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Jamal James outpoints Abel Ramos over 10 rounds, targets top welterweights

Jamal James (left) and Abel Ramos.

Welterweight contender Jamal James held off upset-minded Abel Ramos Friday, winning a 10-round majority decision at the Armory in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

One judge scored the bout 95-95, while the other two scored 96-94 in favor of James.

Utilizing a five-inch height advantage, James (23-1, 10 knockouts) rained punches down on the fighter from Casa Grande, Arizona. However, Ramos appeared to stun James with a left hook in Round 2, although he was unable to follow up.

James had regained his composure by the third, working behind a stiff jab and two-punch combinations. Ramos pressed the action, but his 6-foot-2-inch opponent was effective with counters to head and body.

“It feels so great to get this win in Minneapolis,” said James, who has won his last three bouts. “Ramos was a tough opponent who gave me a great challenge, but I was able to keep my composure and give the fans a win.

“I had to dig down tonight, but I think it was a good fight for me to grind out. I know if I keep working, I’m going to get a chance to prove myself against the best out there.”

James is ranked No. 4 by the WBA and No. 11 by the WBC.

Ramos falls to 18-3-2, 13 KOs and has lost two of his last three bouts.


In the co-feature, former world title challenger Edner Cherry (37-7-2, 19 KOs) returned to the ring for the first time in over a year, rallying to defeat Dennis Galarza by 10-round unanimous decision.

Galarza (16-3, 9 KOs) was effective early, but Cherry was able to make an adjustment midway through the fight, outboxing Galarza while walking him down in the second half.

Scores were 97-93 and 96-94 twice in favor of Cherry, who has now won his last three outings.

In a clash of unbeaten junior middleweights, Sebastian Fundora (9-0, 5 KOs) stopped Ve Shawn Owens (9-1, 9 KOs) at 2:27 of the fifth round.

Junior lightweight Chris Colbert (8-0, 3 KOs) forced Austin Dulay (11-1, 8 KOs) to remain on his stool after Round 7. Colbert had dropped Dulay in the prior session.


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  • ceylon mooney

    i SO enjoyed the whole fight card. dont think james is a cut above the crew but hell fit in nice. his opponent, whom ive never heard of, sure as shit came to win. the fundora fight was my favorite. hes tough, can REALLY duke it out on the inside and has several brother who fight pro as well. theres a damn good chance hell go far.

    • JV316

      dude i saw fundora that guy was awesome, 6 foot 6 at and weighed in at 153, hilarious

      • ceylon mooney

        and fought on the inside nearly the whole time! wow. man he knows how to hand out an ass whuppin.

        • JV316

          right? like an extreme version of paul williams or something, those upppercuts he was throwing on the inside were nasty.

          the dude who fought james, ramos was in a great fight with ivan baranchyk on shobox early last year that i’m pretty sure you can find online, both guys were down in the same round in that fight, i think baranchyk is now the mandatory for mikey garcia’s 140 lb title…

          • ceylon mooney

            i looked him up he has 2 or 3 brothers also fightin. hes the youngest (i think) and def the tallest.

            illl have to look up that banacek dude

          • JV316

            interesting, will be cool to see how he develops. who the hell is gonna want to fight a 6 foot 6 jr middle?

            baranchek fights with power and insane all out aggression so i would give him at least a punchers chance against mikey, which is a better chance than i would give most guys against mikey other than the very top tier guys he might fight like lomachenko, crawford etc.

          • ceylon mooney

            who? heh heh… if he gets out of prison, avantdil khurtsidze!

            im real curious how mikey handles a guy wholl ride him or really go beast mode after him. so in that case i cant wait to see baranchek have a go at him. that last fight was damn good and more competitive than i expected. lotta folks say it was more competitive than mikey expected.

          • JV316

            haha what a sight that would be with the 2 of them in the same ring, dude i loved khurtsidze, i’m still pissed we didnt get to see him fight saunders.

            branchek’s nickname is beast, he definitely would’ve gone after mikey but looks like a no go:–127261

            guess i cant blame him, mikey would probably make more money on a unification with easter and then another big money fight after that against the loma/linares winner

          • ceylon mooney

            OH! i like this. really i was hopin hed stay at 135 and at least fight linares and lomachenko. i had given up him goin back to 140 at all. glad i was wrong. easter will be no problem, but i think dude has commey rematch comin.

          • JV316

            same here man, i think mikey will be at his best at 135 really want to see him vs loma or linares. you can tell his brother wants him to fight at 135 too, so he knows. definitely wouldnt mind seeing an easter commey rematch, commey looked damn good in his last fight and easter didn’t look so great in his last fight so i could see a different result this time

          • ceylon mooney

            yea he looked bad against fortuna. i dont think hes gotten better since the commey fight. if commey has improved he wins (i havent watched him since). id be happy to watch them rematch.

  • James Otis

    Fundora has some power too. Owens was smothering Fundora’s punches but was still getting rocked with punches that traveled just a few inches. James was wilting badly after 8th rd. He had better get serious about training. Top welters will push him harder than Ramos did. I like Galarza and thought the fight was a draw, but, he also hit a wall around 7th or 8th rd. Always liked Cherry who usually does well while losing to top tier and has also been stiffed by bad judging a time or two. Always comes to fight though.