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Japan Boxing Commission bans Luis Nery for life

Luis Nery vs. Shinsuke Yamanaka I, Aug. 15. Photo / Naoki Fukuda


Former WBC bantamweight champ Luis Nery might one-day develop into a major player at junior featherweight or featherweight but the controversial Mexican fighter, who won his title in Japan, will never fight in that country again.

The Japan Boxing Commission (JBC) announced on March 9 that it is suspending Nery from fighting within its jurisdiction indefinitely, a reaction to the 23-year-old fighter’s failure to make weight for his WBC-mandated rematch against Shinsuke Yamanaka on March 1 in Tokyo.

Nery, a brutally dispatched the 35-year-old veteran in two rounds, was already on thin ice with the JBC and the Japanese public after it was revealed that he tested positive for the banned drug Zilpaterol prior to his fourth-round stoppage of Yamanaka last August in Kyoto. Nery, of Tijuana, won the WBC and RING magazine 118-pound titles, but THE RING withdrew championship recognition from the unbeaten southpaw given the circumstances of his victory.

Nery and his team claimed his positive test was the result of food contamination, which prompted the WBC to order an immediate rematch with Yamanaka, a ruling that many Japanese fans were against. When Nery weighed in five pounds over the bantamweight limit for the rematch with Yamanaka, the Mexican fighter not only lost the WBC belt on the scales, he became public enemy No. 1 in Japan. Nery shed two extra pounds but still weighed in as a junior featherweight and carried a gross size advantage into the ring.

The public outcry in Japan was loud and the JBC answered them on Friday.

Typically, the JBC would suspend a fighter for one year for failure to make weight. However, given Nery’s history, the commission’s ethics committee met on March 8 and ruled to ban Nery from boxing in Japan for life, according to Japanese sports publication Hochi Shinbun.

The WBC also imposed an indefinite suspension on Nery, preventing him from being rated by the Mexico-based sanctioning organization or fighting for the WBC title, and ordered that he appear at a special investigative hearing.

The JBC wants other sanctioning organizations to suspend Nery and, according to the Hochi Shinbun article, requested their cooperation in quickly incorporating strict regulations for fines and penalties for boxers that don’t make weight in order to prevent this type of incident from occurring in the future.

The JBC also issued strict written warnings to Akihiko Honda, the president of Teiken Promotions, which promoted Nery-Yamanaka II, and to Nery’s manager, Guillermo Rodriguez.


  • ceylon mooney

    bold move


    “No problemo I have my idol Canelo. He can put me on undercards. Sayonara japs”

  • Stephen M

    ”Bantamweight world titleholder Luis Nery won’t be stripped of his belt for a failed drug test because the WBC said it believes that the positive finding was the result of food contamination.”…”
    The Board of Governors ( of the WBC ) after considering what was presented to them, ruled that based on the evidence, they could not make a decision with sufficient certainty, that Nery’s adverse findings was the result of intentional ingestion of a banned substance to improve his performance, and that the information provided led to a conclusion that the adverse finding was due to the consumption of contaminated food products.”.

  • Teddy Reynoso

    Nery should be banned from boxing indefinitely. His physique alone already gives him an advantage over many fighters his size and official weight classification and he and his camp still had to resort to enhance that (read: cheat) via consumption of what is supposedly commonly known as tainted meat is really revolting.

  • KillaBlu

    Fantasic. Now if we can only get this piece of shit banned in the rest of the world.

  • Lion king

    What about Quigg? He is almost 3 over just like Nery, is he going get punished,
    If he looses I think no one is going to say anything

    • Stephen M

      He will be banned from fighting in Mexico…

  • PrinceGian

    Food contamination. Where have I heard that before?

    • Ten Count Toronto

      It could be a coincidence but the sequence of events certainly makes it look like Nery can’t fight anywhere near 118 without chemical help.

  • Ten Count Toronto

    The commissions principles would loo better if they had just pulled the plug on the fight with the weight difference being that wide in relation to the weight class. He wasn’t just over the Banthamweight limit. he was over the Jr.Featherweight limit too.

  • Guy Grundy

    “The public outcry was loud and the Japanese Boxing Commission answered them…”

    Good to see that there is at least one national boxing commission with principals and the willingness to act…might we see others follow? One can only hope.

  • Meanwhile, another boxer who also had a contaminated food issue thing wasn’t even blasted by some writers and the Commission/multiple boxing councils even had to say he is clean despite no investigation yet.

  • Wilder Biggest Fan

    Is this what you will get when you eat too much beef? You get to invent your own weight class?
    Hmmm I know someone in the not so distant past who is very similar…. just wonderin.

  • Left Hook2

    I am not thrilled by a lifetime ban. Other fighters have come in over the weight with no repercussions.

    • Stephen M

      It’s overly harsh.

  • Mark

    CHEATER! Ban that SOB!


    You all are a bunch of little girls. Mexican Oscar Valdez just fought a guy who overweighted him for several pounds and defeated him. Bunch of puzzies.