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Bob Arum: ‘We may try Loma out on pay-per-view’

Photo by Top Rank

Bob Arum came on the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast this week, ahead of the Saturday night tango between Vasyl Lomachenko and Jorge Linares, and spoke on that MSG rumble. However, he offered up some news regarding other Top Rank goings on as well.

Arum, after telling us about his near miss with Marilyn Chambers, touched on the near future for Top Rank’s schedule, sharing that TR will be busy in June and July (Jose Ramirez tops a July 7 card, Regis Prograis headlines on July 14 and a July 28 card could feature Puerto Rican Christopher Diaz) and then they’ll do three events in August.

One tease I dug was his mention of a possible scrap for Zurdo Ramirez fairly soon. Jose Uzcategui and Zurdo will be on a parallel track, and then maybe collide.

“We’re not really gonna taper off until they start kicking the pigskin, because ESPN does so much college football,” said the Hall of Fame promoter.

As for the August slate, Arum said, “One might be on pay-per-view, the Loma fight, we may try Loma out on pay-per-view, maybe against Ray Beltran.”

So, that’s a new twist. Loma’s first time in the Garden big room, and then, probably, his entry into the pay-per-view view waters.

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  • wrecksracer

    Nobody is going to buy Loma vs Beltran. Loma vs anyone but Mikey Garcia will fail PPV-wise.

    • Mauro Hermida

      You need a stacked card to be able to even sell Loma vs Mikey. These guys are not known quantities. Put on a few great fights, not just one possible great fight and a bunch of up and comers. Every fight should also be for major titles imo. PPVs suck almost all the time because the top billing fighters get most of the cash.

  • Rick

    Stupid idea. Why’s this dude so greedy?

    • Teddy Reynoso

      Not really. Lomo can truly gain PPV worthiness if he is pitted against a proven, certified PPV draw as Pacquiao. But he has been evasive and ambivalent about the idea, even insisting on unreal catch weight for the fight to happen. He has also been either recognizing Manny’s worth or degrading him in varying interviews.
      Manny then just a lightweight when ranged against Oscar an aging former welterweight who has fought and won as high as the middleweights, quickly grabbed the opportunity even if Oscar demanded that their fight be at a catch weight he never had been in before.That’s a mark of true greatness.

  • ceylon mooney

    bob thanks for
    not cock blockin linares-lomachenko.

    uzcategui-ramirez would rule. hell, as often the case, 168 desperately needs te top guys to fight each other. uzcategui looked damn good last

    but still, fuck bob arum.

    • Arjay Cee

      It’s a longshot, but I hope Hearn has the key to ending the era of the PPV in his new streaming deal.

      I’m sure Oscar’s thinking, “Old-as-a-mummy Bob doesn’t have much longer. When he’s gone, I’ll get all his fighters and really rake in the dough!!! {Cue hysterical Alvin and the Chipmunks-style laughter}”

      But wouldn’t it be funny if they went over to Fast Eddie instead?

      I’ll make this little prediction based on how justice works on our fair shores…

      If a foreigner manages to corner the U.S. boxing world, you’ll suddenly see the Muhammad Ali Act used like never before. Get wise, Hearn: buy yourself a bunch of U.S. politicians while you can. The price goes up every year.

      • ceylon mooney

        “But wouldn’t it be funny if they went over to Fast Eddie instead?”


  • Turner Wednesday

    The PPV model is dying on its arse! Like Fast Eddie says, OTT boxing content is the future.

    • Teddy Reynoso

      Nothing wrong with the PVP model. Floyd milked it again as recent as last year fighting against a non boxer. If you have it, you have it.

      • Turner Wednesday

        What’s the PVP model dumbass!?

        Teddy, you really are a first rate fuckwit. You prove it time and time again.

  • Frank-dogg

    Hell, casual fans barely know who Jorge Linares is, let alone the P4P Lomachenko. Bob, don’t do this to us. Not on pay-per-view, at least not with Ray Beltran. Smh

  • Mauro Hermida

    Im done with PPV…no fighter is worth it, no matter how much fun they are to watch.

  • Jorge

    Loma couldn’t sell half the garden for this last fight. It wouldn’t be a successful ppv and I also agree with the comments below PPV system is dying.

  • Teddy Reynoso

    As great and popular a fighter and champion Lomachenko has been, it’s puzzling why he is not a big attraction, PPV speaking. (The same is true with Golovkin before he met Canelo Alvarez). Is it because he doesn’t have competition that can match up well thereby making his fights a foregone conclusion in his favor? Or was he brought along and projected to his current lofty position too fast and too far that fans tend to question its credulity and credibility? Winning so many titles in such a short span of time can be a drawback even in this era of instants—instant stardom and instant gratification.

  • Cashtime

    See if Loma can sell a fight out in his own country first, which he can’t. Unfortunately, he’s just not PPV material. ESPN where he belongs and where he will stay. Look at Chocolatito, he was amazing but nothing doing.

    You can fool some people by putting Lomo in with worn out fighters and set him up to win all the belts in the world but the mainstream public is smarter at times that the boxing fans.

    It takes more than excitement to be PPV material these days. Look at Floyd; he’s surpassed all records without knocking people out or being loved by a large group. I believe more people are familiar and acceptable with Adrian Browner than are with Lomo. His inability to speak English doesn’t help either. He should try to learn to speak this country’s language, it worked for Cotto very well.

    • Teddy Reynoso

      Charisma is the word. Very few boxers in history became famous for being enigmatic or exotic.

    • Teddy Reynoso

      You nailed it: You can fool some people by putting Lomo in with worn out fighters and set him up to win all the belts in the world but the mainstream public is smarter at times than (so called) boxing fans.
      His latest victim Linares has been kayoed three times before by guys you never hear of today. What’s the big deal?