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Kalle Sauerland: ‘All WBSS fighters have been paid’

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There have been reports floating around that some fighters taking part in the World Boxing Super Series hadn’t yet received payments for services rendered. Rumors also swirled that the tournament itself may be in jeopardy.

Without having any semi-final matches yet secured in relation to dates or locations, those rumors have gained steam. In contrast, it has been just over a month-and-a-half since the final match of this season’s first round was completed. Generally it can take anywhere from two months or longer for a fighter to schedule his next contest unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand. That said, the WBSS is organized in a manner to limit such negotiations in order to expedite said processes.

Without any facts yet completely known, RingTV.com reached out to Kalle Sauerland, one of the main benefactors of the WBSS to ask him firsthand what exactly is transpiring regarding the payments and if the tournament will continue.

“As far as I am aware all (fighters) have been paid,” said Sauerland. “Some fighters have been paid via the promoter…maybe (those that haven’t are) waiting to receive their money (from the promoter).”


The statement gives some credence to the rumors that some fighters have yet to receive their share. In regard to whether or not the tournament will continue, Sauerland gives no indication that it wouldn’t and suggests that all responsibilities from his end have been fulfilled.

The WBSS, based on relative recovery times and past comments from promoters, is tentatively scheduled to commence in the spring. Here’s hoping that all fighters who haven’t yet been paid will be and that the tournament will have some fight schedules to announce shortly.



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