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Curb that Linares-Lomachenko enthusiasm just a bit


Not to be the “rain on your parade” guy, but anyone who saw this Tweet from the L.A. Times’ chief boxing scribe Lance Pugmaire yesterday…


…was maybe getting into a celebratory mode, and I’m here to ask you to walk that euphoria back.

A Vasyl Lomachenko (WBO 13o-pound titleholder; RING/BWAA 2017 Fighter of the Year) v Jorge Linares (RING/WBA 135-pound champ) fight has been desired and discussed and discounted… and now seems to be back in a makeable place.

“Announcement imminent,” insider news that was echoed by’s Mike Coppinger, is quite an upbeat assessment and indicator of where that proposed faceoff stands, but I had to adjust my mood regarding the Loma-Linares fracas after I touched base with Eric Gomez, the Golden Boy Promotions president.

GBP promotes Linares, in concert with Akihiko Honda, the Japanese fixture whose been aligned with the 32-year-old Venezuelan since he turned pro in 2002.

So, “imminent” is the word, Mr. Gomez?

“No,” he said, straight up.

Yes, Gomez continued, GBP is open to a Linares vs Loma fight. Yes, the May 12 date that had been discussed, and a clash at Madison Square Garden, screening on ESPN, is in play. But “imminent,” no, not so…

“His promoter has to reach out to us,” said Gomez. That means Top Rank’s Bob Arum, or Todd DuBoef, would need to talk turkey with Gomez, and get into nitty gritty. That’s because, Gomez said, the proposed meeting would play out on a Top Rank show, on their turf. If the turf was Golden Boy’s, Gomez said, he’d take the lead in the back and forth. But he hasn’t of late heard from Bob or Todd, so he’s not at all on board with characterizing Loma vs Linares as “imminent.”

Regarding that rain, I think you should consider it more like some drizzle, which could disappear and be replaced by blue skies and sunshine-y vibes at any time. But for now, deal with the drizzle.


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  • Rolly Arellano

    Make Garcia vs. Linares instead! Garcia wants to unify, so this is easier to make. Put Donnie Nietes vs. Daigo Higa in the supporting bout. These two bouts will make an excitingly explosive card.

    • Jamil Salvo

      not too fast boy! loma vs garcia will be next. Promoters knows it better than you.

    • PelyaMX

      Garcia will have to unify his belts with Loma … after Vasya beats Linares!)))

    • Mark Schoeman

      Garcia wants no part of Linares, who’s clearly able to move his feet when he fights, which strikes him off the Garcia dance card

      • D. Gambino

        No way Linares beats Garcia. Linares already has a suspect chin. Plus I’m seeing conditioning issues in his last two fights. Garcia walks down Linares for stoppage in the 9th round. Unless Linares is running the whole fight – he loses a fight against Garcia.

        I like Linares too, always have, but I don’t see him beating Garcia.

  • Roberto Carlos Guerra

    Often, though not always, these back and forths are merely marketing strategies. Create excitement, anticipation, followed by doubt, and then excitement again, like waving meat in front of a dog, then when the dog goes to bite, pull back. This only makes the dog salivate more and more, and the value of the meat, in the dog’s mind, goes up. (Unless it’s a doberman, then it’ll just rip you apart and take the meat).

    • ceylon mooney

      i figured theyre mostly kayfabe

    • Dug Fisher

      That’s also how I feed my children.

  • Jamil Salvo

    i don’t see anyone beats loma at 130 up to 140, but 147 maybe a bit too much for him.

    • Shamsudeen Abubakar Sodangi

      Mikey garcia at 140 51/49

  • Dave O’Connor

    I could be wrong but I definitely think it is imminent, they are the top 2 who both like to stay active and fight at least 4 times a year, they each have good momentum with some good wins of late and they can’t have a stay busy fight or we will crucify them for being divas, am I right??
    I’m assuming they will read my post and sign the contracts, I’m looking forward to this fight.

    • Fist_ti_cuffs

      No one fights four time a year, that’s silly. I think it’s easier for Linares to fight Mikey and then the winner face Easter. Lomo is more likely to fight Beltran like Mikey said.

      • PelyaMX

        This Fight is almost ready … so No need to say – “Lomo is more likely to fight Beltran like Mikey said.” Lomk 200% will fight Linares on 12 of May.

        • bradman

          Yep, ESPN just confirmed the fight has been signed and done for May 12 at MSG.

          • PelyaMX


      • Dave O’Connor

        And that may be the way it plays out (sadly it’s probably the most likely), but the two fighters both seem to have a keen interest in proving lightweight supremacy over one another, I think it will happen in may. (wishful thinking yes, but I think it would be a great matchup)

  • bradman

    Per ESPN:
    Breaking News
    The Jorge Linares-Vasiliy Lomachenko fight is a done deal for May 12 at
    New York’s Madison Square Garden, a source with knowledge of the
    contract signing told ESPN. Linares (44-3, 27 KOs) will defend his
    lightweight world title against pound-for-pound king and junior
    lightweight champion Lomachenko (10-1, 8 KOs), who will move up in
    weight seeking to win a title in his third division in the fight that
    Top Rank will promote as part of its deal with ESPN. Many didn’t think
    the fight would be made because of the bitter rivalry between Top Rank
    and Linares co-promoter Golden Boy Promotions. But they got it done and
    the contract between the promoters was signed Monday afternoon after
    ESPN agreed to move up the start time of the boxing event to 8 p.m. ET
    so as not to overlap with the Golden Boy event that will air on HBO at
    approximately 10 p.m. ET. The sides agreed on the money a couple of
    weeks ago but it was a deal-breaker for Golden Boy if the ESPN show
    conflicted with its HBO card.

  • Guy Grundy

    You were saying, Michael ?