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Demond Nicholson looking to bigger fights after bounce back wins

Super middleweight Demond Nicholson. Photo credit: Tom Casino/Showtime
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Bigger game is on the near horizon to be attacked but before that, Demond Nicholson must get past a journeyman type and not fall pray to over-confidence.

The 26 year old Maryland resident holds a 20-3-1 (19 knockouts) record, campaigns at 168, and last gloved up in December. He stopped Fernando Castaneda in two, a win that looks a bit better after Castaneda just drew with Tureano Johnson.

So what about it, Demond, what’s your take on the Maryland native Jessie Nicklow, and could there be a danger in looking past Nicklow (27-9-3, 9 KOs), who is 2-2 in his last four fights?

“Jessie, oh boy he’s been in the boxing gym ever since I could remember, fighting in the amateurs at the age of 8. He’s six years older than me, so growing up I used to see him around a lot,” said Nicholson, whose ten-round fight takes place Maryland Live Casino, Hanover

“He’s been in the ring with some big names the likes of Jermain Taylor, Fernando Guerrero, Sergiy Derevyanchenko, and Ronald Gavril. All champions and top contenders in boxing in one of point of time, and still today. So I’m not going in the ring with no slouch.”

Demond has been ascending, since taking an L against Jesse Hart in April 2018 (by TKO 7). A comeback attack on Isaac Rodrigues in a fight which screened on CBS Sports Network catalyzed him hard.

“The Rodrigues fight definitely turn my entire career around as far as boxing goes. That fight was a fight I did not have to take right after my loss early 2018. It was a fight I knew I needed to show the world that I’m not going anywhere I’m here to stay, and collect what’s mine.”

He continued to talk about recent state of business: “Castaneda was a fight we had to take on two days notice. We had about 6-7 opponents that we had to possibly fight who just didn’t want it. The most important name was DeAndre Ware, we looked to fight him to defend my title (WBC USNBC 168 crown), he was down to fight, but wanted $15,000 so I get that aspect of not taking the fight.

“Castaneda was a great fight for us though very rough and rugged in the ring with experience. Yes, I KO’d him in the second round, but it was just a good shot, that’s boxing. He came back two months later, and scored a draw with Johnson, so that is big for me.”

I get the sense a bigger fight could come, and soon, for the fighter promoted by DiBella Entertainment. Yes?

“The stakes in this fight to me how I look at is this: Get this fight out the quick, and get right back in the ring in May. Set myself up for a world title this summer.  So I’m looking to have a pretty busy 2019, and fulfill just one of my dreams Mr. Mike, there will be no set-backs,” said Nicholson.

“My next fight I want Ronald Gavril or Chris Eubank Jr. Then summer or whenever I want Caleb Plant, Anthony Dirrell, Canelo, or whoever has a belt in  my weight class. Right now the WBO is vacant so I know Top Rank has control over the WBO, but we will fight whoever is champion, point blank period.

“And will I look past Nicklow? No sir, not at all, I haven’t looked past Nicklow. He’s coming to fight every single round there is, but he’s an old 32, I don’t believe he’ll be able to take my power every single round, but I do know he’s prepared to. I’m a young thoroughbred though, his time has passed.”

Coach Calvin Ford, Kenny Ellis and his dad Wilbert Nicholson will work the Nicholson corner for the ten-round fight at the Maryland Live Casino in Hanover.

The fighter can sense the optimistic buzz is crackling around him, and can be intensified if he stays on track.

“My life has just been going up hill from August, I’ve been places I’ve never met before, met with stars face to face. I have a team set around me to build me up and make me better as a man outside of the ring. They are doing a great job. I don’t want to say any names, but you will see them in plenty of pictures, when the time is right I’ll announce my entire team,” said Nicholson.

“Manager Thomas ‘Top Dogg’ Williams is doing right by all means! We have a great relationship with business, and as a brother. We don’t mix the two up because you know this boxing game can get rough. So we separate the two. Much love, and expect a great performance come Friday, March 8th.”