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Terence Crawford’s trainer: Lomachenko ‘definitely not’ pound-for-pound No. 1

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A shift occurred last Saturday night at the Madison Square Theater when Vasyl Lomachenko soul-snatched Guillermo Rigondeaux and had the Cuban pulling one of the most talked-about “No Mas”es of the last 5-10 years.

The sound of Rigo saying he wanted nothing more to do with the Ukrainian dazzler with the dancer feet and all-around ability to get ludicrous angles on even well-seasoned sorts like him was then followed by hardcore fans proclaiming Loma the pound-for-pound best.

The chorus wasn’t an around-the-(fight)-world deal. Some fight-watchers, as well as THE RING, still like Gennady Golovkin as the P4P bossman after his draw against redhead craftsman Canelo Alvarez in September and the subsequent retirement of Andre Ward.

Still others are sticking with Terence Crawford as P4P top of the heap; the latest BWAA poll, tabulated before the Ukrainian and the Cuban did their dance-off to prove whose (Olympic) gold held value the best, has “Bud” as boss.

I put it to Crawford’s coach, Brian McIntyre, like this: Was he so dazzled by Loma’s display of ring generalship Dec. 9 that he believes that “NoMasChenko”’ deserves to be called pound for pound No. 1 over Crawford?

“He is definitely not number one,” McIntyre told me.

Why not?

“Beating a fighter that’s moving up two weight classes don’t make him number one, especially if that fighter has never fought in that weight class before,” the trainer said.

He did allow that he has the 10-1 Ukrainian No. 2 pound-for-pound and he likes Gennady Golovkin No. 3.

And while I had the tutor on the line, I asked his thoughts on Bud vs. WBO 147 champ Jeff Horn. Easy work? Tough out?

Mac and me discussed some of the solid traits Horn displayed in his win over Corcoran: strength, stamina, toughness.

“We know he’s going to come to fight and defend his title,” the trainer told me. “I think Bud can knock him out, but we won’t know until we get in there with Horn.”

Your take, readers? Did Loma leapfrog Bud? Or is Mac’s reasoning too sound to shoot down? And will Horn out-perform expectations and be able to give Crawford a rude welcome to welter? WEIGH IN!

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  • mescalerowarrior

    Crawford’s trainer is right on the money. So is Freddie Roach when he say’s a real fighter doesn’t quit. Lomachenko still has much to prove. If he moves up in weight and starts fighting more quality opponents with juevos then we’ll find out where he stands. Crawford is #1 pound for pound, in my opinion.

    • Jamil Salvo

      i guessed you are pure bud’s fan. =) are you blind? did you see how loma moves compare to bud?

      • Haimat Mustafa

        Loma’s been fighting the best opposition first 12 fights in his career ever, undisputedly so.
        Salido in his 2nd fight. Then schooling undefeated Russell. Playing cat and mouse with and finishing the best possible opposition available. The level of boxing lately is on another level, even than Bud.

      • ceylon mooney

        hard for me to tell whos better–loma has only been i two competitive fights–GRjr & salido, but he was frickin good! took on a real rough SOB for his second pro fight. salido is an insane pic for your second pro fight.

  • Gian Torres

    Lomachenko, move up 2 divisions and fight Mikey Garcia the way you asked Rigo to do vs you. LET’S GO CHAMP!

    • Jorge

      Hopefully Loma doesn’t call it a day after a bruise on his hand.

      • Floridastorm

        I think you mean Rigo.

    • JJ Sowrheaver

      Loma never wanted to fight Rigo. Now you know why.
      Loma also called out Mikey after this fight. He wants Garcia or Linares next.

    • Kudos

      Rigo demanded that fight as did a lot of the black lives matter types.

  • Ерлан Табылдиев

    Oh, you just have asked the most objective person in this dispute…

  • Haimat Mustafa

    Lomachenko could still fight at 126. Not many will fight him below 130 so he’ll move up to 135 and eventually to 140. He’s beating guys like we haven’t seen before. The level of opposition and results early in his career is unmatched in the history of boxing. His style of fighting will inspire many future fighters.

    Bud is a top 3 or top 5 p4p. Great skills! Not as advanced nor as versatile as Lomachenko. Bud is always the bigger stronger guy. He gets hit a lot more than Loma. Imagine Bud challenging 154 and 160 fighters?

    Lomachenko should be ranked above Bud on every P4P list.

  • Spider Rico

    McIntyre’s absolutely correct, Rigo was just too small, that was a no-brainer if one knows their boxing. Bud, GGG, Loma are all excellent fighters and the p4p#1 spot is there for the taking.

    • JJ Sowrheaver

      There is no clear pound for pound right now. Golovkin, loma, and Crawford are interchangeable.

      • Apolloelite888

        Look how quick a fighter can fall, Chocalito would have been in everyone’s lists, now no one considers him yet his victor isn’t on anyone’s list either!! Boxing is a funny old game

  • John Grady

    Dominating a fellow top 10 P4Per is an enormous boost to one’s resume, even when factoring in the size advantage… but we must factor that in when assessing the significance of that win.

    • Apolloelite888

      Correct – you do have to consider the size difference. However the victory was not achieved through power or bullying, it was boxing skill. I never thought I would see Rigo get out boxed. When we look back in years we will appreciate just what Loma did. Who makes Rigo look like he can’t box !!!!

      • John Grady

        Great points… but being so much bigger likely contributed to the relative ease of his effectiveness. Percentage wise, a few pounds make a huge difference at those weight categories. That all said, I don’t think anyone would suggest that his victory, and his dominance, was anything less than incredible.

  • Slava

    Not only Lomachenko is #1 P4P, but it looks like he’s the best in history. Revolutionary. Don’t forget WHO he beat on December 9. Rigondeaux was called by Roach the best defensive fighter he has ever seen. Many called him the most gifted boxer in history. After realizing that remind yourself HOW EASELY Loma beat him.

    • Apolloelite888

      Agreed, I knew Loma was good – there’s no debate. But to deal with someone as good as Rigo in that fashion, well that must have been a surprise to any REAL boxing fan. Still a fan of Rigo, he’s a boxing wizard which proves Loma’s status.

  • learnmore

    GGG is P4P above Crawford & Lomachenko for me, GGG resume has improved over the years his best results are recent in the last 2 years. Murray, Lemieux, Brook, Jacobs, Canelo (draw)*

    *GGG beat Canelo 116-112

    Lomachenko best result is still Russell jr in 2014, I dont even know who to pick has his 2nd best result Rocky Martinez or Sosa or featherweight Marriaga because it sure aint inactive featherweight Walters, inactive ageing super bantamweight who is really a bantamweight Rigondeaux.

    What is Crawford best result, the #2 140lb fighters he fought in Postol & Indongo who we will see how good they’re when their face the up & coming fighters like Progais who I think Postol is mandated to fight. Or is it still a win over super featherweight Gamboa, it definitely not Lundy, Jean, Dulorme, so it must be Burns, Beltran or Diaz.

    GGG is P4P #1 until Lomachenko & Crawford recent resume starts to get better.

    • Floridastorm

      And Gamboa went 10 rounds with Crawford and hit him with a lot of flush shots. I guess Crawford has a steel chin. Lomachenko would exploit Crawford’s porous defense all night, IMO.

    • Kudos

      Walters was a very good win, active or inactive it wouldn’t have mattered.

    • Apolloelite888

      Intelligent assessment. I think if Loma and Crawford were to fight we would see a true P4P #1. Bear in mind the number of pro fights Loma has had. Would GGG have been mentioned as a P4P #1 at the same stage of his career? There are no correct or incorrect answers here just difference of intelligent applied opinion. I see Crawford as P4P #1 for calibre if opponent and manner in which they have been dispatched.

      • learnmore

        Different stories, GGG signed with Universum from the amateurs & Lomachenko went into the WSB from the amateurs had 6 semi-pro fights before officially turning pro with Top Rank. GGG being held back with Universum because they had Sturm & Zbik in the stable who GGG wanted to fight. GGG had to end his contract & go through a dispute with Universum & do a DIY to enable him to get a shot at the world title fighting all over the world until K2 came on board in 2012. Lomachenko signs a Pro contract with Top Rank & gets fast tracked. GGG has had it harder to get where he is, but thats just life. Probably why I like GGG that the fact he has had struggles to get to the top & aint had it easy, We all have different views & opinions on the P4P debate and I’m going to stick with my choice.

  • John Harrison

    The fights are FIXED and they act like we are dummies and cant see that!!! LOMO is a JOKE he would get KILLED in a REAL FIGHT!!!!!

    • Stephen M

      You are a dummy.

    • Apolloelite888

      So what would a “real fight” look like? Would you get in the ring with Rigo? They are all warriors, no need to disrespect.

  • ozzy

    So Loma beat Rigo because of the size difference, even though there appeared to be very little between them when stood side by side. Whereas Salido’s win over Loma is bona fide even though Salido deliberately came in at the weight above & the difference in weight increased even further over the next 24 hours to be at least 7lbs heavier than Loma come fight time. It doesn’t seem to matter what the various details of the situation are, Loma just doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break when it comes to the critics.

    If you can’t see that Loma beat Rigo because he was a level above him in terms of boxing skills then maybe you should find a different sport to watch. Why anyone would ask Crawford’s trainer about whether Loma is p4p #1 is beyond me, when he’s one of the most biased guys on the subject and the answer you’re going to get is obvious.

    Pound for pound lists are not objective and so reasons for fans’ opinions on this are many and often just as valid as each other. I feel that the longer the likes of The Ring keeps him off the p4p #1 spot the more we will see from Loma, as he’ll continue wanting to prove himself against tougher & tougher opposition. I say this even though I feel that he’s now shown as much as anyone else, including Crawford & GGG, when it comes to who should be top of the p4p list. IMHO Loma fans should forget about these pointless p4p arguments and just enjoy this special fighter while they can, there certainly won’t ever be another fighter like him.

    • Apolloelite888

      You are correct in that Loma beat Rigo because he was simply superior. However if your argument that size wasn’t a factor were to be proven to be true Loma should fight Crawford. Weight difference is no more than Rigo conceded. I can’t see Loma (or any other fighter for that matter) beating Crawford. Either way, another dream fight that we are lucky enough to be genuinely highly likely to witness. Boxing is in a golden era right now 🥊

  • Dee Money

    The problem with looking at strictly at a fighter’s resume, is that by the time many fighters are able to grow their resume to be respectable in regards to P4P they are no longer at their P4P best. If you want to base P4P primarily on resume then it would be best to look solely at recent resumes, as that would be more relevant to the discussion. Although even that can’t account for fighters who are being ducked, in a relatively poor weight class, etc.

    • Apolloelite888

      You are 100% correct. Your assessment would still rank Crawford as #1 P4P

  • Apolloelite888

    Bud is clearly P4P #1, just look at his record and the manner in which he has dispatched top level opponents. Bud vs Horn, are you kidding me! Mismatch written all over it. An old Pacquiao is not comparable to a prime Crawford. Easy, easy work for Crawford. Taken the torch from Mayweather.