Tuesday, March 20, 2018  |


Fight Facts podcast, ep. 8


Photo by Emily Harney

Sweet science pundits Joe Santoliquito, aka “Philly Joe,” and Michael Woods, aka “Brooklyn Mike,” dig up fresh news and dish spicy opinion on all facets of the fight game in this fast-moving boxing podcast. Yes, expect Philly-style decorum and Brooklyn-type diplomacy while they rap about the big bouts and famed fighters.

This week, a Krushing report card on the return Sergey Kovalev (you’ll have to listen to find out if that’s a compliment or not) and a survey of the current landscape at 175. Plus, the end is near; we’ve got a look ahead to the farewell fight of a classy future Hall of Famer by the name of Miguel Cotto.

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  • Joey Junger

    The consensus even among cynics was that if Kovalev beat Shabransky in roughly six rounds, we could assume he was back. Or at least, this was the way they were talking until Kovalev did in fact hurdle that bar. Interestingly enough, going back a little ways I think it was Ward and not Kovalev who really suffered a robbery in their first fight, since, if Kovalev had won the first fight (as he should have) and Ward won the rematch (which he no doubt would have, even without the low blows) it would have created a bit of a hue and cry for a rubber match. You need a foil to be great, and yes, you need a narrative to really be remembered. Ward had a lot of skill, but he was kind of an invisible man, a la, Ezzard Charles or Floyd Patterson.