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Luis Ortiz trainer addresses #HandGate

Luis Ortiz
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There is no “Gate” to see here, friends, because there is an explanation for the bulge that looks to be protruding on the left hand of Cuban pugilist Luis Ortiz, who gloves up tomorrow, Saturday, at Barclays Center in the main event on Showtime against WBC heavyweight titleholder Deontay Wilder.

Conspiracy theorists and Alex Jones listeners have been pinballing around social media the last couple days, theorizing. They’d seen a pic of the 38-year-old Ortiz’s left hand, and what looks to be an aberrant protrusion. Only, in some pics the protrusion isn’t present. WTF?

On Wednesday, Ortiz told media at the final presser his hands, both of them, are totally fine. Nothing to see here — there is no “there” here, he said, while wearing black gloves on each hand.

So I reached out to Ortiz’s trainer, Herman Caicedo. What’s up with that bump, Herman?

“It’s nothing,” Caicedo told me. “25 years of calcium deposits.”

The implication is this: That bulge, which shows up when he holds his hand a certain way, doesn’t pain him or impact his ability to launch that hand at the body of a foe.

So, I guess, we can put the “HandGate” meme to bed.

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