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Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Conor McGregor going out on face or back


Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor kicked off the press tour Tuesday in Los Angeles ahead of their August 26 bout, and both fighters’ mouths were ready to go.

In a profanity-laced event from both sides, vitriol was high and so were the bombastic comments.

The UFC star, as the B-side, spoke first and promised to end matters early.

“Mark my words: He will be unconscious inside of four rounds,” McGregor said. “The movement, power, the ferociousness — he has not experienced this.”

Mayweather was unmoved by the boasts and laughed it off. Clad in an American flag-colored TMT tracksuit, he too, promised a knockout in what would be his first win inside the distance since a 2011 victory over Victor Ortiz. And that KO comes with an asterisk: Ortiz wasn’t looking when the fight-ending shots landed.

On fight night, Mayweather vowed, McGregor is going to sleep.

“We know Mr. Tap-out likes to quit,” Mayweather said, mocking McGregor for his submission defeat to Nate Diaz last year. “Either you going out on your face, or you’re going out on your back!”

” … I’m not the same man I was five, 10 or two years ago, but I’m better than you.”

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