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Demetrius Andrade on Billy Joe Saunders: ‘As long as he’s clean, follows VADA, I would definitely fight him’

Billy Joe and Demetrius were set to battle in October 2018. Photo by Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA
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A couple things went through his head when Demetrius Andrade learned that Billy Joe Saunders, his Oct. 20 foe for a WBO middleweight title battle in Boston had tested PED positive…

First, he thought to himself that he must be a “bad mofo” because Saunders was resorting to a banned substance to get ready for him. And, Andrade told The Ring in a Friday phoner from a training facility in Florida, he then educated himself on just what it was that a VADA test suggested the quite colorful Brit boxer had ingested.

His educator was Victor Conte, “the Notorious V.I.C.” who has a long and colorful history himself within the realm of PEDs and what chemicals do what to athletes’ bodies.

The chat with Conte, coming not long after word dropped on Sept. 26 that a Saunders sample was red flagged by VADA, contracted to do screening for the Eddie Hearn/Matchroom/DAZN main event at Boston’s Garden, informed the Rhode Island native that he needed to let the issue play out. That meant letting VADA do their thing, test a ‘B’ sample, maybe, and then let licensers in Massachusetts weigh in.


“I was thinking, I must be a bad mofo for Saunders to take (a banned substance), and he was talking s__t for Canelo for (allegedly) doing that,” Andrade said. “And then he was talking at the press conference ‘I’d rather die in a plane crash on the way home than lose to this man.’ But after me being inactive, he needs drugs to beat me!?”

So, yes, he thought about pushing to have the fight go forward; but Conte clued him in on the stimulant oxilfrone, and he decided to let the process play put. And it did…

The 30-year-old former junior middleweight beltholder feels VADA is “the gold standard” in testing, and so he’d let their process carry heavy weight. Then, the powers that be in Massachusetts on Tuesday announced their decision, to deny WBO middleweight titlist Saunders a license to scrap with Andrade. BJ reacted with not atypical “candor”…he requested the commission perform a sex act on him.

The world kept turning; the WBO said on Thursday that Walter Kautondokwa of Namibia, who holds a 17-0 mark against names unknown outside his home land, basically, would fight Andrade for the now vacated WBO strap. Saunders told the world that he was giving up that belt, and his promoter Frank Warren thundered that he intended to pursue the matter with lawyers doing the fighting. Andrade isn’t so much concerned with that, he tells us, he is now training for a different sort of style than BJ’s.


Andrade is thinking that the commission had to do their job, attend to fighter safety and act in the best interest of the reputation of the sport. Nah, he said, he isn’t really pissed off at Saunders, and wouldn’t be adverse to fighting him six months or so down the line.

“As long as he’s clean, follows VADA, I would definitely fight him,” he told The Ring. “At the end of the day, I’ve been willing and able to fight anybody and everybody, if the fight was at the right time.”

But, his mindset was, “the show must go on.”

And, has he done research on this Walter K., the 33 year old nicknamed “The Executioner?”

“He’s undefeated, and that’s not easy in the pros,” Andrade said. “But at the end of the day, I’m the greatest, so it doesn’t matter (what Walter brings to the table).” So, no, he hasn’t immersed himself watching Walter K. video, because he expects to be able to assess how to proceed in that Boston ring Oct. 20.

And not looking past Walter, but being confident that he gets the ‘W,’ Andrade wants to be a busy boxer in 2019. He thinks the Danny Jacobs versus Sergey Derevyanchenko match on Oct. 27 is interesting, and would not be adverse to getting matched against Canelo Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin. Jermall “160” Charlo isn’t as compelling to Andrade, he said, because he hasn’t beaten top quality competition.

“We, Danny, Canelo, GGG, etc., are all trying to fight each other,” he said, “not like Charlo, fighting Jack Sparrow and Pee Wee Herman, and saying, ‘I’m the best.’’’

My three cents: Andrade versus Saunders was fixing to be a technical chess match. But Kautondokwa has been used to being the aggressor. He might just be in the face of Andrade, and force a shootout. That could mean a short night for Kautondokwa, and more of a “fan friendly” face-off than an exhibition of the sweet science that was planned for.


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