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Oscar Valdez retains title with decision victory over Scott Quigg in brutal fight

Mikey Williams/Top Rank


CARSON, Calif. — StubHub Center produced another slugfest, even if the atmosphere here this time around was a little surreal.

A couple of thousand dedicated fans sat in the rain, yellow ponchos shielding their clothes, as the two featherweights duked it out in a war. Well, they were both contracted to be featherweights anyway.

Oscar Valdez made weight, but Scott Quigg, the challenger, weighed 128.8 pounds on Friday, 2.8 over the limit. He was ineligible to win Valdez’s title, but the bout went on, and what a fight it was.

Valdez (24-0, 19 knockouts) retained his title anyway, even though he conceded almost seven pounds on fight night. The Mexican action fighter slugged his way to victory against the bigger man with a unanimous decision via scores of 117-111, 118-110 and 117-111.

Valdez also had to contend with a broken jaw suffered in Round 5 (as well as some damaged teeth). He was immediately transported to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center afterward.

“I thought it might have been a round or two closer,” said Quigg, who sustained a badly broken nose around the midway point of the bout, which left the ring mat stained with blood. He also suffered a stress fracture in his right foot about a month ago, according to promoter Eddie Hearn, which limited him in training.

“That’s what I expected on the cards, but he won the fight. The close rounds, they sided with him.”

Added Hearn: “He was in a terrible physical condition having to make that weight. He couldn’t do certain things. It wouldn’t keep him out of the fight; he had to adapt. There is no one more professional than Scott Quigg, it devastated him (to not make weight).”

The titleholder tried to establish his jab from the onset, but Quigg (34-2-2, 25 KOs) kept plugging forward with wild shots, predominantly an overhand right that missed its mark over and over.

As the rounds reeled on, that right hand began to connect, but Valdez absorbed the shots and they began to trade on the inside.

Quigg, a former titleholder at 122 pounds (but 142.2 pounds on fight night), was gashed over the left eye in Round 5, and he was forced to breathe through his mouth. But the 29-year-old Brit managed to stun the Mexican with a huge right hand later that round that left him reeling and grabbing for dear life.

As he always does, though, Valdez battled back. The 27-year-old has gained a reputation as one of boxing’s most dependable action fighters after consecutive action-packed affairs with Genesis Servania and Miguel Marriaga last year.

This fight only cemented that status.

“He was handicapped after giving up the weight, everything,” Top Rank president Todd duBoef said. “When you drain yourself to get that extra weight off and the opponent doesn’t do it … he went through a ton of adversity.

“You couldn’t ask for a performance as spectacular as that, especially coming back in the later rounds. He’s a younger fighter who is still maturing.”

They continued to exchange powerful blows on the inside as Quigg stalked, but Valdez was there to meet him in the middle of the ring, blood flying around the ring as raindrops splattered feet away. Valdez dug deep over the final three rounds and overpowered Quigg to leave no doubt who the victor was.

Now, Valdez needs rest, and plenty of it to recuperate after yet another brutal ring war.

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  • Turner Wednesday

    Odds on Scott Quigg being a vegetable by the end of his career?

    • ceylon mooney

      odds that hell win a fight against a top featherweight?

    • Ten Count Toronto

      One might worry about Valdez as well, that would be 3 brutal fights in a row. I’m thinking they should match him real soft in the next fight and then look to get him the best payday possible so at least he has the choice of not hanging around to long to chase it (although he’ll probably chose to hang around too long anyway) before these fights really catch up to him.

      • ceylon mooney

        fuck it! mares!

    • Wolfgang

      well same goes to Valdez. Those beatings will take its toll later after their boxing career

    • Guy Grundy

      You could be right.

      It was indeed a brutal exciting fight and both boxers need to be “looked after” by their respective advisers.I know there’s no logic to it but seeing the smaller guys beating the shit out of each other always makes me more concerned than seeing two of the heavier weights beating the living daylights out of each other. Shouldn’t do, I know…

      Tough hombres, these boxers.

  • Rolly Arellano

    Valdez is really an exciting fighter. his fights are action-packed. I hope he gives Genesis Servania a rematch. The first was very exciting.

  • John Newman

    Valdez earns his money. Hopefully they’ll bring him back to the StubHub Center, he ought to be a regular.

  • Floridastorm

    Scorecards were absurd and biased as hell. The fight was much much closer and could have been scored a draw easily or even a close decision for Quigg. 118-110. What was that guy smoking? Are these judges for real?

    • Black Oracle

      You sure you saw the fight? Valdez out landed and out threw Scott Quigg by a wide margin. You are blind for seeing it as a draw, but you are flat out crazy if you thought Scott Quigg won. Quigg brought the noise no doubt, but he didn’t do nearly enough to beat Valdez that night. I am pretty sure he would tell you something similar.

      • Son Lyme

        I would concur . Quigg is game but limited at this level – in much the same way as Eubank Jr. Fine when unloading hooks against static and over matched opponents, not so good when put up against speed, movement, and superior boxing guile. Those cards reflect what I saw as well.

        • Floridastorm

          There were a couple of things to take away form this fight and why I thought it was much closer than the final decisions:

          *Quigg connected with the harder punches and rocked Valdez more than a couple of times.
          *Valdez was backing up for most of the fight.
          *Valdez did not hurt Quigg although he threw more punches.

          I just feel that the scores were too wide considering that Quigg did good work and he also busted Valdez’s jaw.

  • BGCH

    What a fight, Valdez fighting with a broken jaw since the 5th round and coming back strong at the end to earn a UD was incredible, he was fighting a welter weight too, 142.2 pounds for the brit on fight night, if the mf would of sacrificed himself to make weight Valdez would of had him since the early rounds but he was just too big and strong, they didn’t even had a max weight clause in there like they did to Nery in Japán, they wouldn’t let him weight more than 10 pounds over the contracted weight on fight night while Quigged balloned more than 16 pounds over the feather weight limit, Valdez showed some grit and even though his dad and his team didn’t want the fight to go on Valdez is the one that pushed for the fight to take place, this is what’s keeping boxing alive leadies and gentleman not pussies that take a dive or a knee because their eye is hurting or their hand like Rigondeaux, true champions are the ones that always find a way to win no matter what the situation is or go out on their shields trying, probably 60 or 70% of today’s champions if not more would have quit in their stools last night, great night for boxing and great ight for boxing fans that stayed in the arena until the end with the rain and everything, boxing needs nights like this one, Valdez needs a break, he needs to heal properly.

    • Lion king

      142.2 that’s bs cheated and still lost

      • BGCH

        Well is not like he cheated, he just wasn’t able to make weight and didn’t want to dehydrate his body trying to go all the way down to 126 pounds, is not the first time that this happens and it wont be the last one either, he lost the chance to compete for the world title and a portion of his purse, the fight should have been cancelled but Valdez decided to move forward with it, the thing here is that there should have been a rehydration clause in which Quigg would not be allowed to weight above 136 pounds on fight night but they allowed him to weight 142.2 pounds which made him a welter weight, Valdez took the risk and Quigg took the advantage, that’s boxing, not always fair, not always equal but when things like this happen some times it turns out great, too bad Valdez got hurt like that but he’s the one that wanted to take the risk and he knew what he was coming into, i do believe that if Quigg does it again he whould be suspended and take most of his purse away if not all and of course have a rehydration clause in the case he doesn’t make weight, he’s trainer is Freddie Roach and he’s not exactly new in this business, he knew he needed those advantages to come out victorious and they gave us a great fight, i heard comments about Valdez before this fight that he wasn’t a true champion and that he had soft competition, never in tough challenges, that he didn’t have what it takes and this and that, after last night i don’t believe anybody would say that about him anymore, he earned his money and his status as champion of the world and paid a high price for it, he probably shorten his carrer by several years, boxing fans like you and i should be very thankful for that performance, Quigg……. i don’t care what he does from now but seeking a rematch with Valdez it would be ridiculous, if he wants a tough challenge in equal circumstances he can go find Berchelt in the 130 pounds and let both men weight the same on fight night. Valdez gave it his all last night, blood and guts for his fans, didn’t care about the half empty arena because of the rain or anything, he was willing to go out on his shield, for those about to die we salute you kind of performance, boxing needs more of that to make people believe again.

      • Kudos

        Valdez would’ve weighed similar. Stfu

        • BGCH

          Why don’t you find out before showing us all the shit you got between your teeth?

    • Kudos

      He was I busted during camp, can you not read retard. Quigg was the guy coming up in weight.

      • BGCH

        Of course Quigg was the guy coming up and he did a real good job, he went up to 142.2 pounds and went into the ring as a welterweight.

        • Left Hook2

          I’m not going to cut him too much slack, but a stress fracture in the foot would make it difficult to do the necessary roadwork to cut weight. Perhaps he hasn’t heard the best way to make weight is to train in Mexico and eat the meat?

          • BGCH

            It doesn’t matter the reason why he was over weight, what matters is that there should have been a rehydration clause not allowing him to weight over 136 pounds just like they did to Nery in Japán, he can train in México and eat meat or eat dick for all i care but if he wants to compete for a feather weight title he has to weight 126 pounds, if not he can try out Berchelt at 130 pounds and let both fighters weight 145 pounds on fight night and let’s see who’s teeth will end up in the canvas.

          • Jogjif

            They can weigh 300lbs on fight night if they want to.
            There’s no rehydration clause outside of the IBF.
            He should have made weight but was 2lbs over, Valdez will have to get used to fighting 140lb fighters on fight night and probably is.
            It was not at alo akin to fighting a Welter, they would weigh 160 on fight night.
            It was exactly like fighting a large featherweight.

          • BGCH

            When you make the contracted weight you can weight whatever you want on fight night but when you don’t is a different story, it was exactly like fighting a medium size welter weight, the guy wouldn’t sacrifice himself to make weight while Valdez did, is a huge different? i’m not sure how much you know about weight classes in boxing or about missing or not missing the contracted weight in a fight or about dehydrating yourself and sacrificing to cutt those extra couple of pounds that you’re minimizing, aparently you don’t know much, you should try to loose those only 2 pounds in a couple of hours just by sweating, pissing, spitting and running wraped around with plastic sometime and then tell me how you feel, would you be able then to go out and slug it out with some dude that was ok from the get go? i don’t think so.

          • Jogjif

            I don’t really see the point of continuing to pretend rehydration doesn’t exist . Because of rehydration it’s absolutely nothing like facing a “medium size welterweight”, if you want to get into weights then in this case it is exactly like a featherweight facing a small super featherweight who then rehydrate.
            You’re making the assumption that Quigg didn’t try to make weight, the burden of ‘sweating, pissing, running” etc would have been just as bad for the man desperately trying to shed 2.8lbs on the day before and day of the weigh in .
            We stopped same day weigh ins so fighters can rehydrate correctly and avoid possible brain damage and other negative consequences so I’m against same day check weight for that reason .
            I’m not defending missing weight and I believe the fight should be called off if a fighter comes in overweight, for the safety of both fighters .
            I’m against the juvenile, hysterical claims of it being a featherweight vs a welterweight and that is the initial point I was making .

          • BGCH

            Hysterical claims? hahahahahahaha, nobody is hysterical and nobody is claiming anything, it is what it is, whether Quigg used the missing weight as an strategy or he couldn’t make weight because he hurt his foot or something is just something that happens in boxing all the time, the real deal here is the rehydration clause, Quigg and Roach refused to have a second day weight in because they knew they were going to come in above 140 pounds and the fight would have been cancelled, they came in over weight, is not the first time that happens and it will not be the last one either but they should make sure he doesn’t balloon up that much like they did to Nery in Japan that’s all, Valdez took the risk and paid the price for it and the public was the winner here, Valdez earned respect with blood and guts and a broken jaw and Quigg got away with it, end of the story, 6 or 7 pounds in the feather weight division is a lot, if yo don´t see that is probably because you have never sparred before or been around a boxing gym, is very easy to say and point certain things like, is only two pounds and then it was 6 or 7 and only Valdez had the stress of dehydration for sacrificing himself to make weight, there is nothing juvenile or hysterical about that, those are boxing facts.

          • Left Hook2

            my reference was about the clenbuterol in the beef which can help someone cut weight. a joke. But I get your point as well. It is a business decision for the fight to go on—Valdez misses a paycheck, the fans miss out on a fight, the sponsors for TV, etc. This sport is tough..

          • Chris

            Also they get 25% of Quiggs purse also as a penalty,

          • BGCH

            I get your joke about Clembuterol but it has nothing to do with the situation here, everything is fine, Quigg not making the contracted weight, the business decision that Valdez took to go forwad with the fight not to miss the paycheck and don’t let the fans down and try to punish Quigg for missing the weight and everything, the one thing missing here was the rehydration clause where Quigg would not be allowed to weight over 136 pounds on fight night like they did to Nery in Japan, is dangerous, he broke Valdez’s jaw and probably shorten his carrer several years and God knows if he’s ever going to heal properly or from now on he will fall down with a soft punch in the button, about the Clembuterol i don’t know if you remember wen Bandido Vargas was going to fight Siri Salido and he came out possitive from Clembuterol while living, training and eating meat in California and i don’t believe that he was going across the border every night to eat tacos in Tijuana, that shit is around and everybody can get affected by it, true that a fighter like Canelo can and should bring meat by plane from anywhere in the world to avoid it, he can get it in San Diego too, i don’t believe he’s in VADA because he wants to cheat, he’s too proud for that, he was fighting 30 year old man when he was 18 and 19 years old remember Cotto’s brother, people is just jelous about his looks, he’s money and his position in the world and he has to live with that and his millions of dollars, life’s a bitch hahahahahahaha

        • Kudos

          You retards keep saying he was a welterweight, like Valdez didn’t rehydrate close to 140 himself.

          • BGCH

            We retards? jajajajajajaja you retard is the one that don’t even know what was the rehydration weight for Valdez, he didn’t get even close to 140 pounds so why don’t you find out before you keep saying stupid things? Valdez was around 10 pounds over the contracted wweight like it should be not 142, who is the retard now?

          • Jogjif

            “like it should be”
            No it shouldn’t, it’s the fighters prerogative to weigh whatever the hell they feel like after the weigh in.
            If fighters are having a problem with being outweighed by a large amount on fight night then they should consider dropping down a weight .

          • BGCH

            You keep saying that but you’re wrong, if a fighter makes weight then he has the right to go eat and drink whatever he wants and it is up to him and his team what the strategy for rehydration will be, if the want to come in heavy or lighter depending what they are looking for, power or movility or whatever, however if the fighter doesn’t make weight he’s not necessarily free to do whatever the hell he wents and balloon up 15 or 20 pounds over the contracted weight, i think is the other way around, if a fighter has a problem making weight in a certain division he should consider move up to the next division, how does a fighter has an obligation of dropping down a weight because some lazy ass motherf……er doesn’t commit humself to make weight? you got it all wrong, so the way you think is that if a store is been robbed and the police comes in they should kick the shit out of the store manager instead of the crook and probably tell him maybe you should consider closing the store of moving it away from here because this guy is going to keep robbing you if you don’t?

  • Black Oracle

    This guy Valdez is a warrior. As soon as the opening bell sounds he has got his jab in your mush. He establishes and lets you know early that he is the general and your going to need to catch up. Whatever strategy you have going in against this guy, you will know after round 1 if you are going to need to go to plan B. You are going to have to fight this guy…there is just no way around it. He has good speed, but nothing crazy…he has good power…but not next level…he displays good ring IQ, he has good head movement, footwork, and knows where he’s at in the ring, he isn’t really about setting traps and bein all crafty…..But when you talk about flat out dog in the ring, when you talk about heart…when you talk about a fighter…Valdez is that dude. He is a throwback from a bygone era. His flaw is his warrior heart. He is so committed to pumping that jab, he over extends and leaves himself open for vicious counters. I have seen him do it with lesser competition. You wanna tell him to “dial it back kid, your killin him champ, take a round off….You don’t gotta give everything every round when your up by a mile. Forget what I think though…it doesn’t seem to bother him, because after getting hit by that small welterweight Quigg, he proved he has a world class chin….So if he likes it, I love it…makes for a great fight.

  • Blitzshadow

    Lets stop going on about the weight factor people going crazy about the weight like Valdez stayed the same weight upto fight night come one now dont make me laugh. Anways because of Quigg being unprofessional i watched Garcia vs Lipinets. Im a brit but a huge fan of Valdez i knew he would do the buisness 🙂

  • Kudos

    Acting like Valdez was in there fighting a natural welterweight ffs.

  • ozzy

    Valdez won the fight fair and square so I’m not being a disgruntled Brit when I point out that because Valdez held very coherent interviews after the fight, including laughing and smiling, his “broken jaw” must have been a very minor one – guys with broken jaws can’t talk properly and are in a lot more pain than Valdez displayed.

    I think it was the wrong decision by Quigg to continue to try to make the weight for this fight when he realised he had a fracture of his foot four weeks out. He wasn’t able to do the cardio required to make the weight and in addition continuing to train didn’t allow the fracture to heal completely, which possibly affected his mobility during the fight. I’m sure what he said about fans having booked hotels, flights etc are valid but I’m against world title fights going ahead when one guy has struggled to make weight while the other guy hasn’t made weight by a substantial amount, even if there’s a good reason behind such a situation. Luckily, this fight was very competitive and entertaining – both lads should be proud of their performances.

  • Alfredo Medina

    WOW! Valdez! The new Mexican face of boxing! Kudos for not backing out of the fight and mad respect for bringing it toe to toe with a bigger opponent. Both boxers deserve respect, no one really knows the details about why he did not make weight – Truth be told all the boxers want to make money just like everyone else, unfortunately in Boxing opportunities to fight in a televised show is golden and most of the time it comes on very short notice for the challengers.

    My hat off to both fighters regardless of the pre fight situations, both deserve mad respect.

    And to all those casual fans out there that dont know shit about boxing but think they have an opinion, save it!