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Abel Sanchez talks Vanes Martirosyan: ‘It’s a long 12 rounds, too long to stay away from GGG’

Gennady Golovkin (left) and Abel Sanchez. Photo credit: Tom Hogan/GGG Promotions
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Talk to me, Abel Sanchez . . . How is your boy?

Is GGG hungry like a hungry dog? Or, like a dog of more advanced years that knows he gonna eat so he doesn’t get himself too worked up?

“He just wants to fight somebody,” GGG’s tutor told on Thursday.

And does Sanchez get the sense we see on Saturday, from Stub Hub in California, and on “regular” HBO, a steamroll, Round 5 or so? Or nah?

“I think Vanes (Martirosyan) is a slight threat,” Sanchez said, with admirable candor, no false modesty or usage of phrasing designed to lure an extra batch of fans to the arena.

So, more of a threat to catch the 36-year-old with something he doesn’t see…or outbox him, seven rounds to five, stealing a “W” by fighting the fight of his life?

“Vanes has a good right hand,” Sanchez continued. “It’s a long 12 rounds, too long to stay away from GGG.”

And how is GGG? From what Abel has seen in camp, is he A grade? A+ grade? Or will the trainer only know come fight night?

“As always, ‘A’ form, no issues, no injuries, no drama,” he said. “And great sparring.”

It’s been postulated that this fight, for GGG, is a high risk, low reward setup. He is supposed to smash down Vanes, make him wish he never left 154. If he does that, well, he was supposed to. And if Vanes hangs around, wins 4 rounds, then the Twit-wit nitwits will bust GGG’s balls and talk slippage.

“I and he want to stay busy, and they are all dangerous fights,” Sanchez responded. “Vanes has nothing to lose.”

Because, I said, your guy LOVES to fight, right? It’s what he’s built to do on this earth for a certain span of his life?

“Correct,” the trainer said.

Me, I’m saying I think Vanes hangs in, hangs with GGG and shows the very best of himself, more than many expect. This may not be that easy work blowout, especially if Vanes doesn’t get into the “let’s please the fans and trade” mode that he’s promised. (I suspect he will look to smart box his way to a win, and not seek out “opportunities” to trade.) That’s my informed guess; what say you, RING readers? How do you see GGG vs Vanes playing out?


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