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Danny Jacobs pounds reluctant Luis Arias to unanimous decision win

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LONG ISLAND, New York – When the promotion kicked off for the November 18 HBO card headlined by Danny Jacobs and Luis Arias, Arias dared Jacobs to fight him toe-to-toe and not run away. not run when the bell rings.

For twelve rounds it was Arias who was trying to keep away from the sharper, stronger Jacobs, making it to the bell largely because he had employed a negative strategy of backpedaling and holding to limit the damage he absorbed.

There was no drama as the cards were tabulated, with Jacobs (33-2, 29 knockouts) winning on all three scorecards – 118-109, 120-107, 119-108 – at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island in his first fight since his competitive loss to Gennady Golovkin in March.

Arias (18-1, 9 KOs) was stunned in the first round by a quick counter right hand from Jacobs and took few chances from that point. Jacobs did much of his good work to the body but was not able to string too many shots together in what was essentially a bad sparring session.

Jacobs, 30, scored the fight’s lone knockdown in the eleventh, a questionable call on a left hook which glanced off the top of Arias’ head and caused him to put a glove on the canvas.

Much respect to Luis Arias and his team but I did go out there and prove the point that I wanted to prove, which is that there’s levels to this game,” Jacobs of Brooklyn said afterwards.

I really felt that when I hurt him in the first round, that was kind of a gift and a curse. Honestly, I wanted to go for the knockout, not just because I knew I could hurt him but because of all of the stuff that he was talking.”

It was Jacobs’ first fight since signing with British promoter Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing, which was promoting its first fight card in the United States. Hearn said Jacobs’ next fight would be in April in Brooklyn, but did not settle on a single name or scenario.

“In an ideal world, he’d fight Golovkin next. If that was available and the [Canelo Alvarez] rematch didn’t happen, maybe we’d do that. If not, we’d like to fight the winner of [Billy Joe] Saunders and [David] Lemieux. If we can’t do that, maybe fight [Jermall] Charlo. If we can’t do that, maybe we’d fight someone else,” says Hearn, who emphasized that Jacobs wouldn’t be just waiting around for a call from one of the top middleweights.

“This is about building Danny Jacobs into a position where the fight is unavoidable for the likes of Canelo and Golovkin. We’re not sitting out here saying ‘Hopefully we get a shot against these guys.’ No disrespect to Lemieux or Saunders; I see Danny Jacobs on a whole new level to these guys.”

Arias, who is promoted by Roc Nation, said he couldn’t “get off” and complained of leg pain from early in the fight, adding that he couldn’t deal with Jacobs’ size.

“Jacobs fought the smart fight, he controlled his distance good, used his size very well, he was quick, he was strong and he was fast,” said Arias, 27, of Milwaukee.

“He was a lot smarter than I thought. Usually Jacobs gets careless; part of me wanting to talk it up was to make him get careless.”

Arias’ trainer John David Jackson took it a step further, saying “it wasn’t a fair fight” due to Jacobs’ size.

“Danny weighed 159.6 yesterday, but he wouldn’t step on the scale today. Why? Because if you look at him he was about a cruiserweight,” said Jackson. 

“He won the fight but guess what? He had an unfair advantage. He was bigger, and he used it to his advantage so he won the fight. I can’t take that from him but I will take that fact you weren’t even a super middleweight, you weren’t even a light heavyweight. You were a cruiserweight.”

Jacobs brushed off any notion about unfair advantages.

I make middleweight and I’m probably the biggest middleweight because I skip leg day. My legs are so skinny at the bottom and I’m big up top,” said Jacobs.


  • Gian Torres

    Boring as hell so I only watched the fights on the other channel and didn’t switch back between rounds to see how the fight was evolving. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz…………….

    • Dee Money

      Beterbiev fight wasnt any better. It was the night of non-combative opponents.

      • Harry

        At least Beterbiev stopped his opponent in 12th and said after the fight that it was his plan to go almost the entire distance to check his stamina and to shake off his ring rust that was apparent in the beginning. He threw 1,111 punches during less than 12 rounds. Isn’t that impressive? True, most of the fight was boring, but round 12 was definitely not, and hopefully, Beterbiev will start his next fight in the style he showed in round 12.

        • Dee Money

          Yeah they were still pretty much equal: one very good fighter vs one fighter who wanted to do nothing but just make it through.

          The most fighting that went on during either fight was Teddy Atlas yelling and trying to fight with the other announcers who tried to talk and didn’t agree with his exact wording on every opinion. I eventually had to mute it.

          • Harry

            I always watch fights mute, since comments actually distract from the action in the ring.

          • Dee Money

            I hear ya, but I like hearing the sound of the action in the ring a lot too.

  • Charlie U.

    Not a great start for Eddie Hearn in the U.S. He chose the wrong venue for the fight and it showed. I’m from Long Island and it was obvious that it wouldn’t sell. The main event was boring and the crowd that was there seemed half asleep. Conor Benn looked great with that fantastic KO liver shot he landed. But that happened on the untelevised portion of the HBO show. Jacobs looked good and I’m a fan. But Eddie learned that it’s not as easy for a world class fighter to draw people in America as it is in England.

    • learnmore

      Nearly 6k+ in attendance is not that bad, some other promotional company cant even get 5k at their events. I would be happy if I put this into perspective,1st show in USA, I see some people shouting that Loma vs Rigo have sold out, yes they’ve sold out the 5k seater Madison Square Gardens Theatre not the 20k + big room. I dont think Hearn will be doing an event at this venue again, even though I reckon he would be surprise that it was 6k+. in attendance. He expected less. I think with some of these fighters inactivity is a bi**h

      • Charlie U.

        Could very well have papered some of the house. I checked stub hub a few days and there seats for under $20 and there were 2 floor seats for $100.

        • learnmore

          They probably did comp about 1 or 2k but saying that I heard a ticket expert say Hearn was not using the whole venue it was size down. And the ticket expert also said that it was a bad choice of venue. I’m guessing that the Barclays would of been better or with these type of numbers MSG theatre would of been perfect.


            They failed to comp me! Now I’m insulted.

  • Michel Desgrottes

    Eddie Hearn did not do anything to raise the profile of Danny, and maybe he can’t, maybe US boxing cant become like England, until the system in place changes, right now it’s too fragmented for American casual fans

  • PrinceGian

    I’d love to know what Jacobs does between the weigh-in and fight night to bulk up like he does, he looked massive compared to Arias. Given his skills and strength, I would pick Jacobs to beat any middleweight in the world right now. GGG would be his toughest fight, but I don’t think that Alvarez or Saunders would pose any real problem.

    • Dee Money

      I love Jacobs as a fighter, and he seems to be a very good man; but he is one of the primary examples of why we need rehydration limits.
      The equalized variable for boxing is and should be weight (save for heavyweights); heck thats why we have weight classes.

      • philoe bedoe

        Jacobs will always be an hard fight for anyone at 160 because of his size, along with his talent.
        He’s so much bigger than his 160 opponents when he steps in the ring.
        But you’ve got to give him credit for staying in the gym ensuring heaked weight……….

    • Harry

      How about Charlo and Derevyanchenko? These guys might crack Danny’s glass jaw.

      • PrinceGian

        I need to see a bit more of Charlo at Middleweight to make a judgement call and Derevyanchenko, who I like as a fighter, needs a bit more experience before he can fight Jacobs. Maybe in a year or two it would be a good match up

  • MontyCircus

    Arias’ holding game is on point! Truly world class clinching at its finest.

    At one point, in the 12th round, Arias lunged in for a clinch, but Jacobs had moved away, so Luis just stumbled off grabbing air.

  • Nixtradamus

    Arias is just another journeyman with a fake record. HBO specializes in selling this crap to gullible fans. If Danny Jacobs really wants to become a star, he should begin by demanding his promoters get him fights against legitimate opponents.