Wednesday, November 13, 2019  |


RING Poll: Mikey Garcia will beat Adrien Broner

Photo by Esther Lin / SHOWTIME

An overwhelming percentage of those who took part in the most-recent RING Poll say Mikey Garcia will beat Adrien Broner in their junior welterweight fight Saturday in Brooklyn on Showtime.

Almost 80 percent — 79.48 — said Garcia will win, as of Wednesday evening. And many believe he will stop Broner. It broke down this way: 36.32 percent said Garcia will win by knockout, 21.84 by a close decision and 21.32 by a wide decision.

Only 19.48 percent said Broner will win — 10.53 by close decision, 6.32 percent by KO and 2.63 by wide decision.

And 1.04 percent of the 380 who voted predicted a draw for whatever reason.

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