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Miguel Cotto-David Lemieux possible for Dec. 2 in New York


Miguel Cotto will return soon after almost two years out of the ring, but if all goes well, there are much bigger plans in store.

The future hall of famer meets Yoshihiro Kamegai for a vacant junior middleweight title on August 26. If Cotto emerges victorious as expected, and without any injuries, the plan is for the four-division titleholder to fight on December 2 on HBO in New York, a source told RingTV.com.

One possibility: a middleweight clash against feared puncher David Lemieux on HBO.

Cotto wrested THE RING’s 160-pound championship from Sergio Martinez via stoppage in 2014, and then defended it with a TKO of Daniel Geale. The following year, Canelo Alvarez defeated Cotto via decision, and the Puerto Rican hasn’t been seen since.

A fight against Lemieux would pit one of the biggest names in boxing against one of its biggest punchers.

The Canadian is coming off a knockout-of-the-year candidate victory over Curtis Stevens on HBO in March, and then topped Marcos Reyes on the undercard of Canelo-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Lemieux (38-3, 33 knockouts) would certainly bring support from Montreal, which is about 350 miles from New York. Of course, Cotto already is a massive draw in the Big Apple, with its large contingent of Puerto Rican inhabitants.

Cotto (40-5, 33 knockouts) has competed in title fights 11 times in New York, mostly at Madison Square Garden, but also at Yankee Stadium. Some of his biggest victories came there, like his victories over Zab Judah, Martinez, Antonio Margarito and Shane Mosley.

At 36, Cotto said 2017 would be his final year in boxing. That was before his scheduled February bout with James Kirkland was cancelled, and before he reunited with Golden Boy Promotions (which also handles Lemieux).

But if this is it for Cotto, a fight against Lemieux would be one helluva sendoff.


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  • Giuseppe

    two years out the ring! My life is moving at a pace im not comfortable with.

    Anyway, if Cotto faces and beats Lemieux…. wow.

  • Roberto Carlos Guerra

    Damn, that fight would be brutal. Win or lose Cotto will add a ton of extra mileage to the odometer after that one.

  • Dan James

    Me thinks Cotto wants to go out like Hopkins. Way to go Miguel! Lemiux gets a payday and a big name on his resume. Heck if David is not available, maybe Jacobs will gladly do him the honors.

  • PrinceGian

    Unless this fight takes at catchweight I would bet anything it doesn’t happen.

  • BobbyPFalcon

    I’ve been worried for Cotto’s health and safety before and this time is no different. Mad props to Cotto, but seriously – how much money could he possibly need at this point?

  • bradman

    I think Kamegai is being slept on in this fight…


    Oh boy Lemmy got this. Cotto aint GGG.

  • Chris Stans

    Balsey move on cotto’s part

  • Dee Money

    How is possible for Cotto (who is my age) to fight as often in 3 1/2 months as most current top tier fighters do in any given year?

    • Stephen M

      It’s because you are both young!

      • Dee Money

        Haha, thanks for that. As my son tells me, I’m not old, just old for sports.

  • Left Hook2

    I doubt it. Why fight a dangerous guy with no title on the line? Unless Golden Boy plans on Canelo winning, dumbing one or more belts, and making this bout for a vacant title?

  • cawaterguy

    Cotto ain’t fighting Lemieux. Lemiuex can barely make 160.

  • Ewan Leaper

    Lemieux is one of the more over-rated contenders but Cotto is still a mad old SOB for taking him on at this stage. I didn’t much like how he stiffed Golovkin but on the whole the guy has shown one of the biggest sets of balls in his era, hope he’s got enough left in the tank

  • Charlie U.

    Cotto has one foot out the door. I’d prefer to see Lemieux-Charlo. But if Charlo ends up fighting GGG, I guess Lemiuex-Cotto @ MSG ain’t too bad.

    • ceylon mooney

      me too. lemmy-charlo all the way, but this is a ballsy ass pick.

      but at 160? no catchweight? lemmy don’t comfortably make 160, and cotto likes catchweights.

      and cotto dropped kirkland to pursue lamont peterson…this is strange.

      • Charlie U.

        Agreed. I think they make it happen at 160. No way Lemmy goes under that. Probably the best payday Cotto can get at this point. Lemmy needs a big name skull on his resume. Kirkland is a nice win but far from a HOF’er. Cotto is 1st ballot.

        • ceylon mooney

          thats my first feelin NO WAY lemmy goes under 160, but…i dunno charlie…cotto needs a catchweight even if its 159 against martinez. i mean, look, for a lotta $$$ 159…its only another pound right? i do think lemmys skills are a bit primitive for cotto, and i do think alvarez is better than lemmy…its an exciting and risky match.

          i wanta see lemmy pound BJS. i really wanted cotto – marquez at 147.

          • Charlie U.

            Hahaha. Sorry. I typed that when I was a bit buzzed. Just read it back and I saw that I wasn’t making much sense. I meant to say Curtis Stevens, not Kirkland. And I think you’re right…I don’t think Cotto can do 160. He will probably demand that Lemmy come down and if the money is right, I think he’ll do it.

          • ceylon mooney

            id luv that. good fight. that victory could really cost him. cotto may get fucked up outboxing lemieux.

            im also havin thoughts of hopkins-joe smith at 158 lbs … hmn …

  • ceylon mooney

    i read about this on another forum a few days ago and said HELL NO NO WAY

    maybe im wrong

    i aint sayin its the same thing, but im feelin a little hopkins-smith 2

  • Donald Walton

    Good match making on the part of team Lemieux.

  • J rock

    Lemmy would retire Cotto by round 5 and if Cotto is still standing after 5, it will be a sad one sided bludgeoning that I would be begging the ref to stop. I have no interest in seeing Cotto go out like that.

    • Floridastorm

      I would fear for Cotto’s health against Lemieux. I like Cotto and would not want to see him get seriously hurt. Kamegai is bigger than Cotto and carries a lethal punch. I see the possibility of Cotto loosing this one too and then never meeting the Canadian.