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Manny Pacquiao says ’negotiations’ are underway to fight Vasyl Lomachenko

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Manny Pacquiao says his next opponent could be Vasyl Lomachenko after revealing that “negotiations” are underway to make the fight.

Pacquiao made the comments to ABS-CBN television in the Philippines, on Wednesday, and says one of the major details to be figured out is at what weight the fight will take place.

“There are negotiations now about the number one pound-for-pound (boxer) which is Lomachenko,” said Pacquiao.

“There are still talks on the weight, reducing the weight.”

Pacquiao (59-7-2, 38 knockouts) has not fought since last July, when he lost his WBO welterweight title by a controversial decision to Jeff Horn in Australia. The eight-division world champion turned 39 last month and has not fought below welterweight since 2009, when he knocked out Ricky Hatton in two rounds. The 29-year-old Lomachenko (10-1, 8 KOs) is the current WBO junior lightweight titleholder and is coming off his highest profile victory to date, a sixth round technical knockout of Guillermo Rigondeaux in December.

Lomachenko had previously stated he was not interested in facing the aging legend Pacquiao, saying, last year, “I’m not going to go in there and beat an old guy. It’s complete nonsense for me to chase him.”

Promoter Bob Arum recently told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Pacquiao could return to the ring on the same ESPN-televised card as Horn’s second title defense against mandatory challenger Terence Crawford. Arum said, “We’re working on an opponent” and added he didn’t want to be “too premature” about announcing one.

“Pacquiao seems like he wants to come back, so we’re trying to get that finalized,” said Arum.

Arum had said that he wanted to put the Horn-Crawford fight on April 21, at T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, but that a conflict in schedule with the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights could force the show to April 14 at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Emails to Top Rank, which promotes both fighters, and Lomachenko’s manager Egis Klimas were not immediately answered.




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  • Frantik

    Just why? Pac is doing the same mistake as Roy Jones has done – fighting young lions while being way past his prime.

    • Turner Wednesday

      I hear you. Except Jones fights circus bare knuckle fighters, guys who win competitions on cereal boxes and journeymen of all journeyman.

      • Frantik

        Well, i mostly meant his fights with Lebedev and Maccarinelli who were younger and stronger than him, especially Lebedev. Makes me sad to see one of my all-time favorite boxers spoiling his own legacy…

    • Stephen M

      I think that Pac will prefer Loma to Crawford for a curtain call.


        Lomie gonna do the soft touch on Pac whereas Crawfie would brutalize him!

  • Steve

    If it happens it’ll be a replay of De La Hoya-Pacquaio with Manny playing the part of Oscar.

    • bradman

      I think it would be closer to Pac-Barerra 1. Loma would have his way with and completely befuddle Pac.

      • Teddy Reynoso

        That’s quite possible but it should be considered that at lighter weight Manny would be quicker and mobile than he was at welterweight but would still carry the same sock. Loma would have to be wary in that fight.

        • Stephen M

          At 39 he would be quicker?

        • AngelMorningstar

          He’s 39 don’t be stupid just because your phillipino and want Manny to win.

          • Mauro Hermida

            Its Filipino. You cannot call a guy stupid, then make a mistake on something so easy.

          • Stephen M

            It’s only easy if you know it. There is no way to guess that someone from the PHilippines is a Filipino.

          • Mauro Hermida

            See therein lies the problem. If you have to guess, use the good ole internet. So either this guy thought he spelled it right(which is what I believe) or was too lazy for a one sec lookup of how to spell it. Normally if I have any doubts, I look thinks up. I wonder if Mr. Brains had doubts. Plus if you have read any of the articles on this very site all these years, you would have seen it spelled there too.

          • Stephen M

            Well I’ve made the mistake myself. Why would you look up, let’s say, Canadian? Why would anyone have a doubt and think maybe it’s spelled Kanadian? My own name is Stephen, pronounced Steven. That seems obvious but all French speakers pronounce it Stefen ( which drives me nuts ).
            Anyways, he stands corrected.

          • ronny rath

            Step youre stupid ass fuck. Mauro is stupid ass fuck too. Stephen and steven does not pronounce the same. stop making dumb ass excuses.

          • Stephen M

            Bye bye asshole!

          • Keano

            Stephen and Steven are both pronounced the same.

    • Teddy Reynoso


  • shawn

    PAC still has a bit of speed, angles and footwork left. Not my first choice but it will tells us a little bit more about who Lomachenko is. PAC will give a better display of courage, skill and work than Walter’s and Rico. Just wait and see, at least we may finally see a good performance by a Loma opponent. That’s better than what we have gotten lately.

  • Gian Torres

    Free P.R. manipulation for Loma and Pac by Arum. This fight isn’t happening but if it does and Loma wins, then he’s p4p #1 and an instant A.T.G.

  • Fist_ti_cuffs

    Straight up lies by Arum as usual. What’s funny is that Lomo’s people don’t want this fight and instead talk about fights at 130 and maybe 135. Sounds like they’re afraid to move up.

    • Teddy Reynoso

      They are deathly afraid what an “old man” can pull off against their fair haired ward.

      • AngelMorningstar

        You enjoy that tin of stupidity? Manny ain’t shit now. He had a hard time with Horn ffs.

  • Franz Lorenz

    hahahahahahahahaha, I suppose this wouldn’t be a “no mas”, but it’d still be a one sided beatdown of the elderly. Also it wouldn’t look good on either resume but it would make a decent amount of money, just for the name only.
    Anyway of course 0,00% chance of this happening, but it’s fun to think about it

  • Teddy Reynoso

    If Marciano had the same mentality as Loma when the Louis fight was offered to him and he refused it, would he be still as revered as much today?- But that comparison is a bit stretched as Manny may be old and jaded but he is far from being washed. Most of all, he still could punch and in bunch if in the best possible shape and condition. Loma is obviously whistling in the dark in dismissing this fight as a complete nonsense. Loma is wary and leery if not outright afraid of the “old guy”‘ it would appear that Loma in departure from tradition would rather build his legend fighting wanna bes like him than establish it against a certified legend as Manny.

    • Jorge

      Last time Manny was involved in a KO was 6 years ago but unfortunately him it was he who was on the canvas knocked out cold. Manny hasn’t knocked anyone out in 9 years. It’s time to give up this narrative that he can still punch.

      • Teddy Reynoso

        Okay let’s change the narrative to what Loma can ACTUALLY do against an old passing legend, knockout artist as Pacquiao. Am keen to see that. You can’t really count a once in a lifetime fighter as Pacquiao out just like that on mere say so or opinion. It has to be proven in the ring. Sad that some supposed kababayan are now also putting him down and writing him off after basking in the glory of his past exploits.


    Terence Crawford: But why, Uncle Bob?? I gave up my fucking belts at 140 to catch this crooked man.

    Bob Arum: Wink wink! Fake News!

  • Teddy Reynoso

    Loma is sticking to his hypocritical line that he will be the smaller guy if the fight against Manny is set beyond 135 lbs when in truth and in fact he weighed a steady 142 on actual fight night in his last few bouts including against Rigo. Manny is essentially a blown up lightweight or super lightweight who rarely hit 147 at fight night during all his tenure at welterweight. If Loma could weigh 142 after making 130 in the day before the fight official weight in, he could easily be a full blown welter or heavier at fight night after making 135 or 140 the day before. The ploy to limit the official weigh in at 135 is to weaken Manny who has said time and again that he can still make 140 at weigh in

    • Stephen M

      Yet , not too long ago, you said that Loma beating Rigondeaux was not that big of a deal because Rigo went up two weight classes. Now you want Loma to go up two weight classes. That’s cool but don’t claim that you are objective on this

    • Stephen M

      Just read this at BoxingScene “No, we are not fighting Pacquiao. Manny Pacquiao is calling out Lomachenko, who is three weight classes down the scale from him. Manny Pacquiao is 147 pounds and he’s calling out Lomachenko, who is 130 pounds. That’s insane,” Klimas told ESPN.

      “He’s an old man and Lomachenko beating him takes him nowhere. If the fight happened they’ll all say Lomachenko beat an old man and made him come down [in weight]. Even if he beat Pacquiao, they’d say he beat an old guy who was basically retired. We want to fight active champions dominating their weight classes.”

      • Teddy Reynoso

        Excuses. Alibi.

        • Stephen M

          Yet you are already making excuses for Pacquiao.

          • Teddy Reynoso

            Say what? Rationalize, man.

          • Jorge

            Manny doesn’t want Crawford, Roach admitted it. It would be good night for him, so he wants to fight a smaller guy.

    • Emeka Nnaji Jr.

      To be fair to Loma Manny typically comes in the ring around 148-150.



  • erwinrommel771 .

    Vasyl Lomachenko (11 fights lang and 8 kanya Knock Outs) made elite boxer Nicholas Walters ( who KOd Nonito Donaire) quit at his stool dahil di makaya ang power, hand and foot speed ng Ukrainian and another Cuban elite boxer and Olympic champ Guillermo Rigondeaux (where elite Filipino pug Donairee, losses too)
    Si Pacquiao naman bukod sa ring veteran may bloody knocked out na siya kay Juan Manuel Marquez and his near death experienced kay Super Hippopotamus Heavyweight Champ Franklin Drilon when they tangled and Pacquiao nearly died in the Senate Debate – for lack of oxygen, reasons, and English language. https://mortzortigoza.blogspot.com/2017/03/drilon-knocked-out-pacquiao-in-worst.html

    • Mark

      Napatawa mo ako dito sa post mo hahaha.
      Joking aside, I think Pac will get a beating to remember should he fight Lomachenko. Pac is too old and not too active to compete with a prime/near prime Lomachecko

    • Mauro Hermida

      Walters was never elite by any means. Rigondeaux came up in weight and had a long layoff. You have to put things in perspective here.

      • erwinrommel771 .

        The non-elite Walters knocked out the elite Donaire therefore he was an elite! Sanamagan, a very simple statement or logic that even an elementary pupils understand.

  • Drifter

    It’ll be interesting to see Pac go back to the lower division and rape the champions once again lol

    • Jorge

      This isn’t 2008 anymore and he isn’t fighting David Diaz

  • Teddy Reynoso

    Loma DUCK chenko!

    • Koninbeor

      I hear you. Just like SRL ducked Mike Tyson. SMH

  • PrinceGian

    This one was always on the cards for Arum. Pacquiao has passed his use by date and now it is time to serve him up to his successor in Bob’s stable.

    • Teddy Reynoso

      They can never be sure against a fighter like Manny.

  • Ramreiz Manuel

    cant beat father time Manny

  • Emeka Nnaji Jr.

    Pacquiao needs to fight Crawford, he may be too big for Lomachenko. Pacquiao is old and not greatly bigger in size than Pacquioa, but Pac is used to fighting much larger fighters. He showed in the Horn fight that he can still crack. It would be an impressive win for Loma.

  • Mauro Hermida

    Can Pacquiao even make 140 without draining his leg strength? It has to be a good weight for him or the fight will be a farce when he comes in looking like a zombie.