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Juan Francisco Estrada defeats Carlos Cuadras by a unanimous decision


CARSON, Calif. – Juan Francisco Estrada earned the right to fight the winner of the Wisaksil Wangek-Roman Gonzalez fight.

Estrada took control of an entertaining WBC junior bantamweight title eliminator against Carlos Cuadras and dominated the second half of the fight, winning a unanimous decision on the Wangek-Gonzalez card at StubHub Center.

All three scores were the same: 114-113.

Ring announcer Michael Buffer originally announced Cuadras as the winner, sparking a celebration in his corner, but Buffer quickly said a mistake had been made and declared Estrada the winner.

Cuadras (36-2-1, 27 knockouts) got off to a good start, moving in and out, winging punches and proving to be elusive. But Estrada (36-2, 25 KOs), the better technician, gradually adjusted to Cuadras’ style and landed more and more punches – many of them hard shots – as the fight progressed.

By the sixth round, Estrada was in charge, methodically stalking Cuadras and winning most exchanges.

Estrada put Cuadras down in the 10th round with a straight right. That turned out to be the difference in the fight, as it would’ve been a draw without the knockdown.

“He surprised me with his fast hands,” Estrada said, “but once I figured him out, I started beating him. I probably won the last seven rounds. I was very surprised to hear the (original) decision. I thought, ‘I’ve been robbed.’ I was happy when it was overturned.”

Cuadras insisted the overturned verdict was the correct one.

“I won the fight, I landed the harder punches,” he said. “No way he beat me. The knockdown was a slip, I was never hurt. I want an immediate rematch.”

Estrada, the two-time flyweight titleholder who lost a decision to Gonzalez in 2012, is now in position to fight the Wangek-Gonzalez winner. Wangek, also known as Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, upset Gonzalez in March.



    ¡Jesús! You would think that such an experienced annoucer like M-Buff wouldn’t make such a rookie mistake.

    • Frank-dogg

      Dude! The stubhub went nuts when buffer announce the winner. Glad he was wrong.

    • ceylon mooney

      that was odd

    • Chris Stans

      Buffer and Gonzales are now washed

    • Julio

      It happens to the best of them.

    • Abraham E. Hernández

      Reminded me of the Miss Universe incident LOL.

  • Lion king

    The winner was Carlos Estrada and then Naoya Inoe the wbc champ.
    The Nevada boxing com must drug test Buff

  • Charlie U.

    Way to go, Buffer! Cuadras wasn’t even upset about it. It was the right call.

  • Royal Flashy

    I thought Estrada was in control -losing, at best, 4 rounds.

    • Mark Schoeman

      It was one of those fights that I really didn’t know what the HBO crew was watching….although the entire night seemed one where they were picking winners/narratives before each fight…I thought Estrada was the clear winner

      • Royal Flashy

        I watched UK broadcast and they had Estrada way ahead and they couldn’t understand the HBO judging.

        • Wade Wilson

          I can’t understand HBO at all since Larry Merchant retired. Jim Lampley has proven to be an idiot (how many times have you heard him say a fighter is trying to make it a 9-9 round after suffering a knockdown) and I’m not exactly fond of Max Kellerman. I’ve disagreed with Harold Lederman plenty of times in the past but he always had an idea of what he was talking about before. I think Larry was a controlling force in the commentary and, like him or not, he has always really known his stuff.

          • joe blanco

            And what was it with Lampley calling Kellerman a boxing historian? He is no boxing historian. He has never written a book much less an article on boxing. Merchant is a boxing historian, Bert Sugar was a boxing historian. Max is a radio, tv personality that likes boxing, that is it.

    • Wade Wilson

      Yeah, those winging shots Kellerman said get attention don’t have as much power due to the fact that they’re arm punches and Estrada was countering well pretty early on. Cuadras was also leaving himself vulnerable to the left which HBO never seemed to catch on to.

  • Stephen M

    Best fight of the night.

  • denver

    Rungvisai vs Estrada will good but since Cuadras already beat Rungvisai, I think Estrada beat him also.