HGH, off a second test (March 31-blood test), and then also for GW1516 and EPO, from a March 31 urine test.

On Tuesday, news dropped that Miller’s sample found the chemical GW1516, a performance enhancer, in a test taken March 20.

Then, another shoe dropped…and then, tragi-comedically, yet ANOTHER shoe fell, according to ESPN’s Dan Rafael.

It was a stern and stunning blow, one, two, three, harsher than anything the 23-0-1 hitter, who turns 31 in July, has encountered in the ring.

So, he threw in the towel, and rather than sticking to a denial, decided to fess up.

“This is your boy “Big Baby” Miller here,” said a somber Miller. “A lot can be said right now. I’ma get straight to the point, I messed up. I messed up, I made a bad call. A lot of ways to handle a situation, I handled it wrongly. And I’m paying the price for it. Missed out on is a big opportunity, and I’m hurtin’ on the inside. My heart is bleeding right now. I hurt my family, my friends, my team, my supporters. But I’m gonna own up to it. I’m gonna deal with it, I’ma correct it, and I’m gonna come back better. I’m humbled by the experience, I understand how to handle certain things. I’m gonna leave it at that. I love you guys and I appreciate you guys out there, and as fighters we go through a lot, I don’t wanna make it a bad name for ourselves. It’s time to do right, and get right. So I thank you guys.”

My three cents: He’d taken to social media to proclaim his innocence after the GW positive, and vowed to clear his name. This mea culpa is a far better track to take. After all, all of us have screwed up, and we can identify with someone who has admitted that they’ve failed… and are seeking redemption. Now, here’s hoping that he just goes all in, and lays out what he was taking, when he took it, why… and doesn’t try to do a partial dodge.


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