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RING Magazine Year-End Awards 2017 – Eight Winners Revealed


We’re in the countdown to reveal our Fight of the Year and Fighter of the Year for 2017. Here are the winners in all other categories.


Derrick James: A former professional fighter, Dallas’ Derrick James took WBC junior middleweight titleholder Jermell Charlo to new heights in 2017 with a brace of stunning knockout wins over Charles Hatley and Erickson Lubin. As well as that, James orchestrated the game plan which saw Errol Spence lift the IBF welterweight title from Kell Brook with an 11th-round stoppage in Sheffield, England.

RUNNERS UP: Robert Garcia, Virgil Hunter, Anatoly Lomachenko, Andre Rozier



David Lemieux KO 3 Curtis Stevens: If you hold your feet against Lemieux, then don’t expect any mercy. Stevens, seeking to counterpunch, edged back towards the ropes when Lemieux let fly with a straight right-left hook combination. The right landed, but it was the ridiculously short left hook which switched Stevens off like a lamp. The former world title challenger was out for minutes and had to be taken from the arena on a stretcher.

RUNNERS UP: David Benavidez TKO 8 Rogelio Medina, Mikey Garcia KO 3 Dejan Zlaticanin, Joshua Greer Jr. KO 6 James Smith, Zolani Tete KO 1 Siboniso Gonya



Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin: When both sides agreed to a deal, the excitement surrounding this intense middleweight title showdown was palpable. Approximately 17,000 tickets, priced between $300 and $5,000, were sold for the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, producing the third-highest gate in boxing history at $27,059,850. Following 12 rounds of intense action, the result was a split decision draw. A rematch is inevitable.

RUNNERS UP: Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko, Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor, Superfly, World Boxing Super Series



Dominic Breazeale KO 5 Izuagbe Ogunoh (Round 3): Ugonoh was letting his hands go when a short right-hand counter knocked him to the canvas. Breazeale attempted to end matters but shipped one huge right hand after another as Ugonoh desperately tried to stay alive. Breazeale absorbed enormous amounts of punishment but incredibly summoned the willpower and energy to stun Ogonoh as the bell sounded to end an extraordinary round.

RUNNERS UP: Miguel Roman TKO9 Orlando Salido (Round 8), Anthony Joshua TKO11 Wladimir Klitschko (Round 5), Canelo Alvarez D12 Gennady Golovkin (Round 12), Srisaket Sor Rungvisai KO4 Roman Gonzalez II (Round 4)



Sadam Ali: Last year, Jessie Vargas dashed Ali’s hopes of becoming a world champion by stopping him in the ninth round of a WBO welterweight title bout. In 2017, the Brooklyn native bounced back with three dominant wins before lifting the WBO junior middleweight title with a stunning upset decision over the great Miguel Cotto.

RUNNERS UP: Dominic Breazeale, Juan Francisco Estrada, Mikey Garcia, Leo Santa Cruz



Sadam Ali UD 12 Miguel Cotto: Last year, Ali came out second-best in a WBO welterweight title fight to Jessie Vargas, who stopped him in nine rounds. The legendary Miguel Cotto, who had regained the WBO junior middleweight title, needed a live body for his final outing and Ali was perfect foil. And then the bell rang. Ali boxed beautifully at times, hurting Cotto more than once on his way to a stunning decision win.

RUNNERS UP: Tony Bellew TKO 11 David Haye, Jeff Horn UD 12 Manny Pacquiao, Srisaket Sor Rungvisai UD 12 Roman Gonzalez, Caleb Truax MD12 James DeGale



Jaime Munguia: Seven fights and six knockouts for the 21-year-old junior middleweight from Tijuana this year. Unlike most Mexicans, especially one so young, this dazzling young talent had an extensive amateur pedigree. Munguia went 128-10 in the unpaid ranks before turning professional in 2013. The Zanfer promoted fighter possesses fight ending power and a good boxing brain. Many fans south of the border are tabbing him as the next Mexican star.

RUNNERS UP: Daniel Dubois, Ryan Garcia, Josh Kelly, Vergil Ortiz



Srisaket Sor Rungvisai: Roman Gonzalez was the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, unbeaten in 46 fights, and Sor Rungvisai was an afterthought. However, the hard-hitting lefty from Thailand pulled the colossal upset, outpointing “Chocolatito” in March before staple-gunning him to the deck in the fourth round of a direct rematch. Seventeen years ago, Sor Rungvisai was on the verge or starvation and picking up trash. Now, he’s a two-time world champion and one of the best fighters in the world, pound-for-pound.

RUNNERS UP: Canelo Alvarez, Raymundo Beltran, Wladimir Klitschko, Lee Selby and Luke Campbell


Massive congratulations to this year’s winners and runners up from everyone at RING Magazine and RingTV.com.


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  • AngelMorningstar

    Will take flak but that’s ok. No way was GGG vs Canelo even remotely as close to the event of McGregor vs Mayweather. That was a global phenomenon the whole world was interested whether you were a boxing fan or not.

    • Tudor Pascanu

      They meant “boxing event”

      • bradman

        As an event, GGG-Canelo pales in comparison to Joshua-Klitschko. American bias gives the Canelo fight the “win” here. I’m American and even I can see that. 😉

        • KillaBlu

          Ring in run be De La Hoya and he has been forceing Canelo in at least one of these categories for the passed few years even if he doesn’t deserve it. I’m just glad that this means they won’t make Canelo v. GGG the fight of the year

        • Gian Torres

          “American bias” for a Mexican? Check out the scores for Mexicans’ biggest fights since 1999: Dela Hoya-Trinidad, Castillo-Mayweather, De La Hoya-Moseley II, JM Marquez-Pac II, JM Marquez-Pac III and the false propaganda regarding Canelo-GGG from American writers.

          • bradman

            No, American bias for an event held in America and promoted by an American promotional company.

        • Tudor Pascanu

          True. And the canelo-ggg fight sucked by comparisson with Joshua-K. What i meant is this-the magnitude of the event seen as nr of people in atendance and nr of people wthching is an accurate expresion of the quality of promotion, but the magnitude of the event per se has to have something to do with what is actualy happening in the ring/stage. Imagine for instance a mega concert (80,000fans) with the Stones in which Mick forgets the lirics and keith forgets the chordes (Ive seen one in Romania). Could you rate this event very high only on basis of numbers?

        • Mark

          Or you could say that the RingMag is an unfair because of Canelo

        • William Alba

          If you take in consideration what event generated more revenue Canelo vs GGG vs Joshua-Klitschko PPV etc. I think Canelo-GGG takes it. If we talk about atmosphere in the Venues Klit-Joshua takes it. It all depends how you like to see it.

      • Teddy Reynoso

        Last time I checked, it was a pro boxing match governed by pro boxing rules and sanctioned officially as such.

      • Vince Isla


    • Juan Manuel Valverde

      The event of the year wasn’t GGG Canelo or Floyd McGregor, it was Joshua Klitschko….

      • Kudos

        Funny how Joshuas racism has been swept under the carpet.

        • Keano

          I wish a boxing writer would put out an article questioning that

          • Kudos

            Left wingers don’t hold ‘minorities’ to the same standards.

          • Blarsmackman

            White people accusing black people of “racism” need to read a couple of history books, maybe take a sociology class or something. Your dumb is showing.

          • Kudos

            You’re probably one of those blacks convinced ‘the man’ is out to get you.

    • Vince Isla

      Maymc is a fixed fight

  • Left Hook2

    Wow. Should have been renamed “Best of the Golden Boy Stable”.
    Alvarez-GGG Event of the year? Did they miss the 90,000 fans singing Sweet Caroline? I call BS.
    Ali over Cotto instead of washed up journeyman Truax over DeGale? I call BS.
    Lemieux over Stevens? Okay. I would have voted for Mikey, but that KO was just as brutal as anything that occurred in the ring this year.
    Ali for comeback of the year? Yeah, cause everyone expected Garcia to trounce his opponents after two years of inactivity. I call BS.
    Happy for the recipients, but I think some bad calls this year. If they wanted Canelo to get an award, it should have been robbery/worst scorecard of the year.

    • Stephen M

      I don’t think that anyone deserves an award for sitting out their contract.

  • John Newman

    It’s hard for me to agree with too many of these, particularly as the best event of the year (Joshua vs Klitschko) missed out on every single award.

    I think James falls behind both Rozier and Lomachenko for accomplishments this year.

    I thought Lemmy’s hook was beautiful, but significantly diminished by his subsequent performance (showing he needs the right opponent to look that good). The same could be said of Garcia’s shot, but at least he took out an undefeated belt holder, rather than a gatekeeper. However, this is right in line with giving the award to Canelo in years past for clipping an obviously chinny fighter.

    How the eff does a fighter who isn’t fit enough to fight for a solid three minutes win round of the year?

    If we give Sadam Ali upset of the year, we really ought to present the award to Cotto’s torn left bicep.

    I believe that Chocolatito was more inspirational in defeat (especially during and after the first bout) than Sor Rungvisai was in victory (although that’s the winner I have the least problem with, he has a fantastic story).

    • Kudos

      Supposed judge Lemeiux ko in isolation, subsequent performances are irrelevant.

      • John Newman

        In isolation, Lemmy still KO’d a fighter who had the tar beat out of him by Golovkin and whose best win was against Tureano Johnson. It was seen as a 50/50 fight because both boxers were limited but had knockout power. It’s not that impressive in isolation and less so when considering how Lemieux really only blasts the guys who sit in front of him like a heavy bag.

        Lemieux has two title shots at this point in his career and did not win a round in either. That he can knock another gatekeeper TFO is not as impressive as Garcia icing an undefeated titleholder, or as Benavidez’s combination, or as Tete’s one hitter quitter.

  • John Newman


  • philoe bedoe

    I thought that Truax’s win over Degale would have been a worthy winner.
    Even though Lemieux’s ko was spectacular, I thought Tete’s was more significant due to it being the fastest in a world title fight…………

  • Chris Stans

    This seems like a pretty biased list. Lemieux had a great ko but Mikey knocked out an actual titleholder instead of a gatekeeper along with the 10 second destruction Tete did in his last defense. You might as well have had Charlo’s knockout over Lubin if the quality of opposition didn’t matter. And what are the criteria for comeback of the year? Is it getting battered in a fight, then turning it around? Because then Breazeale did it better (Ali had buzzed Cotto several times even before he hurt his arm). Is it an overall career comeback? Because Mikey accomplished more since his hiatus.

    • Stephen M

      It’s definitely career comeback. I don’t think Garcia should get it for taking time off to get out of his contract and then “coming back”.


    TRAINER OF THE YEAR: Jeff Mayweather

    KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: Great Floyd TKOed that racist wanna-be!

    EVENT OF THE YEAR: TBE Floyd Mayweather vs. Conman McGregor

    ROUND OF THE YEAR: The round where Floyd made Conman quit!

    COMEBACK OF THE YEAR: Floyd, of course! He unretired again to teach a hard lesson to an imposter.

    UPSET OF THE YEAR: Upset? What upset? Floyd won! Only the haters and McGregor fanboys are upset!

    PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: Anybody that Floyd manages!

    MOST INSPIRATIONAL: Can you guess? Come on now!

  • Tony Nightstick

    Don’t see how the Truax win can’t be Upset of the Year.

  • Teddy Reynoso

    Next time, the Ring should first come up with a strict, very clear definition of the annual awards categories together with the criteria which will guide both the fans readers and the editorial staff voting for the nominees and eventual awardees. For instance, there are some questions as to the difference between the Event of the Year won by the GGG Canelo match in relation to the Fight of the Year won by the Joshua-Klitschko bout?

    • Stash One

      Thats what i was wondering, if, purely as a fight Joshua-Klitschko is fight of the year then purely as an event like or not nothing comes close to Floyd-McGregor. GGG-Canelo was ok, not decisive, and fairly unremarkable as an event.

  • Teddy Reynoso

    GGG Canelo fight being the Event of the Year is highly questionable given the following; 1. It took a lot of to do and prodding to finally get it made. Fans expected it for more than a year since Canelo took the lineal title from Cotto.
    2. It has to give way to the Floyd-McGregor fight which was comparatively made in less time and fuss and generated way more interest and income. In short, Floyd Mac stole the thunder from that match. 3. It did not even compare well with the results of the Joshua-Klitschko bout in terms of significance and again interest and turnout especially at the gates. 4. It ended inconclusively and controversially in a draw requiring a rematch. How was that for an Event of the Year???

  • Teddy Reynoso

    Really, is the chilling knockout of a gatekeeper in a fight anyone with half a brain expected to end in a knockout one way or the other more compelling than the chilling knockout of a highly regarded champion who has never visited the canvas by a former champion out for most of the last two, three years and was moving up in weight?

  • Teddy Reynoso

    Why the fixation on Saddam Ali? And Breazeale?

  • Wee Den Broon

    ha ha ha…..wait a minute fellas! How can Canelo be runner up in the ‘most inspirational’ stakes? What an inspiration Canelo was for ducking a fight with Golovkin for over 2 years and being brave enough to take on fighters like Khan and Smith who he outweighs by 28lbs on fight night. Or is Canelo an inspiration for claiming he won the fight against GGG that everyone else knows he lost? Not withstanding the GBP bias fest currently being embraced by The Ring, Canelo inspires little more than the occasional disappointed sigh.

    • KillaBlu

      Canelo donated a shit ton of money to help hurricane victims in Mexico.

  • Keano

    Oscar: Just make sure Canelo wins something.

  • meowmel

    Lomanchenko finally became a true champion this year

  • ozzy

    Don’t agree with most of these.

  • highlander

    wangek’s ko of chocalatito in their rematch was not first? at the time, the p4p being stretched out in the 4th should have been number one!

  • Ten Count Toronto

    There ought to be some special reward created for Austin Trout for that courageous effort against Hurd.

  • Twal

    what the fuck truax win over degale should be upset of the year

  • Blarsmackman

    Okay, how is Canelo on the shortlist for “Most Inspirational”? The guy inspires anger from me.

  • James Otis

    Another unbiased ” __ of the Year” list with absolutely no more consideration for GB fighters than any other fighters. No matter whose banner you fight under, always a fair shake with The Ring! .

  • Michael Doss

    Rozier should have trainer of the year no doubt.

  • Stephen Donatelli

    I can’t WAIT to see My Man – Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. fight Terence “Bud” Crawford if they STAY Undefeated. Both are Highly Skilled with Excellent Tool-Xes. Spence Jr. goes to the Body Hard & Crawford is a Master Craftsman in the Ring! – I’ve been down with Spence Jr. for 5 years now, and I think he’d outbox “Bud” in a Chess Match. “The Truth” by way of Unanimous Decision (117-112), respectfully!