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Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Conor McGregor world tour mercifully ends

Photo by Esther Lin / Vox Media

Thank the combat sports gods that this is finally over.

A four-day world tour to promote Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor’s August 26 showdown in Las Vegas sounded like a good idea. And for two cities it appeared to go just as everyone wanted it to. The quick-witted McGregor had the fans in the palm of his hand as he verbally jousted with boxing’s cash cow in a fight that nobody with a boxing brain believes he can win. Nevertheless, it excited the masses to see two of the biggest figures in combat sports slander one another in a rated PG-13 WWE-style sequence of verbal darts.

And then things took a turn for the worse.

It started with McGregor’s racially insensitive remarks where he called the black boxers in Rocky III “dancing monkeys” during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This, coupled with telling Mayweather to dance for him while tossing out a “boy” for good measure, painted Mystic Mac in a bad light. Rather than simply apologize if he offended anybody with his racially insensitive statements, McGregor decided to double down on the offensive nature of his words by delivering the gem in New York.

Photo by Rosie Cohe / Showtime

“A lot of media seem to be saying I’m against black people,” McGregor said while wearing what he claimed was a polar bear fur coat with no shirt underneath and floral pants. “That’s absolutely f***ing ridiculous. Do they not know I’m half black? I’m half black from the belly button down. Here’s a present for my beautiful black female fans.”

And then McGregor gyrated his hips.

Instead of remedying the situation, McGregor poured gasoline on the fire. The hero of the promotional tour who had crowds in every city in the palm of his hand had sunk to a low that most didn’t anticipate. It was in terrible taste and left even his most hardcore fans speechless.

But that wasn’t the only disaster in New York as the tour found two fighters who had exhausted their best material in Los Angeles and Toronto. Both struggled to find new ways to insult their opponent and resorted to foul-mouthed responses that were neither funny nor clever. McGregor, in particular, struggled during this stop as he lost his connection with the crowd and never regained any momentum. But Mayweather wasn’t much better as he ran through the shtick like a washed-up comedian wrapping up the last leg of his bar tour. Already cast as the villain in this promotion, Mayweather was unable to turn the tide in the war of words.

But at least he had a leg up heading into Friday’s finale in London.

Photo by Esther Lin / Vox Media

However, as quickly as he drew sympathy for McGregor’s off-color remarks, he just as swiftly threw it in the trash when he decided to use an anti-gay slur on McGregor.

“You’re a f***ot!” Mayweather shot out.

And the Internet collectively groaned. Just when it appeared that Mayweather had an opening to take control of the verbal jousting, he tossed this ill-conceived barb. It came out of left field and did little to resonate with anybody watching.

We all knew that this world tour was going to be a car crash, but most assumed it would be of the entertaining variety. But it was clear that exhaustion had set in as the duo rinsed and repeated the same patterns over and over. There were other little touches that made it cringe-inducing. Seeing Showtime Sports vice president Stephen Espinoza being called a “b*tch” and a “weasel” by McGregor felt totally unnecessary as Espinoza was being clipped by the shrapnel of the Irishman’s lyrical grenades. It added zero value to the promotion. At the very least, Mayweather refused to disrespect UFC president Dana White and credited him for “pimping out” McGregor.

Look, there was undoubtedly no way that these two were going to keep it civil. That part is what the general public wanted to see. However, once it devolved into amateur comedy hour, where each fighter was handed the mic so they could bark until they were exhausted, probably wasn’t the best way to go about it. Furthermore, as exhausting as it was for us to watch this madness for four consecutive days, Mayweather and McGregor must have been even more fatigued after globetrotting from Los Angeles to Toronto to New York to London. It should be a credit to them that they were able to maintain the intensity throughout. But they are probably just as glad to see this thing end as we are.

Photo by Esther Lin / Vox Media

Was it a bad idea? Not necessarily. Although it may have been better to spread it out over a few more days rather than back to back. The scheduling was likely due to the fact that both fighters wanted to get back to their respective camps to prepare for what will likely become the biggest money combat sports event in history. They crammed in a media tour in four days to give fans what they want because, unlike Mayweather-Pacquiao, people were just as (if not more) excited to see them exchange words as they were to see the fight. To be clear, it’s far more spectacle than fight. If you want a great fight, watch Canelo-GGG in September. But if you’re reading this, you already knew that.

It’s a circus and everyone is here for the show. But did the show already wear on people with its crude tone? Will there be a sector of people who were on the fence about buying the PPV now giving the entire thing the cold shoulder based on what they saw during this world tour? Are you excited for this fight if you weren’t before?

Whether or not this will be effective is yet to be seen. But, thankfully, we won’t have to endure another one of these again.

PHOTO GALLERY: Mayweather-McGregor in Toronto

PHOTO GALLERY: Mayweather-McGregor in London

  • Arjay Cee

    Though I won’t be watching Floyd vs. McWrestler, I’m not worked up like you are, Andreas. Actually, the promotion is rather amusing next to the season of snores so far offered up by the House of Marination.

    We have the Irishman, whose two gears are vulgarity and unintelligible excuses for his vulgarity. And we have Floyd, the man who once promised to force “little yellow chump” Manny to “cook me some rice,” going around lecturing on racism. Too funny.

    • Ain’t no dinos in Holy books

      Lol, yeah, but no-one seems to bat an eyelid when South East Asians are the target of racist remarks.
      Manny wasn’t offended (he’s big enough to let it go) but that’s not the point. The double standards of guys like Mayweather, and Bernard Hopkins for that matter, are laughable. The same can be said for countless morons that frequent this site.
      I’ll see if I can find a half decent upload of the Mayweather-McGregor exhibition on youtube the following morning.

      • Stephen M

        Funny too how the blacks guys complaining about racism seem to be unapologetic homophobes…

        • Kudos

          Blacks will be a target eventually. If rap music was a white dominated industry leftists would be all over it yesterday.

          • Charlie U.

            I’m a white leftist and I think rap music is pretty awful.

          • Kudos

            I have no problem with it. Just want consistency.

          • Reggie Woodard

            Target of what, eventually??

          • Kudos

            Crackdown from far left morons.

          • Reggie Woodard

            Oh lol…. I must remain vigilant then.

        • Jayo2.0

          That’s because there is nothing wrong with being born black, but there is something disgustingly wrong about turning into a perverted fudge-packer.

          • Stephen M

            Thanks for illustrating my point.

          • Jayo2.0

            Apparently, my point went straight over your head, as usual. Discriminating against someone for being born with dark skin is in now way, shape or form comparable to discriminating against someone for voluntarily committing vile, perverted acts of sodomy on men and/or boys, genius! In your twisted way of thinking, I guess serial killers and men who have sex with farm animals are no “different” than black people, SMFH.

          • Stephen M

            I think you might be slightly lower on the evolutionary scale than a farm animal. Back on the blocked list for you!

          • Jayo2.0

            Yeah, because only self-righteous, PC cretins like you who believe men are genetically programmed to stick their dIcks in other mens’/boys’ rectums are ‘highly evolved’, right?

          • Ignition1

            Christ man. You need to jack off or something. So salty.

          • Jayo2.0

            F#ck off.

    • Turner Wednesday

      Floyd also lectured us, and McGregor, on how to respect women.

      • Arjay Cee

        He’ll be giving modesty lessons next!

  • Stan Ables

    Nothing like Political Correct outrage by the media in the so called offensive remarks by Mayweather in their compromising with the degenerate life style of demented abnormal perverts. The mere fact the media is paying attention to this clown show circus is in itself offensive. Why any self respecting fan of the Sweet Science would dole out big bucks to view something like this when a very good and experienced amateur boxer would totally school McGregor.

    • Dee Money

      Lets not fool ourselves into thinking the media has some great moral compass in regards to what they report; the media is in the business of making money. That is best done by pandering to one side or another of a debate, or showing train wrecks and fake train wrecks- this is the latter.

    • Jayo2.0

      Exactly! PC outrage against ‘offensive’ comments by scumbags promoting disgusting, perverted behavior. Ironic!

  • ceylon mooney

    why waste the time? theres no interest to generate. all the interest that could be generated was
    generated a couple years ago. no more people know about this fight than did a week after it was
    announced. makes it look dumber tho.

    • Dee Money

      Thank you; I have been saying the same thing. This fake animosity tour won’t do anything to increase interest or PPV buys. Nobody out there who wasn’t planning on buying it all of a sudden will because of all the shenanigans.

  • Guy Grundy

    Why is The Ring even reporting on this pathetic drivel?

    • Jayo2.0

      Because Andreas Hale is a gay-promoting piece of shIt, employed by a transvestite..

  • Charlie U.

    The mainstream media has covered this spectacle extensively and given them a worldwide platform. Now they want to act surprised and offended when the participants take advantage of it by trying to race each other to the bottom?

    • Jayo2.0

      Race each other to the bottom how? You realize that’s what fa99ots do, right?

      • Standing8

        Only guys insecure about their own sexuality are sooooo worked up about gays and what “fa99ots” do.

        • Jayo2.0

          Whatever makes you feel better about your dIck-sucking…

  • johnboy

    The collective outrage from boxing fans at this fight “discrediting boxing” is hilarious. Conors earned the right to fight floyd and the possibility of being the best fighter on the planet. Of course he’s going to get ktfo. If he lasts to the 10th round then i’ll take that as a victory. This will be floyds most entertaining fight to date. And the reason is because of conor. The press tour was embarrassing, especially the final two. But come fight night they’ll both come to win. I reckon they promoters will be under pressure to do a good job of the mini documentarys that they do to promote the fight. There’s no doubt that the last pressers were farcical and very much like the WWF. It was hard to believe that they even dislike each other. I’m going to watch both this and the canelo ggg fights.

  • Joey Junger

    It’s important to remember that in a sport where men fracture each other’s orbital bones and beat each other into comas, that we should always make sure that no one says anything racially insensitive or homophobic. We all know, for instance, that Muhammad Ali was a part of the most racially-inclusive and tolerant group in the world, The Nation of Islam, and that he never called someone a gorilla or mocked them as an Uncle Tom. To insult Floyd Mayweather with a racial slur like “boy” would be as insensitive as if Mayweather were to insinuate that an Asian boxer liked to eat dogs (thank God that never happened). Also, Mayweather shouldn’t be promoting his strip club in a family-friendly sport like boxing, which has, from its inception, been free of corruption, violence, and crime. Perhaps instead of having ring-card girls, we can invite feminists clad in heavy woolen Christmas sweaters covered in a fine sheet of cat-hair into the ring between rounds to lecture us about the evil of patriarchy and the exploitation of women.

    • Jayo2.0


    • William Bjerkevik

      Couldn’t have said it better myself, brother!


    Real boxing fans will livestream this, why waste your money? Wait for my links brothas, bookmarked me.

  • Ignition1

    None of what they say means anything to them or each other. Floyd and Conor met in a room with their lawyers and promotion teams – agreed to do angry Twitter exchanges, agreed to throw shit at each other in front of thousands of people…but they’ll meet again behind closed doors to shake hands and laugh their way to the bank.

    It’s the reason I didn’t watch the tour (only read about it) and probably why I’ll wait for the fight highlights to go on YouTube in a 2 minute video…which will probably cover all the action.