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Abel Sanchez on start of Gennady Golovkin’s training camp, ‘GGG’ vs. Hagler

Gennady Golovkin (left) and Abel Sanchez. Photo credit: Tom Hogan/GGG Promotions

Camp doesn’t start for awhile and that makes sense, being that Gennady Golovkin isn’t slated to glove up for a ring return until June.

So that allows his trainer Abel Sanchez to indulge just a little bit more in flights of theoretical fancy, such as this one.

On Wednesday afternoon, I messaged the California-based tutor, who, but of course, handles a bunch of other pugilists beyond the fighting pride of Kazahkstan. I had seen a Tweet in which some Tweeters had discussed a Marvelous Marvin Hagler versus Gennady Golovkin match-up.

Because of his ambidexterity, Hagler would stop “GGG,” maybe on cuts and swelling, a Tweeter opined.

What about it, Abel? Prime Hagler versus prime GGG, what would that have looked like?

“My opinion, The Marvelous One had issues with a lightweight, so, in their primes, GGG would be too big and strong for him, great fight. GGG wins 116-112,” Sanchez responded.

Fun to ponder…And how would trainer Sanchez have game-planned for GGG to face the Brockton-based blockbuster, who campaigned from 1973-1987 and now enjoys a spot in the Hall of Fame?

“Against a great fighter like Hagler, Bobby Watts fought the fight you have to against Hagler. You have to be smart and consistent, good probing jab, good left hook and you have turn him, assuming he stayed a lefty (his best stance),” Sanchez said. “You don’t go to war with him (like Vito Antuofermo did). He was too resourceful…And there was only one Sugar Ray Leonard. He had the ingredients: Great boxing, great hand-speed and probably the greatest wheels.”

OK, I returned, did you watch the old videos of how Watts, in January of 1976…

…and then again in April 1980, tried to better Hagler?

“I always watch old films of guys in weight divisions of fighters I train. It’s my job to know and learn..why and how,” said Sanchez.

(Watts, then 27-3-1, lost a 10-round majority decision in the ’76 tango vs 25-0-1 Hagler and was stopped in round two of their second meeting.)

So back to the here and now…When does GGG start earnest training? “Training lightly, June is still far away,” Sanchez said.

And is there a timetable on selecting a foe for GGG’s ring return?

“The team is still weighing (possibilities) and anxious to select the best situation,” Sanchez said, and he relayed that there is no strict time frame to settle on someone.

There will be some middleweight business playing out on May 4, when The Ring Magazine/WBA/WBC middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez meets IBF counterpart Danny Jacobs in Vegas. Will Abel and GGG hit that face-off?

“No need to go see the fight in the consolation bracket for GGG’s belts,” said the trainer, finishing off the chat with a sharp uppercut.



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