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Stefan Friedman, business executive and ex-journalist, named new publisher of THE RING

NOVEMBER 1933: Ring Magazine Cover - Illustration of Barney Ross on the cover. (Photo by: The Ring Magazine/Getty Images)

Stefan Friedman, a business executive and former journalist, was named publisher of THE RING on Monday, Oscar De La Hoya announced.

The longtime advisor to the Hall of Fame fighter will be tasked with shepherding THE RING, known as the Bible of Boxing since 1922, into new territory in relation to strategic partnerships and advances in the digital space.

“I have every confidence that Stefan will be a great steward of the Ring Magazine and lead the publication and its dedicated staff into a new era that will benefit the fans, readers and the sport overall,” said De La Hoya.

“I remember the day I purchased RING Magazine as it was a moment I would have never thought possible as a young kid growing up in East Los Angeles. I still have the same love and respect for the magazine and its writers today as I did back then, and I trust that Stefan will make the best decisions for the publication and be successful leading THE RING into this next chapter in its history.”

Friedman, a native of New York, is looking to leverage the legacy brand and modify it for the 21st century. As part of his new role as publisher, Friedman will take a step back from his duties as advisor to Golden Boy Promotions while continuing to work with De La Hoya in myriad other capacities.

“As a longtime fan and ardent supporter of boxing, I am humbled to be the next publisher of the legendary RING Magazine and entrusted with leading the publication’s business,” said Friedman.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with THE RING’S talented editorial staff to build upon the great work they’ve done in sustaining the publication’s reputation and importance to boxing while also exploring new ideas and strategies with digital integration and partnerships that will engage and excite fans of the sport.

THE RING’s print edition is dedicated to enterprise stories, in-depth features on the sport’s power players and colorful columns. The digital brand, RINGTV.com, compliments the legacy of the magazine with breaking news content and hard-hitting stories that lead the industry’s coverage on the web.

THE RING Magazine was founded nearly 100 years ago as boxing’s premier publication for all things related to the Sweet Science. Based in Los Angeles, Friedman will oversee the editorial staff led by Douglass Fischer which includes a network of boxing expert contributors around the world.

“There’s not an outlet in the sport of boxing with a greater legacy name than THE RING,” Friedman said. “As we close in on our 100th year of publication, my challenge is how to marry a legacy brand with modern media tools so that you can have the same great product while reaching a greater number of people.”

  • Fist_ti_cuffs

    Damn,,,,,,,,Doug got passed over for the top job.

    • AngelMorningstar

      Good! He’s better writing the mailbags. I mean as a publisher you can’t miss publishing dates because you’re “hanging with the family” or “on vacation” he does that a lot just for something as simple as replying to emails twice a week and you want to entrust him the bible of boxing?!

      • Stephen M

        Yeah, Dougie is editor in chief of Ring magazine and associate editor of Ringtv, the website. Plus he does commentating, webcasts and podcasts. Plus, he manages to see or has seen just about every fight. Probably just a bit more work than you think.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      IIRC the Publisher is more of a business position than a journalistic one. The Publisher and the Editor generally handle different aspects of a publication although they need to work together here and there.

  • ozzy

    Oscar selling the mag indicates to me that something isn’t right with our favourite magazine.
    Don’t know what the new guy means by digital integration and partnerships but as far as I’m concerned you shouldn’t fix something that’s not broke – new ideas to make the magazine’s content even better would be welcome of course but I would oppose anything that made this great boxing magazine into a general “combat” magazine with the inclusion of UFC etc. Worrying times ahead?

    • Stephen M

      I don’t see where the Ring was sold. The title says Stefan was “named” publisher.

    • Stefan Friedman

      Hey, Ozzy. Stefan Friedman here. No plans for Oscar to sell the magazine, and we are currently pursuing a boxing-only strategy. Always welcome your feedback. Best — SF

    • bradman

      Why not? The Ring used to cover more than just boxing as evidenced by the cover image accompanying this story – “Boxing – Wrestling – Fight Fiction.” Its not like its new territory for them to cover other forms of combat. When UFC-related things get covered here, it’s pretty sparse and not like its taking over or taking anything away from the boxing coverage. it’s also really easy not to click on a story link that doesn’t interest you. 😉

  • Stephen M

    Hey Mike, do you know if this page is up to date (I’m curious about the ratings panel)? https://www.ringtv.com/about-us/
    By the way, it is insanely difficult to get to that page from the Ring site. You have to scroll right to the bottom of the page and click on “about us” but the site adds more articles before you can click on it. You have to scroll down again… and it just does the same thing.

    • Stefan Friedman

      Hey, Stephen. Will take the advice under advisement. Thank you for your feedback. — SF

      • bradman

        I would like to see a better mobile experience moving forward. The mobile site is clunky and needs some love.

  • aaron.slater Slater

    Congrats Stefan. First order of business fix the mobile site. It’s very difficult to navigate on Android.

  • Canek

    Hopefully no more ultimate fighting nonsense, and just Boxing.
    Cover PBC, they are part of Boxing after all.

    • bradman

      PBC fighters get plenty of coverage here.