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Jarrett Hurd’s trainer to Lara: Go get a belt if you want a rematch; Kell Brook is a better fight

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The WBA has decided that it wants Jarrett Hurd and Erislandy Lara to fight again, and fan reaction seems mixed on that declaration.
Close fight, let’s see it again …
Lara won, he deserves another shot, ASAP …
No need; Hurd won and it will be easier next time for the 27-year-old Maryland-based boxer with a 22-0 record …
Ernesto Rodriguez trains Hurd, and by the way, while we are at it, can that guy get a loud shoutout for being a “no name” tutor who quite obviously has done some superlative work in helping get this pugilist to this place, this quickly? So, back to business at hand … I asked Rodriguez to comment on that WBA order.
He initially demurred, but I persisted. Some have questioned the WBA’s behavior. After all, how often do we see close fights and the sancioning body does NOT weigh in and call for a rematch? ALL THE TIME. But this time they did. So that’s one thing that some fans are chattering about.
Rodriguez has pondered that line of thinking. “It happened fight night, we weren’t able to get the belt and take pictures with it for unknown reasons. It is usual for the new champion to get the belt while in the ring and be presented with it.” (Note: I reached out to WBA boss Gilberto Mendoza Jr. to comment and haven’t heard back.)
It looks and feels like rather than a Lara rematch, Team Hurd is in a “been there, beat that” frame of mind. More front and center on their hit list wish list is the Brit Kell Brook.
“Brook is a good quality opponent who called for Jarrett, and a good set-up fight for a Jermell Charlo fight,” the trainer stated. “Jarrett needs to get acclimated to a right-handed fighter after having back-to-back lefties, and three out of the last four foes being lefties.”
Sounds good to me … Would Hurd go to England to battle Brook (37-2; age 31; last fought March 3, knocked out Sergey Rabchenko), who draws well over there?
“No, we hold two major belts,” Rodriguez continued. “Brook comes here. He called for it, now he can get it. Lara wants a rematch, go get the belt from Jermell Charlo — he is then guaranteed to get a fight. Jermell is too scared to fight Lara. I heard Lara owned him in sparring sessions.”
What about that assertion, trainer of Jermell, Derrick James? True or false?
“I have no reply,” James told me. “He is entitled to his own opinion. I like Hurd and respect him. Congrats to him for his victory. That is all I have to say about it, Michael.”
Lots to unpack there. Your thoughts, fans?
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