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George Groves-Chris Eubank Jr. – Final press conference quotes

Groves (left) and Eubank Jr. (right) are ready for action. Photo courtesy of World Boxing Super Series

George Groves will defend his WBA super middleweight title against Chris Eubank Jr. on Saturday night at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, on Saturday and the grudge continues to build ahead of this hugely anticipated WBSS semi-final.

Groves, rated No. 2 by THE RING at 168 pounds, and Eubank, who is rated No. 4, have both been on the verbal rampage since the fight was confirmed in October. The time for talking will soon be over, however, and both fighters are confident of victory.

“I have been involved in big fights before and I’ve learned a lot along the way,” said Groves. “This is a tremendous fight, but it’s not my biggest fight to date. I am in the form of my life; certainly, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in through my career. I’m fully prepared to go out there and retain my world title in style.

“It’s not an expression that I particularly like but it comes down to levels and I’m levels above Junior. I’ve sacrificed a lot and I’ve been through some terrible times to get here. Desire is one thing I’ve always had in abundance. I’ve picked myself up from the lowest points and now I’m at the top and enjoying it. I won’t be taking my eye off the ball.”

“I’m the number one seed and I will go on to win this tournament and win it well. I started last year and will continue this week. I’m ready and hopefully, he is too.”

Eubank insists that he is ready for what he admits is the biggest fight of his career to date. Still, the Englishman appears unfazed about the task ahead and promises to justify the pre-fight odds which have swayed in his favor.

“What motivates me is becoming the No. 1 super middleweight in the world,” said Eubank. “This is my stage, my time, my opportunity to show everyone that everything I’ve been saying is real. It’s time to prove the doubters, the naysayers and keyboard warriors wrong.

“There is nothing George can do that is going to stop me. It’s collecting season and I’m coming for all the belts. After the tournament, every other belt holder is on the hit list. George Groves is just the first.

“The only thing (Groves’ trainer) Shane McGuigan needs to worry about on Saturday is having that white towel ready.”

For details on how to watch Groves-Eubank Jr. go to itvboxoffice.com

Information courtesy of a press release issued by World Boxing Super Series.


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  • BobbyPFalcon

    I’m picking Groves unless he gasses out.

  • Scott Rooker

    Going with Eubank he is really fast and crisp and Groves will be missing all night corner stops it in the 10th even though Eubank is a pain in the ARSE

  • Keano


  • Luca Blight

    Eubanks by stoppage. 8 rounds.

    • Barley’s back!!!

      A little longer but Groves will likely fall after all that tightness leads to fatigue and Eubank really starts teeing off around the 10th or 11th.

  • Orca

    I have to go with Groves. His size and experience should get him through. I would dearly love for Eubank to win though. Boxing needs characters like him and he’s a lot of fun to watch. I just think he’s no way near a natural 168 pounder and that’s going to cost him. I have to say though, I thought Groves looked awful in his last fight whereas Chris looked tip-top. A very intriguing fight.

    • Barley’s back!!!

      That size is definitely an advantage for Groves. I just feel Eubank is more resilient and I have a sneaking suspicion he might prove stronger too, despite the difference in size.

  • Darren James Smith

    Why does a clear middleweight, who could be the successor to GGG and give Alvarez fits, fight at 168?