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Floyd Mayweather Jr. predicts knockout of Conor McGregor

Photo by Rosie Cohe / Showtime


Floyd Mayweather Jr. hasn’t stopped anyone in six years. And if you disregard his controversial knockout of Victor Ortiz, it has been nearly a decade.

Still, Mayweather has no plans to see his showdown with Conor McGregor on August 26 end up in the hands of the judges. In fact, if McGregor makes it to the final bell – no matter how dominating Mayweather is – the 40-year-old would count that as failure.

“It is a victory for him,” said Mayweather, whose opponent also has predicted a knockout. “If he goes the distance, it is a victory for him and in my eyes also.

“… He believes that it’s not going past four rounds and I believe that it’s not going the distance at all.”

Mayweather typically seeks to outpoint his opponents with as little risk as possible, which has led some fans to criticize his fights or even suggest he’s boring. Perhaps Mayweather believes that the risk in putting McGregor away will be minimal considering that this will be the UFC lightweight champion’s first boxing match.

Plus, with viewers in mind, Mayweather said what he calls “an event” simply shouldn’t go to the judges’ scorecards.

“We both owe the fans excitement,” he said.

Lighter gloves might help. Mayweather has lobbied for 8-ounce gloves, as opposed to the regulation 10-ounce gloves used in junior middleweight fights. Some see lighter gloves as an advantage for McGregor – who is used to fighting in 4-ounce gloves in the UFC – but Mayweather is more than willing to go that direction.

“I said in my post on social media that I want to give him any advantage that he can have,” Mayweather said. “For years and years there have been excuses from other fighters. I don’t want him to have any.”

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe believes the 40-year-old is serious about scoring a knockout.

“Both guys are looking to knock each other out,” Ellerbe said. “I believe Conor McGregor when he says that he’s looking to knock Floyd out in the first four rounds. He hasn’t shown me anything to make me think differently. Floyd usually just goes and does his thing, but with some things that have happened recently, I think Floyd really wants to get him out of there.”

We’ll see whether Mayweather is truly interested in scoring a knockout or simply looking to secure more ticket sales by promising action that he isn’t truly interested in delivering.

  • bradman

    Mmmmkay. He promised a knockout of Pacquiao too…

    • Alexander Ryu

      pac was an actual boxer…not to mention, one of the best boxers.

  • Jorge

    Never heard this before

    • Stephen M

      Conor has already done what no other boxer has managed to do: I’m rooting for Floyd.

  • Reggie Woodard

    Even he does KO this sub-amateur from another sport, it’s not impressive. An early rds KO isn’t impressive either. Free tickets to this farce would be impressive.

    • Expatriot American in Europe

      Crawford vs Indongo is impressive, GGG vs Canelo is very impressive. Let’s get this stupid circus fight over with already.

      • Reggie Woodard

        Agreed and agreed…

  • left hook

    I don’t know which is worse..Mayweather predicting a KO or people criticising him for not knocking out opponents. The guy is not a knock out artist. He doesn’t have natural power like Maidana or Lucas for example.
    Hardcore boxing fans shouldn’t take this fight serious, just watch for the fun of it. Nobody will turn down 1million for a ass whopping not to talk of 100mil.

  • Colin Mc Flurry.

    People always say Mayweather can’t punch? ( he’s obviously no Tommy Hearns ) he’s gone the distance 10 times out of his last 12 fights, over a ten year span..

    Juan Marquez – never been stopped in 64 fights.

    Marcos Maidana ( boxed him twice ) never been stopped.

    Canelo – never been stopped in 51 fights.

    Shane Mosley – never stopped until he was 42 years old in his 57th fight.

    Oscar De la Hoya – never gets stopped, only when he was completely washed up against PAC, and out of his depth at middleweight against B-hop.

    Robert Guerrero – super tough fighter, stopped for the only time in his career last time out ( completely washed up )

    Miguel cotto – only stopped twice in a long stellar career, to the peak Manny pacquiao and hands of plaster – Margacheato.

    Manny pacquiao – only been stopped once in the last 18 years.

    Andre Berto – only been stopped twice, only once before the Mayweather fight.

    And the last two inside the distance wins he had.

    Victor Ortiz – only one stoppage defeat in 33 fights ( protect yourself at all times ) before the Mayweather fight.

    Ricky Hatton – unbeaten in 38 fights.

    He’s been fighting guys who are either very hard to stop, or don’t get stopped period!

    Stopping Mcgregor will be a piece of cake.

    Boy can’t Box.

    • left hook

      True talk. Conor has a punchers chance though.

      • ceylon mooney

        im sure
        floyds going to carry him. no way connor would agree to a real fight. itd be a KO1 or a humiliatin savage beatdown WAY beyond hatton or marquez.

        whatever their arrangement im sure connor get to look good.

      • Colin Mc Flurry.

        If Mayweather gives Conor a free shot – he has a punchers chance.

        • Harry

          True, he has a puncher’s chance but will hardly be able to land his power punch clean

          • Colin Mc Flurry.


      • Sean Kusel

        I’ll I will say it this,despite what everyone says I don’t believe McGregor even has amazing power (he as good power not above average). Only Aldo was out cold against him (and you could argue that he got caught cold) all the other high profile stoppages (e.g. Mendes, Alvarez) the guy would’ve made it up if given a 10 count (in other words he doesn’t sleep people). Also have to remembers those 4oz gloves on the chin are far more devastating than 10oz gloves.

        • left hook

          U do have a point.

    • David Stubbs

      Thank you

  • Stephen M

    I’m amazed that he is making this prediction.

  • cl_rand

    More hype to squeeze a few million more out of a gullible PPV audience. This fight will yawn its’ way to the final bell as it separates a few thousand more Mayweather’s feathers from their money.

  • Black Oracle

    I can see Floyd stopping this kid with a body shot due to fatigue. I just don’t see this kid understanding how much roadwork you need to put in to fight Floyd Mayweather. Floyd shows no sign of fatigue or wearing down at any point in a fight, so he is always going to be fresh from round to round. The butterflies before the fight even begins will probably drain Connor out of 2 rounds.

    • Sean Kusel

      Conor looked gassed during that media workout as well. Got sloppy working the heavy bag after about 4 rounds. Not a good sign.


    Floyd will knock Conor out! Floyd will ask if Conor wants a hug and then…BAM!!!

  • BobbyPFalcon

    Watch Mayweather-Hatton for a good preview of what’s going to happen to McGregor. McGregor will be walked right into the shot that takes him out.

  • jebib

    Mayweather is just different. I can’t see any other boxer generating this kind of buzz for this kind of “contest”. All the professional boxers may criticize him but I also believe they would all love to switch places. And as far as how this fight will go will be entirely in Mayweathers hands. Barring that one in a million chance he will write just how bloody and brutal the script will be.

  • Raymond Strang

    In all honesty, who cares… The multiple world champion boxer V a guy who does combat sports who has a little bit boxing experience. let me think on this for a minute… Yawn.

  • Young Winter

    Floyd will enter the ring and draw a circle in a random spot. Next Floyd make sure the unconscious body of McConnor falls into that circle.

  • Big Chris

    If he tries to go toe to toe with Conor and exchange with him, I can honestly see Mayweather getting KO’d. Many people overlook a very significant factor here: one is 29 and the other 40 (let alone how he hasn’t fought in over 2 years). People act like Roger Federer competes against Michael Phelps in swimming. Sorry, but last time I checked, MMA and Boxing are not so vastly different. At the end of the day, both include fighting and Conor is a very good boxer by MMA standards. I am really curious to see if Mayweather truly has the balls to go toe to toe with McGregor…That will be very interesting, especially after seeing Conor toying with a 2-time world champion in sparring (Mallignagi that is).

    • Markus Roland

      Mayweather has gone “toe to toe” with some of the best boxers, they still can’t hit him, his shoulder roll is sublime.

    • iamhungry

      >People act like Roger Federer competes against Michael Phelps in swimming.

      You’re right. The better comparison is a top 3 in the world decathlete vs the world champion 100m sprinter and they’re racing in a 100m race.

      >especially after seeing Conor toying with a 2-time world champion in sparring

      20 seconds out of 60 minutes of sparring against a retired and out of shape former champion.

  • IanF69

    It seems to me the closer this fight gets the more interested the boxing fraternity become….is there an upset on the cards?…..Here in ROI everyone thinks McGregor will KO Floyd…I doubt it but it’s shaping up for an intriguing battle.

    • iamhungry

      >It seems to me the closer this fight gets the more interested the boxing fraternity has become

      That is literally how it always happens in any sport. Interest builds as it gets closer to the event.

  • RStech

    There’s going to be a lot of buyer’s remorse after this one. Some people never learn their lesson. I can already hear the boos from the restless crowd. Only Floyd can take a huge event and turn it into something dull and/or disappointing. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so. LMAO!


    Floyd wins by exhaustion. Conor will fade after 3 rounds of marathon. Too easy.

  • Expatriot American in Europe

    It will be a one-sided blow out ending with a sleeping leprechaun. The show is now folks. Enjoy it while it lasts. The fight will be joke and Conor will fail miserably. Hype won’t help, movement coaches won’t help, green cars and tattoos will also be of no assistance on Aug. 25. Even months of focused preparation will be to no avail when up against a boxing champion of unique caliber who has spent his whole life on boxing. He has 100 times the experience and that will melt the hype and unmask the faker Mc Gregor.