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Timothy Bradley set to announce retirement from boxing


Timothy Bradley, one of the most recognizable names on the American boxing landscape, is stepping away from the sport.

Bradley, a former two-division champion, has decided to retire and will officially announce the move in the near future, sources told RingTV.com. Phone calls and text messages seeking confirmation from Bradley, Monica Bradley (the fighter’s wife and manager) and Top Rank Vice President Carl Moretti were not immediately returned.

Bradley, who will turn 34 next month, experienced neurological issues following his 2013 war with Ruslan Provodnikov, which was voted the fight of the year by THE RING and the Boxing Writer’s Association of America.

“A few weeks after the fight, I was still affected by the damage that was done,” Bradley said at the time. “My speech was a little bit off. I was slurring a little bit. But after about two months, I cleared up and I have my wits about me now.”

The Palm Springs, California-based fighter fought six more times after the victory over Provodnikov, including a victory over Juan Manuel Marquez, perhaps his finest career performance. Bradley (33-2-1, 13 knockouts) also defeated Manny Pacquiao by a controversial decision but lost to the Filipino in two subsequent fights.

The third bout in that trilogy, on April 9 of last year, was Bradley’s last.

Top Rank had been planning a fight between Bradley and 2012 Olympian Jose Ramirez for this fall on ESPN before Bradley decided to call it quits.

Bradley was in the main event in four major pay-per-view shows that generated around 2.5 million buys in total.

He served as an analyst on ESPN’s coverage of Pacquiao’s loss to Jeff Horn, and also on Top Rank’s pay-per-view broadcast of Pacquiao-Vargas in November. He’ll play the same role for the Vasyl Lomachenko-Miguel Marriaga ESPN broadcast on August 6.

Bradley earned several seven-figure paydays and is financially stable. He won titles at 140 pounds and 147, and is considered among the sport’s true good guys.


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    best of luck to him at least he is leaving with everything intact

  • Roberto Carlos Guerra

    Bradley is the man. Smart move.

  • ceylon mooney

    im disappointed. wanted to see him go out onna hi note, not a bullshit arum fuck u to the boxin fans.

    a khan fight woulda been cool, but khan doesnt box as much as talk about bein a boxer. woulda luvd to see him outclass thurman or garcia.

    • Bob Madison

      “Outclass Thurman” LOL 😂

    • left hook

      My dream fight was Bradley vs Mayweather…wish it happened.

      • ceylon mooney

        heck hes the only welterweight whod give mayweather a hard time.

        khan might could for a round or two.

      • Mike M.

        Bradley would have given him hell.

      • Nana Adjei

        Mayweather would have knocked him out LOL

  • KillaBlu

    Love you Bradley. You gave us plenty of wars so you deserve to retire if you feel the time is right. Respect brother

  • Dee Money

    One of my favs. Congrads on a great career

  • Daniel Longshaft Durant

    I remember when he beat junior witter… overseas…. witters fans were speechless…. that’s why I love boxing

  • Dan James

    Was wondering about him recently. All the best TB.

  • Carlos ‘Lito’ Andujar

    A class act and hell of a fighter. Wish I could see him vs some of the best 147 or even Cotto at 154, but not mad for looking out for his health. Enjoy retirement champ

  • Pierre Burger

    I’ll get excoriated for saying this, but I feel like Timmy was slightly overrated for most of his career as an elite fighter. By “overrated” I mean everyone constantly talking up how underrated he was. His biggest career win was a razor-thin split decision over a 40-year-old who was fighting at least two divisions above his optimum weight. The Prov fight was exciting, but Prov wasn’t exactly elite and, again, it was a razor-thin decision that could easily have gone the other way. He was decisively beaten by Pac three times without ever looking like a threat to win any of those fights. A truly elite fighter would have at least one definitive win over another elite fighter. Timmy doesn’t. Lamont Peterson and Jessie Vargas are as good as it gets for him (and Vargas almost beat him at the end).

    • Droeks Malan

      I agree that he fell just short of being an elite fighter but he was still very good and gave us some terrific fights. Most importantly, he retires wealthy and healthy with a couple of world title belts in the trophy case. I call that a successful career, seems to be few of those in boxing.

  • denver

    His schooling of Marquez is Masterpiece. I think he has a chance against pacquiao if he box smart like what he did to Marquez. One of the best heart in boxing, No quit.

    • Pierre Burger

      Dude. Do you even watch boxing? He had three chances against Pac and couldn’t get it right. As for “schooling” Marquez, it was a very close split decision against an old and blown-up fighter.

      • ceylon mooney

        it was a close fight but still a legit win.

        • Pierre Burger

          Maybe, but it wasn’t a”schooling” by any stretch of the imagination.

          • ceylon mooney

            oh no it wasnt. not at all a
            schooling. close fight.

      • JV316

        i actually agreed with the 2 judges who gave bradley the first fight against manny

        • Pierre Burger

          Then maybe boxing isn’t your thing, buddy.

          • JV316

            i guess i’d argue that if your decision on the day a fighter like tim bradley retires is to drag the man down a little, maybe boxing isn’t really your thing, buddy. but hey, you’re free to promote your “hot takes,” congrats

      • denver

        Close split decision? Did you watch the fight? The judges make it close but Tim is schooling Marquez. He make marquez looks very old he cant touch Tim. While Bradley is landing punch at will at marquez face.

    • carlitowranjr

      Huh? You sure you know who these guys you mentioned are?

  • Thomas Browning

    Good for him; he always came to fight and had a lot of heart. I hope he has a long and healthy life.

  • joey gonza

    Great move. He’ll be a rarity if he does retire and stay retired. He’ll be like Lennox Lewis and Kostya Tszyyu.
    His win over JMM was a great win.

  • Droeks Malan

    Well deserved retirement! Thanks for some great fights and enjoy!

  • Michel Desgrottes

    Tim allowed himself to be a pawn in his last go around, gave up his belt so he could give bob another ppv matchup form Manny, stunted his growth, if tim doesn’t give up that wbo belt, I doubt he retires, wack smmfh

    He should have never dealt with bob

    • DougWilsonFan

      WBO belt or not, he gave enough to the sport and his life after boxing is more important than your and my desire to see him in a few more fights. I would have loved to see him against Broner but I’d much rather read in an issue of Ring 15 years from now how well he is doing post boxing. Thank you Mr. Bradley

      • Michel Desgrottes

        Ahhhh so when he chooses health and money over glory it’s cool? Now it’s cool, fact is he got hustled out of his wbo belt which could have given him more
        Longevity, instead of being put on the sidelines since last April, his career in the handles was misguided and he became a pawn

    • wrecksracer

      I don’t know……3 fights with Pac and one with Marquez? He made millions. Would he have made that money elsewhere? I guess if he could have secured a fight with Mayweather. That’s not a given, though.

  • Mike M.

    Not surprising considering the latest report on CTE. Wish the ole Brad man the best, I always enjoyed watching him fight. There were a lot of interesting fights out there for him, but screw it might as well get out while you can still talk.

  • Chris Smith

    Good career, probably not quite HOF but an important fighter in his generation. Good run at 140 (Witter, Holt, Peterson, Alexander was a very strong return) and some solid work at 147 too. Made good money too.

  • nate_infiniti

    Really love tim bradley. Classy, fearless and always in a great fight. Happy he’s getting out now with financial security and his wits intact, plus a budding broadcasting career. God Bless

  • Fist_ti_cuffs

    Better to retire than be retired. Classy guy and he’ll definitely be missed.

  • JV316

    got to meet bradley once after his fight with nate campbell, couldn’t have been a nicer guy. had a great career, i think HoF worthy, and wish him the best in his future endeavors. he seems like one of the brightest guys in boxing so i expect he’ll do great.


    Don’t quit, Timmy! Come on, man! One more fight! One more fight!

  • Jose Ledesma

    Love you Bradley. You are definitely one of my all time favorites. God bless you and your family. Much love and respect.

  • Bar Kokhba

    Love to see a guy go out healthy and wealthy! Good call, Timmy – you’ve given us a lot of great performances and you can be rightfully proud of an excellent career. Enjoy retirement – you’ve earned it!