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Jorge Linares: ‘Vasiliy Lomachenko will bow down to King Jorge’ on May 12


Jorge Linares finally has arrived as a staple of the American boxing scene, and he’s not about to give up his position now.

The Venezuelan fought overseas over the last 10 years before finally returning stateside with an HBO main event win over Luke Campbell in September. Linares followed up with a victory over Mercito Gesta on HBO, and now, he’s faced with the first marquee bout of his career.

Linares has long been lauded for his skills, speed and athleticism, and he’ll need all those attributes when he puts his RING lightweight championship on the line against Vasiliy Lomachenko on May 12 at Madison Square Garden.

It’s the fight Linares wanted, and it will also be his first seven-figure payday. Even though he’s the bigger man, he’ll be the underdog — who wouldn’t be against a fighter the ilk of Lomachenko?

But Linares continues to express the utmost confidence he’ll get the job done to establish himself as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

“This is the fight that boxing fans wanted,” Linares said Wednesday. “This will be a super fight between two of the best champions. Not only will I demonstrate why I’m the best lightweight in the world, but also that I’m one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

“I have the speed, skill and power to win this battle. This May 12, Vasiliy Lomachenko will bow down to ‘King’ Jorge.”

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  • 336er

    This story is all wrong, Linares is from Venezuela, not Argentine. Also, he fought DeMarco in LA in 2011, meaning he has not fought exclusively “overseas for the last 10 years. Get it together bro!

    • Dug Fisher

      Yeah, pretty glaring errors there. Inexcusable.

      • bradman

        Errors will be made. That’s where the editor comes in, checking for accuracy and whatnot before approving for posting. Seems like a larger problem that needs to be addressed here.

        • Stephen M

          It seems that on this type of site expediency comes before exactitude.

          • bradman

            That’s an astute observation.

    • Kudos

      Coppinger is stealing a living.

    • Stephen M

      Note to author: drink coffee BEFORE writing article…

    • Alfredo Medina

      LOL. Yea! What a screw up..

  • D. Gambino

    Linares better take his ass whooping for the full 12 rounds because that’s what he’s going to get. All I know is that Linares better NOT quit. If Linares does quit, his career will take a major hit.

    • ceylon mooney

      i would say something, but i didnt expect walters to quit neither. so km not sayin what i want to say.

      • D. Gambino

        No one thought Rigoneaux would quit either. Many thought Rigo would beat him. Not me my friend as I knew it was a mismatch. Linares will be competitive for about 2 rounds then Loma turns it into a boxing clinic. This won’t be the mismatch that the Rigo fight was but there will be no controversy.

        • ceylon mooney

          rigo. that. i look at that shit with utter disgust. was one of my favorites.

        • Dug Fisher

          I tend to agree. Linares is a brilliant technicican, but I’m inclined to believe that won’t count for much against Lomachenko. I fully expect Vasyl to comprehensively undress Linares from round 3 onwards.

          Loma just might be the most technically consistent fighter I’ve ever seen. Before anyone jumps on that comment, note I didn’t say he was the best fighter overall I’ve ever seen, he has a long, long way to go before such a bold statement could even remotely be made with justification, but the consistency in his application of technique appears on another level to date.

      • KillaBlu

        Linares wanted to keep going even after DeMarco cut his face into a bloody mask, this kid has more heart than the last 4 guys Loma has fought combined. Unless the doctor or his corner force him out he will want to keep going

        • ceylon mooney

          gotcha. hope he goes for it.

  • ceylon mooney

    ok. se we have had a boxer weve all been nuts about since before his pro debut. we caled him vasyl lomachenko. everyone called him vasyl lomachenko. in print, at least in english and spanish and i think anywhere else using this aplhabet, he was and has been vasyl lomachenko.

    i noticed a few months ago many live commentators started calling him vasiliy but no explaination was given for the change.

    today, i think for the first time ever in print, the ring is calling him vasiliy. still no explaination.

    anyone here ukranian or know enough ukranian/ukranians can tell us what his name actually is or what were supposed to call the guy?

    can someone explain the unexplained changes in coverage and name?

    • Stephen M

      Wikipedia has him as Vasyl. Vasil is the Ukrainian form, Vasily is Russian.

      From the entry for Basil on Wikipedia: Different derived names in different languages include Barsegh in Armenian; Basile in French; Basilius in German; Basilio in Italian, Galician in Spanish; Basileo in Galician; Vasyl in Ukraine; Vasile in Romanian; Vasil in Bulgarian; Vasilije in Serbian; Vasily in Russian; Bazil, Bazsó, Vászoly and Vazul in Hungarian.

      • ceylon mooney

        sure, but how do we say his name, according to him? as far as i know hes vasyl. if hes
        vasyl in ukranian, then we call him vasyl and dont translate it.

        this guys been one of the most talked about fighters ever and no one said how do u say ur name? does the boxin business just make this shit up as they go along?

        so someones got it wrong. prolly not vasyl.

        • Reggie Woodard

          It’s pronounced how it’s spelled…. I asked my friend from Ukraine.

          • ceylon mooney

            vasyl or vasiliy? cuz the ring is now spelling it vasiliy.

          • Stephen M

            It’s pronounced like it’s spelled: василь.

          • Reggie Woodard

            I’m going to ask them.. I’ve only heard them say Vasyl.

        • Stephen M

          The mispronounced Bute’s name for ever…

          Hit the little speaker on the right side.

        • Mike Prado

          According to Jim Lampley, Loma himself pronounces it “vuh-SEE-lee.”

          • ceylon mooney


            i guess we need to hear from vasyl

    • Stephen M

      Ironically enough Vasyl comes from a greek word meaning… you guessed it… king.

      • ceylon mooney

        not a bad name

    • Mike Prado

      Not sure about correct spelling. As far as the correct pronunciation, I remember on an HBO broadcast not long ago Jim Lampley stating that despite his name being spelled “Vasyl,” Lomachenko himself pronounces it “vuh-SEE-lee.”

      “Vasiliy” might just be Coppinger’s own spelling. Gotta ask Hi-Tech himself.

      • ceylon mooney

        yea. gotcha.

    • Slava

      OK, guys. There are two languages spoken in Ukraine: Ukrainian and Russian.
      His name in Ukrainian: Vasyl.
      His name in Russian: Vasiliy.
      When an athlete competes in international competitions his name in records is in official language of the country – Ukrainian. Thus the world first heard of Loma in Beijing 2008 as Vasyl Lomachenko. In his passport he is also Vasyl.
      The thing is that Loma speaks Russian among his friends and family and if they call him they would call Vasiliy.
      I personally prefer to call him Vasyl, since it’s his official name in his passport and other documents.

      • ceylon mooney

        gotcha my man. thank you so much for jumpin in everyone.

        is ur name vyacheslav? is slava always short for vyacheslav?

        • Slava


      • Silver URock

        friends rather call him “Vasya”, in both languages)))

        • Slava

          True. They could also call him Vas’ or Vasilek or Vas’ka, etc. But we’re talking about formal name here, which is either Vasyl or Vasiliy.

  • Stephen M

    Did Loma have Bob Arum’s face tattooed on his side?

    • Carlos

      On his ass. Right where Bob kisses it. Lol

  • Anthony Cruz Diaz

    I honestly stopped reading after he said Linares was Argentine. Why bother to read if a “Boxing Writer” don’t even double check his work, nor know about the boxers. What a Fraud!!!

    • Keano

      Did he literally just guess??????

  • PresnyaRulit

    Linares is much bigger than Loma. He must beat the Ukrainian down the pulp, walking through all his best punches. It’s Lightweight, not Flyweight anymore.

  • Arjay Cee

    Step into my matrix, said the spider to the fly.