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Jarrell Miller weighs in on Trump, takes advice from Stormy

Photo by Ed Diller / DiBella Entertainment
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Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller knows about weight.

It’s been a topic for him for many a moon. The 29-year-old was 300+ pounds for his latest fight, on April 28, and in fact was in the 250s as a young teenager, he told us on the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast.

The nation is pretty obsessed with weight, it must be said. It’s been that way, again, for many moons. It makes sense; we are focused on appearance more than behavior, outer beauty over inner, so how much someone weighs is a topic of chatter more often than is healthy. Yet we persist.

The drama in the White House we see on an hourly basis — it even pops up there. Recently, the personal physician who wrote a letter praising Donald Trump’s health in 2015 claimed he didn’t write it all. Trump would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” the note said … but Dr. Harold Bornstein now claims Trump himself dictated its contents. Trump’s weight drew more chatter in mid-January when his first official physical exam as President claimed he weighed 239 pounds.

BS, never-Trumpers responded.

But since politics and “real life” seem to be intersecting more than usual, the cross-talk seemed germane …


So I asked Miller if he could hazard a guess as to what Trump actually weighs. Because in the 230s, he ain’t.

“I do guess weights pretty good,” Miller said. “Trump is about … how tall is he again?”

6-2 or thereabouts, I told Miller.

“Trump is about 256,” Miller guessed. I confess, I think that guess is low, but Miller explained his thinking: Trump has skinny legs and a big butt and gut, but isn’t that muscled.

“Higher. He’s gotta be higher,” I said.

He might be 260, Miller allowed.

“Trump is not eating right. Unless it’s Stormy Daniels on it,” the boxer said, and started howling. “I met her a couple days ago. She’s cool. Saturday Night Live. I was there, it was dope.”

Yes … I asked, and he answered. Miller and Daniels didn’t canoodle. Sex too is never not a hot topic …

“We talked about a future scene,” he joshed. Daniels came off as real bright, said Miller, and she gave him tips to handle business. Planning is key, and plotting out your schedule is a must, the performer told the sports entertainer. “She’s really respectful, really cool,” Miller told me.