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Canelo Alvarez negative for clenbuterol in tests administered since positive result


Canelo Alvarez tested positive for trace levels of the banned substance clenbuterol on February 17 and on February 20, but he’s was clean in two tests since then.

THE RING’s middleweight champion blamed the positive result on contaminated meat consumed in Mexico, and the director of SMRTL, the World Anti-Doping Agency-accredited lab that collected the samples said Monday “these values are all within the range of what is expected from meat contamination.”

Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 knockouts) was tested again by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) on March 3 as well as on Monday, and both urine specimens collected revealed no traces of any banned substances in his system, a source told THE RING. Nevada State Athletic Commissioner Bob Bennett confirmed that Alvarez’s results were negative for any banned substances on those dates.

The commission is conducting an investigation ahead of Alvarez’s highly anticipated May 5 rematch against Gennady Golovkin, set for T-Mobile Arena, and part of that process will be to ensure Canelo stays clean.

With the substance now out of his system, it’s expected the fight will go ahead as planned, eight months after Canelo and Golovkin fought to a controversial draw.

“I am an athlete who respects the sport and this surprises me and bothers me because it had never happened to me,” Alvarez said Monday. “I will submit to all the tests that require me to clarify this embarrassing situation and I trust that at the end the truth will prevail.”

Clenbuterol is a performance-enhancing substance used by athletes, mainly as a fat burning tool. The substances helps increase muscle mass and reduce body fat, and is classified as an anabolic agent because it promotes muscle growth through anabolic properties.

However, the substance is also often found in meat in Mexico, where food regulations are far less strict (clenbuterol is banned in the U.S.). Erik Morales tested positive for clenbuterol ahead of his rematch with Danny Garcia in 2012, and more recently, so did Mexican 130-pound contender Francisco Vargas prior to his 2016 WBC title fight against Orlando Salido. Zilpaterol, a substance similar to clembuterol and used to increase the size of cattle, was found in Mexican bantamweight contender Luis Nery’s system after he knocked out WBC/RING champ Shinsuke Yamanaka last year. All three fighters blamed meat consumed in Mexico.

“Of course, I still want to fight,” Golovkin told THE RING on Wednesday at The Summit gym in Big Bear, California, where he trains. “I’m a fighter and I have unfinished business with Canelo.”


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  • Dee Money

    Good to see, fight on

  • Son Lyme

    Given that the half life of Clenbuterol in the body averages 36 hours before being metabolised it is hardly surprising that subsequent tests over days are clear, but don’t let mere facts get in the way.

    • Gian Torres

      Facts? Everybody is on steroids. Period.

      • Jody Hanna

        I’m not.

        • Franz Lorenz

          You certainly don’t look like it

          • Stephen M

            Jody looks very good for someone of his advanced age…


          You should try it some time. ‘Roid rage is a wonderful feeling. And when you get arrested for anti-social behaviours, just say it’s not your fault.

        • Gian Torres

          THEN YOU’RE A GOT DAMN FOOL!!!!! Why are you letting the other guys have an advantage? If I were a boxer I’d be roiding like a sumbitch! Shame on me if I didn’t have boxing’s most shriveled nuts and didn’t glow like a 200 pound lava lamp! What weight you fighting at btw, champ?

          • Jody Hanna

            A decent training camp would see me at 175.


            You can whoop on GGG just using the weight advantage alone! Haha!

        • Dug Fisher

          I am. I’m not a boxer, but like to imagine I am, whilst proudly admiring my rippling pecs in the mirror, all courtesy of sublime anabolic steroids. God bless them.

          The chicks dig me too.

      • PrinceGian

        Only the ones who can afford it

    • ceylon mooney

      oh wow

    • JV316

      not disagreeing with you, but just wondering if it has such a short half life in the system like you say then logic would dictate that we ask why would he take it so close to or during when he knew there would be vada testing?

      • Precise Puncher

        Because his doping game is weak seeing as he never had to worry about VADA. None of these apologist “arguments” change the fact that he will be JUICED in the rematch. But maybe the question should be “Why didn’t he check himself into a hospital after “INADVERTANTLY” ingesting what looks like at least a 40mcg THERAPEUTIC dose of Clen, seeing as he had an elevated and irregular heart rate, his hands started shaking uncontrollably, his body temperature rose, he became dizzy and felt sick, and was sweating uncontrollably. Hahahahahaha!!! You Canelitas kill me. Give it up FFS. Ginger’s legacy is ruined.

        • JV316

          what are you babbling about?

          • Precise Puncher

            You are clueless, ain’t ya? Came to a gun fight with a stick. Good job. I am talking about Clenbuterol-tainted meat poisoning side effects. You?

          • JV316

            never had to worry about vada? they tested vada before the last fight, try getting your facts right next time before you spout off. i like to consider all options and possibilities. it’s called rational thought, you should look into it.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      Is there a study which established this 36 hour half life, and if so is it the same regardless of whether it is a single ingestion event or regular ingestion over a few weeks?

      Also what would be the point of using a drug for weght loss this far ahead of the fight? Isn’t too early to to shred down to unnaturally low body fat with 8 weeks of hard training to go it would just stress the immune system and risk getting sick in the middle of camp.

      • Mike M.

        It’s been known to be used as a masking agent from what I know. With the amount of training and calories these guys burn, you could just increase your calorie intake to offset the amount of body fat being lost while retaining the benefits of it’s anabolic properties.

        Athletes don’t have to be taking the drug 24 hours a day.

        • Ten Count Toronto

          Well that typeof use would make more sense even though Clenbutrol itself is also banned, I suppose because of it’s presence in food it is more deniable and less embarrassing than whatever you’re trying to hide.

          • Mike M.

            I mean getting it from food can happen..maybe he does deserve the benefit of the doubt? It just always seems like the perfect excuse. We’ll see what happens, if he’s really clean he’ll do whatever they need him to do to prove he’s clean in the lab. Even then..I’ll always be skeptical.

      • Precise Puncher

        Clen effects last for weeks and are still prolonged by taking Benadryl. Also, if you are able to push yourself in training camp harder due to being juiced, the stamina/strength you build will be unnaturally high when you are clean, too. And Canelo could very well use Clen throughout training camp, taking small doses at night and dodging testers for a few hours, should they show up, until it clears his system, maybe also using a masking agent and/or dilluting his urine. Clen is A LOT more than just a weight loss drug and its catabolic properties turn fat, and maybe even muscle, into fuel. Why would he be taking it 2 months before the fight? Because he is a juicer.

        • mikescapes

          I’ve no doubt he’s a juicer. And I’m even giving you the benefit of the doubt regarding expertise on this Clen business. But you’re saying even the top of the line anti-doping agency, VADA, can be fooled. Wouldn’t Canelo be taking a chance on dodging a spot inspection if VADA is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Clen? They should be if they are in the business. So,if the scenario you lay out is accurate, you can’t trust any of the players, including VADA. I know what I’m on. What about GGG? What about you? It’s a fuck’in joke. A PPV joke. But the show must go on: there goes another lousy $80!

        • Ten Count Toronto

          Fascinating subject. I’m just puzzled by the ability to go off the drugs without adverse effects, In some many other cases drugs create dependencies – for example a lapse in an antibiotic or antifungal drug regimen often renders the body LESS capable of dealing with the infection than it was prior to treatment, or powerful pain meds actually making people;s pain thresholds lower when they’re off the drug so their perception of the same pain is more unbearable than it was prior to treatment. It seems an odd exception that habitual PED users don;t experiences a “crash” when they stop using in advance of the testing window.

          • Jatas Hilagaf

            You obviously have no idea what your talking about, Clenbuterol has a major crash period just as ephedrine or adderall, hence any stimulant. People need to stop calling clen a steroid, it is nothing more than a thermogenic with properties that promote staying in an anabolic state, which simply means you are burning fat and and not muscle. He was not using any steroids AAS, no testosterone TRT, no pituitary gland stimulation HGH. Simply a thermogenic that you can buy online as easy as ephedrine (which used to be in hydroxy cut), hydroxy cut, or any of the hundreds of fat burners that are on the market and unregulated, at least clenbuterol, albuterol have clinic research. Just cause something is performance enhancing does not mean it’s a steroid. Everyone needs to read up before they make a decision or try the substance and see how it makes you feel and if it truly gives you an edge or is just an aesthetic compound. Why can’t these guys be able to use fat loss substances that promote low muscle wasting in the process? Are drugs that provide hormonal advantages, or anti aging compounds and purely Fatloss drugs really in the same catagory?

    • BGCH

      Now you can crawl back to the hole you came out of

    • BGCH
      • Stash One

        Bullshit article, boxing.com is full of them.

        • BGCH

          Yes of course, only the ones that give Canelo shit are the true ones.

    • Vladimir Trump

      Oscar De La Hoya whupped two niqqas who were on Roids, that is Vargas and Mosley. Pac was on roids too but Oscar was old and shot..

  • Luis Nery and the rest of fighter who were stripped of Ring rankings and belt will say:

    I hope I was a superstar too…

    • ceylon mooney

      tests positive twice, gets and keeps a ring belt without having to win a fight at the weight class–GIT ER DONE!

  • Frederick Braam

    Of course he is clean now. He was just caught a little too early in his cycle when he was tested.

    • Gian Torres

      Anybody who’s not roiding is a fool. Why let the other guys have an advantage and not you? Nothing to see here..

      • Mitchell Nelms

        That’s a serious accusation, got any proof?

      • JV316

        isnt ggg on the year round vada program?

        • Gian Torres

          VADA? LOL! The cheaters are always a step ahead of the catchers like VADA.

          • JV316

            perhaps. but perhaps not.

      • Ten Count Toronto

        given the pathetic work rates of 80% of today’s pros, they are either using the wrong stuff or doing it wrong. Maybe they’re satisfied posting impressive sprints times and bench presses on Twitter, but certainly not getting their money’s worth between the ropes.

        • Precise Puncher

          Geez…you really know nothing, huh? How exactly do you get away with taking amphetamines in the corner, like Ali or Pryor, with post fight piss tests?

          • Ten Count Toronto

            Since I don;t use drugs I wouldn’t know. But if I was researching how to do it, I’d go and ask Paul Williams, Marcos Maidan, Vitali Klitschko, Roman Gonzalez , Juan Diaz among others how they beat the piss test and throw 800-1000 punches per 12 rounds. There must be a system that works.

  • Jody Hanna

    Move along, nothing to see here.

    • James Otis

      Hurry past, hurry past.

  • David Telfer

    Hardly surprising is it? Golden Boy brushing it under the carpet and obviously The Ring happy to do their part.

    If anyone seriously believes the ‘contaminated meat’ story then so be it, but hopefully most fans will realise what’s actually happened here.

    Canelo is a professional athlete. His trainer is a butcher and I believe he owns his own meat stores?

    The chances of accidental contamination then become ridiculously small IMO.

    Let’s hope GGG ends his career in May.

  • Arjay Cee

    “…but he’s been clean ever since.”

    Did he get a blood transfusion from Adelaide Byrd?

    • Koninbeor

      I wouldn’t call it a blood transfusion per se…

  • BGCH

    Here we go, now Canelo’s tests have come out clean, some people keep saying that perhaps those are fake tests and they should keep the positive ones, there will be more testing before the fight and i’m sure that they will come out clean as well and if people keep saying that is just because Canelo found a way to hide it and come out negative then you’re saying that GGG is doing it too but he didn’t get caught, so the fight is on and is going to be a good one, is it worthet to spend so much time talking about the what if’s?

    • vargas_v

      that is, if cinnamon knows the formula to hide it, G also, what things have to be read from the canelovers ..

  • Oscar Paredes

    Clenbuterol is a drug that needs to be used everyday in order to be effective for weight loss. The typical amounts are 3-9 pills a day. If a low trace is detected, most likely it is from contaminated meat, I am neither defending nor bashing on Canelo, but whatever benefit he could have gained from using Clen, it is too early in his training camp to be useful in anyway. Also there are no anabolic benefits from using Clen, this drug rises your body temperature by approximately 1 degree, making it easier for you to sweat off any excess body weight. It cannot be used as a masking agent either, on contraire, it will produce a double positive, 1 for the regular performance enhancer and one for the use of Clen.

    This is not like the instance where Fernando Vargas was caught using Prostanozol back in 2002. Prostanozol is not only a fat burner, but it also helps with gaining strength and muscle.

    I respect everyone on this thread and everyone’s opinion is valued, forgive me if I offend anyone with my response.

    • BGCH

      Hahahahahaha not at all my friend, people needs to understand what they are talking about before they start wrighting all kinds of BS like if they were experts.

      • Gman

        “people needs to understand what they are talking about” Looks like some people need to go back to school and some need to stop fabricating stories that make them sound stupid.

        • BGCH

          I see a lot of people here fabricating stories, the truth is that Canelo went into testing again and came out clean and he will do it again, everything else is BS, not able Able sure likes to fabricate stories you people like, the illegal wraps and shit, he doesn’t talk about the illegal wraps they used when they killed a fellow in Russia or when they had a little help in the cards against Jacobs though, Canelo came out clean now, NSAC declares that Canelo’s wraps are legal, what else? shit in the top of more shit?

    • Precise Puncher

      Not true.

    • Stash One

      Clenbuterol does not need to be used everyday at all, there are two main cycles. The first one is on 2 days, which means 2 days on and 2 days off. The second one is on weeks, 3 weeks on and then 3 weeks off. The rule for the dosage includes increase and then decrease with amounts of 20 mcg every week. Clen dosage is 1 a day rising to a maximun of 7 a day for a man, you make it sound like it just raises your body temp so you sweat more and thats it ! No mention of the fact it builds protein in the muscular cells and it breaks down the fat into other components, while at the same time it releases energy, also due to the thermogenic properties of the Clenbuterol dose, the drug adds 5 % more burn of the maintenance calories for each extra degree reached. The product is active for 68 hours, while its half-life is around 36 to 39 hours and its bioavailability reaches 90 up to 98 percent.

      Lastly, it is certainly not ” too early in his training camp to be useful in anyway” it would give him a great headstart on making weight while keeping muscle mass, your post is a mix of vague and blatantly inacurate, it’s seems biazarre that you sound so confidently wrong.
      No offence.

  • BGCH

    Crying about injustices AFTER the fact is pointless and more than a little pathetic, especially for those who truly know the game.
    Here is a little something so you can give a little sh.t to Golovkin as well, i don’t hear anybody complaining about GGG using ”illegal gloves” against Gabe Rosado or been favored against Jacobs, some people even said that he even killed a guy in Russia using illegal wraps, go figure, now he’s crying like Maria Magdalene about pretty much everything, less drama and more fighting please.

    • Koninbeor

      Yeah, we should stop injustices BEFORE they happen! If we suspect someone might commit an injustice at any point in the future, we hammer them down! We don’t even need any sort of evidence that it’s likely; the mere thought that it could happen is enough to act. DOWN WITH INJUSTICE!


      • BGCH

        There has been a lot of injustices in boxing in 100 years and there will be more to come, is just like the ”Deflated Brady footballs”, what would people say about it? we should have known better that Brady was going to take some pressure off those footballs and we should of have suspended him before it happened, peopple is just making a big deal just about everything is this fight but the truth is .6 nanograms of Clembuterol in Canelo’s system 2 and a half months out from the fight is not going to help him in any way on fight night and then last week he went into testing again and got a couple of negatives so the testing will continue until the fight takes place, the hand wraps is just not able Abel trying to throw some shit into the pot so people will pay him some attention and Canelo gets distracted, Nevada State Athletic Commision has said that what Canelo does with his wraps is perfectly legal and has been done for years in Nevada is not like some special wrap allowing only Canelo to use it like some people is suggesting, Golovkin himself used not so legal gloves against Gabe Rosado and some people say that he even killed a man back in Russia using illegal wraps, why does not able Able talks a little bit about that? perhaps he should be saying i know Canelo’s wraps are illegal because we used them befor and killed a man and we have also used illegal gloves before and got away with it.

        • Koninbeor

          I’m not here to answer any of your questions. I’m just pointing out how asinine it is to cry about an injustice after it happens. How can you cry about an injustice before it happens? You can’t, that’s how. The best you can do is see the threat of a potential injustice and help to blaze a trail that leads away from that potential injustice.

          I do feel that cheating in any way is wrong and should be punished so I’m not demeaning any attempts to advocate boxing become as clean as possible in every regard. We do have to keep our wits about how we make such suggestions, however, lest we look silly in the process.

          • BGCH

            I agree that cheating in any way, shape or form is wrong and it should be punished, in the case of Canelo when a fighter gets a possitive of a banned substance there is certain things to be considered before jumping into conlcusions like if is the first time, what substance are we talking about and the quantity, so it was the first time, .6 nanograms which is pretty low and is Clembuterol which is used widely in the cattle business in México, so now Canelo is under constant surveilliance by the NSAC and last week he got two negatives in new tests, in the case of the hand wraps the same NSAC says that there is nothing illegal about Canelo’s hand wraps as Abel is saying and that king of wraping is legal in Nevada so there is no demons to be chased here, Canelo will remain under scrutiny until fight night and has to keep coming out clean and if not the fight will be cancelled and Canelo suspended.

        • Gman

          Summarize, Canelo good, GGG bad because some people say that they once heard from someone, somewhere that something bad happened.

          Your entire argument is BS in a nut shell.

          • BGCH

            Well, do you people want to see the fight or not? if you want it to be cancelled and it doesn’t happen you can always go watch a re-run of one of Milignaggi’s fights instead, if you’re so pissed because Canelo exists then don’t watch his fights or read news about him, i’m sure you prefer to see Golovkin vs Wade again instead, or Groves vs Eubank Jr.

  • giovanni sagripanti

    hope he’s gonna follow the path of margarito…

  • MGarcia77

    They ought to take a hair sample from Canelo.

  • Jason

    It’s as easy as this: If they tested Canelo a week or less before the positive result and he was negative, and then found traces, then it’s likely contamination. Clean-> Traces -> Clean. If it was his first time being tested for clenbuteral in a long time and he tested positive then it could be very well be the end of a PED cycle. This is a piece of evidence they are leaving out which leaves me suspicious.

    The other thing he could do is issue receipt from the market or restaurant. The commission could go in and buy sample meat and test it. Interview them to find the supplier and evaluate the meat from that supplier. This should take 4 or 5 days at most (and should have started back on february 20th). These are two ways to show canelo’s innocence. If neither of these happen, I would say he’s guilty.

    • Gman

      It’s at the end of a canelo’s cycle

  • James Otis

    Wonder whose p he used. You know the great canelo didn’t need to be watched. He’s an honest guy after all. DLH probably watched him p in the cup. That should be good enuf…. I know the money is too good. GGG will go ahead with the fight no matter what advantages (arena, judges, ref, weight, gloves, steroids, lasex) canelo the great demands. GGG doesn’t need to fight him tho, he’s already beat him from pillar to post. I wish he would tell the rat to take a hike and go fight another steroided up dope.

  • Jayo2.0

    Testing negative afterward doesn’t prove a thing. Why doesn’t Canelo volunteer to have his hair tested to prove his innocence and fix the hit on his reputation? Easy fix, right?

  • Robert Archambault

    It’s much easier for a boxer to be on a PED regimen when he only fights twice per year. Without random, year round testing, it’s simple for a fighter to get on the juice to build up lean muscle and start weight cutting before training camp officially begins and then to cycle off and be clean for when testing starts. Fighting three or four times a year makes this much more difficult to achieve.
    What will be interesting will be when it comes time for the weigh in. Imagine if Canelo is unable to make weight?

  • Vladimir Trump

    Oscar De La Hoya whupped two niqqas who were on Roids, that is Vargas and Mosley. Pac was on roids too but Oscar was old and shot.

  • Don Badowski

    I’d like to point out that if Alvarez had been enrolled in the VADA year round testing program, instead of only testing when the contracts were signed, this would not be such a big deal. Let’s say he was on the program and an unannounced visit by the VADA team found a low level of clem in his system. It would be believable at that point, that he got it from contaminated meat. And the reason for that is, VADA year round testing is unannounced. So he wouldn’t risk taking a normal dose of clem to cut weight. But he’s not year round enrolled. He’s only tested when the fight is announced and signed, and VADA starts testing. Simply put, now he knows when the first test will be, and he could plan for it. So the obvious suspicion is that he or his trainers mistimed when he should have gone off.