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Gennady Golovkin: Canelo and his team should have known better

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BIG BEAR LAKE, California – News of Canelo Alvarez’s positive test for clenbuterol hasn’t dampened the spirits of Gennady Golovkin, who is in the first full week of training for their anticipated rematch on May 5 in Las Vegas.

As far as the unified middleweight champ is concerned the fight is on until somebody tells him it isn’t.

“Of course, I still want to fight,” Gennady told THE RING on Wednesday at The Summit gym, which is run by his trainer Abel Sanchez. “I’m a fighter and I have unfinished business with Canelo.”

Alvarez, who has been training in Mexico, maintains that the traces of the WADA-banned substance found in his system is due to contaminated meat, a somewhat common occurrence in recent years with athletes that have consumed Mexican-grown and processed beef. However, the the Nevada Athletic Commission still must conduct an investigation into the matter and determine whether the pay-per-view event will go on.

Golovkin, who seemed to be in a good mood on Wednesday, is content with waiting for the commission to do its job before he interrupts his training or gets too bent out of shape.

However, he admits that he was caught him off guard when first told of Alvarez’s situation.

“It wasn’t pleasant to learn of this,” Golovkin said in Russian that was translated by Valerie Phil. “I know Canelo. He doesn’t need any medicine or drugs like that. It’s not just a problem for Canelo, it’s a problem for his whole team. This drug has been found before in other athletes in Mexico, so they should have known.”

Added Sanchez, “Canelo’s trainer, Chepo Reynoso, used to be a butcher, he was in the meat business, he should know which meats to avoid because of this problem in Mexico.”

“I don’t want to talk about it much because if it’s positive that it’s a performance-enhancing drug for him, that’s just outrageous,” Golovkin said. “But my hope is that all parties involved will cooperate in the investigation and make more efforts to ensure clean boxing. That’s what I’m for, clean boxing.”

Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler doesn’t want to cast allegations or jump to conclusions, as many fans have done via social media since Monday’s revelation, but he does believe that Alvarez should do everything in his power to ensure to the boxing public that he is a clean athlete.

“The commission is responsible to conduct the investigation and it’s really premature for us to comment on the situation before it’s been concluded, but I don’t think Canelo should wait to address it,” Loeffler told THE RING. “Canelo should volunteer for as many tests as VADA and the Nevada commission feel is necessary between now and the fight.”

And Team Canelo needs to present a good explanation, Golovkin added.

“There are obligations he and his team need to follow, there should be some penalties. It’s his obligation now to prove that he’s a clean athlete and this process has to be controlled by VADA and the commission.

“If the commission says everything is OK, then I will accept that, and I’m going to be ready to fight,” Golovkin continued. “If Canelo is clean then I want to prove that I’m better than him. That’s why I’m in camp now.

“If I seem care free it’s because when I’m in camp I’m not thinking about Canelo’s problems. I’m not a lab, I’m not a commission, I’m a champion in my gym and I’m happily doing my job.”


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