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Bernard Hopkins gives his take on Canelo-Golovkin

Photo credit: Tom Hogan/Hogan Photos/Golden Boy Promotions


Many observers had different scorecards on the recent Canelo Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin THE RING Magazine middleweight championship battle. Some liked Canelo; some sided with Golovkin. It was the kind of fight that was decidedly subjective: Did you prefer Golovkin’s volume or Canelo’s greater accuracy? It was a good fight and the draw keeps things well poised ahead of a return next May.

The longest reigning middleweight champion in history, Bernard Hopkins, a partner at Golden Boy Promotions, which promotes Canelo, believes his fighter did enough to edge the tight battle.

“I scored the fight 7-5 Canelo,” Hopkins told “I scored the first three for Canelo, then some even rounds in four and five> Between six, seven and eight, I give it to ‘Triple G’ and past the eighth round, there were some pockets where they both exchanged and you’re not sure who to give it to.

“I know one thing, that the fight could have gone either way and I wouldn’t be saying Canelo got robbed because there were some tough rounds in there.”

Hopkins feels his charge has more room to grow as a fighter from this performance.

“If I was to rate Canelo on that fight, I’d give him a 7 out of 10,” he said. “Based on ring generalship, a lot of people called it running; also he has a chin that a lot of people don’t give him credit for, so does Triple G. I think Triple G took more punches than he has in any fight up to now.”

Heading into the fight many people believed it was simply Golovkin’s time. “It was like a wave,” Hopkins explained. “Early on, it was Canelo, boxing beautiful but we knew there was going to be a point in the fight when Triple G would get his bearings.

“(Golovkin’s) not a good guy at cutting off the ring but he’s banking on Canelo getting tired and he was right and then Canelo showed me something: Some young fighters bail out. He continued to push himself down with a quarter tank of gas, going from L.A to Phoenix. You’ve got a quarter tank of gas and you’re trying to get from L.A to Phoenix? (Laughs)

“I’m already preparing in the ninth round, even though Canelo is still running through the landmines with mines of dynamite hidden in the ground and I said, ‘Wait a minute. He can take Triple G’s punch better than Triple G was taking Canelo’s.’ An uppercut and Triple G was staggered in the eighth or ninth round.

“When Canelo gets his cardio right, he was in shape. I’m taking about filling that gas tank to take this road trip from L.A to Phoenix on a full tank now. I saw a guy who got tired in the sixth and seventh and he went 12 and won rounds out of those 12. Now we’re going back to the drawing board. He just needed a gas tank. If he finished the way he started the first three rounds, it would be an easy fight.”

With that in mind, Hopkins believes both fighters will meet in a direct rematch on Cinco de Mayo next year.

“Yes,” he said. “I don’t want Triple G to take another fight and get beat. He’s ready. The reason we got this fight is because I told (Golden Boy President) Eric Gomez and Eric Gomez repeated it to (ESPN’s) Stephen A. Smith, ‘He’s ready,’ I said. ‘What do you mean, Bernard?’ Eric said. ‘Eric, we have to get him before someone gets him.’ Eric said, ‘Yeah?’ I said, ‘Yeah, we’ve got to get Triple G before someone else does. He’s ready now.'”

And next time, Hopkins sees a definitive winner.

“Canelo stops Triple G in a rematch,” he said confidently without pause. “Andre Ward-Sergey Kovalev II all over again. Shocks everybody because he has the fuel to do it. Only thing he has to do is fix his gas tank. When I say, ‘fix it,’ I mean fill it up.”




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  • wrecksracer

    Come on….BHop said Canelo was going to knock out GGG easy in the first fight, too. He’s such a corporate stooge these days.

  • chickenstock


  • Antinomy

    Of course he scored the fight for Canelo, he works for Canelo’s promoter, just like Adelaide Byrd!

  • ciobanu catalin

    Was bhop on crack? Thought he lived a clean life… You dont need to hype up this fight bhop, just need better judges

  • Dee Money

    I used to love listening to BHops take on fights afterwards because he really knows boxing. But now he has just become a shill for GBP; maybe he also is upset about his record falling. In either case he had his scorecard filled out before the fight.

  • ceylon mooney


  • ceylon mooney

    shameless bullshit

  • ceylon mooney

    byrds score was a punchline. the draw was a joke. rigged judging.

    barely anybody outside the business of boxing saw that score as anything other than a robbery.
    hell that was such an easy fight to score too.

    funniest shit was every boxing fan in the MMA world screamin emperors new clothes while the boxing biz and the folks responsible pretend that the fight could go either way.

    terrible article. not a very believable whitewash.

    i usually like wainwrights stuff.

    protect your credibility & delete this article

    • BobbyPFalcon

      Lots of folks had the fight close. Please don’t pretend otherwise.

      • ceylon mooney

        well…nuthin to pretend. if u were real impressed with alvarez, givin him 5 rounds is really generous.

        it could either way? bullshit.

        • BobbyPFalcon

          I had Golovkin winning – I just saw a close fight. So did many others.

      • Col Carter

        Canelo fans thought it was a close fight and breathed a sigh of relief and celebrated a draw. The boxing world knows it wasn’t close and GGG won. Very similar to the first Ward/Kovalev fight that Hopkins refers too. Ward fans thought it was close. The boxing world thought it was a clear Kovalev win.

        • BobbyPFalcon

          I thought Kovalev won the first fight and was rooting for Ward… Perhaps you shouldn’t attempt to speak for “the boxing world”. I was neutral for this fight, and I thought Golovkin edged Canelo. It was a close fight. That’s why a rematch is in the works.

          • ceylon mooney

            funny i was rooting for ward, also. still was
            second fight. i wasnt neutral–i favored
            golovkin, but i was so impressed with alvarez makin him miss so much it had me in alvarez favor more than i expected. golovkin straight up gave alvarez 2 of the firsf 3 rounds. no way a draw. close doesnt mean it could go either way, hell bo in this case.

          • Col Carter

            The only reason to have a rematch is because of the money. The Golovkin-Jacobs fight was closer than the Golovkin-Canelo fight and there was no rematch. It’s all about politics and promoters. Just ask the boxing world.

        • ceylon mooney

          yea, similar situation. rigged judging again. ward/kov 1 was a LOT closer than golovkin-alvarez. i saw a close
          fight but a ear
          win for kovalev. i mean, scoring EVERY close round in favor of one guy? wow. thats one hell of a bias. and hooker-perez decision was rigged too. ROC nation does treat
          its fighters good.

          the boxing world knows, fight fans know, but the boxing business is so full of shit.

  • Rick

    When will we get the janitor’s take on the Alvarez-Golovkin fight? And what about the bartender?

    Here’s a question: When discussing this fight, why does everyone refer to Alvarez by his first name or, if you prefer, his nickname, but GGG is always referred to by his surname? Seriously, am I the only one who’s noticed this?

    • Dee Money

      Because “Canelo” is more easily identifiable, there are a lots of Alvarez’s out there in the US, and even a couple famous ones. But for the life of me I can only think of one Canelo- part marketing, part easy way to identify.

      There may be lots of Golovkins, but there aint many around here. So we can refer to him by his last name and all know who we are talking about.

      • Teddy Reynoso

        Yeah right.

    • Teddy Reynoso

      You are imagining things, dude.

    • ceylon mooney

      dont think thats the case. i and maybe one or two other people on this board write golovkin in stead of
      ggg like everyone else. i say alvarez tho cuz im sick of hearin canelo.

      def would like to see more of
      him tho. just suck of the nickname. still think of that scary ass kirkland ko. man that was brutal. id also favor him in a lara rematch.

      how bout alvarez-charlo?

      • Rick

        “…still think of that scary ass kirkland ko…”

        I **loved** what Alvarez did to Kirkland. One of the few times I actually came up out of my chair watching a fight and yelling…my dogs looking at me like wtf??

        • ceylon mooney

          the KO was so exciting–heck, so was the rest of the fight.

          alvarez knows how to administer an ass beating and a one punch ko.

          and he did to it golovkin, too, but golovkin walked right thru it and came forward. holy shit you seen this clip?

          the title is a bit sensational, but the clip is KILLER

          freakin terminator

  • Emeka Nnaji Jr.

    I agree that Canelo with a better tank would be some trouble for GGG, but idk about stopping him. GGG has one monstrous chin. I’m not saying Canelo is a huge puncher, but he literally took incredible shots without fliching. The body could work, but consistently going to the body is easier said than done. I get the sense Hopkins feels GGG ripe for the taking.

    • ceylon mooney

      sensationalist title but great clip. that shot from alvarez shoulda taken his head off.

      • John Grady

        Great video, thank you for sharing… I’m not sure CA could have landed a more flush punch – and no substantive reaction from GGG. I’d like to get another angle, but wow, that sure looked like it connected full on.

        • ceylon mooney

          i didnt notice the punch was all THAT first time i saw the fight. holy crap. terminator is an infiltration unit.

  • JGault

    For Goodness sakes why don’t you interview Canelo’s Mom next. How embarrassing for RingTV.

  • chickenstock

    ‘when canelo gets his cardio right’. He is in his prime. If it’s not right now… When can it be? It’s a mystery to me why he gets so tired after throwing combos. Eubank Jr does hill running and he can throw twenty punches and not empty out. No coincidence.

  • David Telfer

    Oh surprise, a Golden Boy employee bigging up Golden Boy’s cash cow. Interesting that they admit they wanted to wait till GGG seemed older.

    Also don’t know what fight he was watching where GGG was shook/stumbling?

  • Teddy Reynoso

    You are on record, guys. I can’t wait for the next Cinco De Mayo.

    • ceylon mooney

      yo man how u see the rematch goin? howd u score the fight?

      • Teddy Reynoso

        Am not into predicting possible results of fights. And I am all for giving people like BHop his fair take on any fight including his own when he was still fighting. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion after all.

  • A.V. Julian

    Right. And I suppose Joe Smith PUSHED you out of the ring too, Mr. Hopkins? Enough said.

    • ceylon mooney

      i really thought hopkins would outbox him. damn smith outboxed hopkins. man that was impressive.

  • william ellis

    I scored it 7-5 GGG, but I can see a draw. I found four rounds to be real head-scratchers. I did have 5 clear rounds for GGG and three for Canelo. Hopkins score is not unreasonable.

    • PresnyaRulit

      The problem is that Canelo had advantage in the first half of almost every round, but the second half of most rounds was taken by GGG.

    • ceylon mooney

      cant go with that. 114-114 is ridiculous. they dont even sound like they believe it themselves.

  • Twal

    seriously BHOP?
    you are almost as worse as Adalaide Byrd

  • BobbyPFalcon

    Hopkins is right. Canelo gets the KO in the rematch.

  • PresnyaRulit

    Isn’t that a shame that a 27-year-old stud had no gas in his tank while 35-year-old veteran had it full?

  • John Grady

    I’m not sure how objective Mr. Hopkins is with his assessment, but I agree that CA likely will put forth a better performance in the rematch. He will be even more in his traditional prime years while GGG will be further outside of his… the only mitigating factor would be GGG employing a strategy to attack the body, something he could improve upon from the first fight.

    • ceylon mooney

      dunno…i think in the rematch golovkin wont wait 3 rounds to wake up.

      but i was totally
      wron about gonzales-rungvisai 2. as tough as rungvisai was in that corst fight, i thought wed have mini pacquiao – margarito.

      • John Grady

        Sports are almost always hard to predict, certainly… but I hope that we get the chance to see a rematch next year. I think it will be more competitive.

  • Col Carter

    No surprises here. He’s in GBPs back pocket.

  • Wilfredo Vega

    I scored the bout the same as Bernard 7-5 or 115-113 for Canelo vs GGG on Sept.16. My pick to win next year (May 5) rematch is Canelo by a hard fought un.decision over GGG.

  • stevo

    Hopkins lying about what his own eyes saw selling out on boxing for money.