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Kiryl Relikh outpoints Rances Barthelemy in rematch, wins WBA 140-pound title


There was no controversy on the scorecards this time.

Kiryl Relikh got the redemption he sought in his rematch with rematch with Rances Barthelemy, winning a unanimous decision by wide margins to win the vacant WBA junior welterweight title Saturday at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas.

The scores were 118-109 on two cards and 117-110 on the third, reflecting the overwhelming punch output advantage for Relikh (22-2, 19 knockouts), and the one point deducted from Barthelemy (26-1, 13 KOs) for a low blow in the seventh. There were two other warnings for low blows afterwards, including one with five seconds remaining in the bout, but no further penalties.

Relikh, 28, of Belarus had entered the fight coming off two straight losses, though many argue he was unfortunate to be on the wrong side of the decision against Ricky Burns in 2016, and that the scores didn’t accurately tell the story of his first fight with Barthelemy last May.

The bout was the co-featured fight to the Showtime-televised card headlined by Sergey Lipinets-Mikey Garcia.

  • Ten Count Toronto

    I gotta admit Relikh is better than I thought he was. But it’s just as much about Bartheleny underperforming, the guy’s form has been progressively worse and more disappointing with each outing since the first Mendez bout and he has now completed the regression into a self-contented dilettante as has happened to at some rate to many Cuban defectors.

    • Floridastorm

      Relikh is heavy handed and I believe his punches were really hurting Barthelemy. He stayed in his defensive shell so as not to be hurt badly or knocked out. Remember, he had never lost and had never really been in trouble before. Going through his mind were “this guy can really hurt me and I can’t hurt him”.

      • Left Hook2

        Barthelemy should have lost the first fight..but i understand your point.

    • Left Hook2

      I wouldn’t say underperforming..as Denis Green would say “he is who we thought he was”. Nothing special. That was proven in their first bout. Glad to see him lose…another one down….fingers still crossed for Lara to lose badly…

  • Frank-dogg

    ShoBox Stats show that Barthelemy landed 98% of his low blows. Smh And why didn’t Reff Pabon deduct a point off was beyond my belief?

    • KillaBlu

      The ref did deduct one point

      • Floridastorm

        The first low blow the ref took away one point. The second low blow the ref did not see. The last low blow was with 5 seconds remaining in the fight. Since Relikh was so far ahead I guess the ref thought “what’s the use”.

        • Frederick Braam

          The ref didn’t know he was ahead on the scorecards, and Bartelemy crouched, looked right at Relikh’s crotch, and BOOM! straight to the “cup”.

          • Left Hook2

            Agree–with the way Relikh was jobbed in the first fight it is the ref’s responsibility to take the point in the first round or the 12th.

        • Col Carter

          Actually, the first two low blows he was warned. A point was deducted for the third low blow. The fourth and fifth low blows did not count against Barthelemy.

  • Robert Archambault

    Very difficult fight to watch. All I was thinking of was ‘what the hell is Sideshow Bob doing in the boxing ring’? Barthelemy’s hair is totally ridiculous and makes him look like a damn clown.
    As far as the low blows are concerned, Sideshow Bob should have been DQed after the third one. Very poor quality refereeing in the fight.

  • william ellis

    Quite a few observers thought that Relikh beat Burns, or deserved a draw – if so, he actually should be undefeated. He’s certainly got stamina: throwing over 1200 punches in this fight.

  • ozzy

    I didn’t agree with either of Relikh’s points defeats so it’s nice to see the guy get a good win without any controversy and become a world champion.