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Tony Harrison is effin’ confident he can beat Jermell Charlo

Tony Harrison (right) doesn't seem nervous about challenging formidable 154-pound titleholder Jermell Charlo on Saturday. Photo by Stephanie Trapp-TBG Promotions

You watch Tony Harrison this fight week, and you see a guy that looks loose, that seems not a bit awed at the stakes in play. He was smiling today at the final press conference at Barclays Center, two days before the debut of PBC on Fox, and so I asked him after the presser played out about his mindset.

I wanted to figure out his level of chill. The Detroit-based boxer, who holds a 27-2 mark, maybe stole the presser, when he dropped an F-bomb during a Q&A, which ran on Fox Sports 2, live.

Harrison cracked up when I asked him if he knew whether or not Fox was employing a seven-second delay. My guess is yes…maybe even nine or ten, what with the Charlo twins being atop the bill. Yes, organizers had to know that there could be a possibility that things would get…spicy in Brooklyn…but no, apart from Tony’s George Carlin moment, everyone was on their best(ish) behavior.

Harrison said he wasn’t and isn’t concerned about the behavior of Jermell Charlo, “I’m actually a chameleon…whatever color you want to make it, I can adapt… to the same color it doesn’t matter, whether you want to fight outside the ring, or spit, or flip each other, or you just wanna keep it cool, this is part of the sport, I’m with it!”

Harrison was all confidence, smiles and F-bombs at the final presser for his showdown with Jermell Charlo. Photo by Stephanie Trapp-TBG Promotions

And he’s with the emphatic language when he feels moved to it, too.

“There’s nothing I want more than a F___ING rematch with that Jarrett Hurd. All roads lead to Jarrett Hurd for whoever wins this fight,” is what Harrison said during the presser.

Regarding that eff bomb… “I don’t know if they’re on delay, but it’s definitely my fault, I didn’t intend to do that,” he told me. “That’s how passionate I am about that rematch (with Jarrett Hurd). I’m on top of the rainbow, and that’s at the end of the rainbow.”

He knows full well he needs to beat Jermell to get another crack at Hurd. “The politics of this game…All they care about is records, all they care about is belts and all they care about is money. Me, I just wanna fight. I’m an old school kinda guy, all I care about most is fighting, I just wanna fight, I want the best out there, and Saturday I’m facing one of the best and in order to get to the other guy considered the best, I have to do this…and I’m ready to get it done.”

We talked about politics in boxing…that made me think, does Tony think he will need to score a KO to win? The Charlos are getting the heavy duty push…Nah, he’s thinking the fans know, they will protect him. “Whether they take it from me, or they don’t…If I get the performance I’m envisioning in my head, I can’t lose. In this whole scenario, I can’t lose. I’m gonna dominate the fight, from top to bottom, I’m gonna dominate!”


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