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Canelo Alvarez calls Gennady Golovkin ‘pretty much one-dimensional’


NEW YORK — What Canelo Alvarez saw from Gennady Golovkin in March didn’t impress the Mexican much.

Canelo watched GGG eke out a decision victory over Daniel Jacobs and, naturally, the RING middleweight champion took notes.

He didn’t even believe Golovkin won at all.

“I saw nothing really new from Golovkin,” Alvarez said during a media roundtable Tuesday through translator Eric Gomez, President of Golden Boy Promotions. “He’s pretty much one-dimensional. He’s a fighter that’s very aggressive, that comes forward. But I did see that when you have a fighter that is a little bit intelligent, and moves and boxes, he’s gonna give Golovkin trouble.”

Of course, Canelo and Jacobs have vastly different styles. Both men are tremendous combination punchers, but Canelo’s attack is similar to Golovkin’s — Mexican style — while Jacobs throws punches from lots of different angles while utilizing lateral movement.

“I think Jacobs gave him too much respect the first few rounds,” Canelo said, “and if he would have started a little sooner and not respected him so much, he would have won a clear decision. Even though that happened I still thought that Jacobs won by one or two points.”

Canelo wasn’t impressed by GGG’s performance, but the champ isn’t delusional about his own last fight. Though he looked great in a shutout win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in May, Canelo admitted he learned “very little” in that bout that will help him against Golovkin.

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  • Chris the trite

    I’d favor DJ to beat Canelo actually…

  • Dee Money

    Its not just how many tools you got in the box, but how well each one of them works.

    • Julio

      Canelo certainly has some tools that should be effective vs GGG. The only concern to me is his footwork.

      • Dee Money

        Oh Canelo clearly is a great boxer. My statement was directed towards Canelo’s claims that GGG is one dimensional. And that even though he might be, he is of such high quality at that single dimension that he is capable of winning regardless.

  • ronnie acerra

    Yes, that is triple G’ style. GGG is 35 and has been great for 10 years now. Canello is in his prime now and will give Triple G all he wants and that is the reason he will get his ass knocked out cold by the forth round. In fact I believe Triple G could knock him out in the first ! Believe it!! Why?? You ask? Because they are mirror image of each other. Yes Triple G got touched up a bit in his last two fights, oh my, a fighter get hit? No , not that! Why, because Triple G HAS been that good that we are not used to anyone lasting past the first few rounds or touching him more than a few times each fight while he toys with his prey. Triple G will win, then retire like he should. He does not need, or want the Charlo twins at this late stage in his great career. Triple G , within four rounds.

    • John Newman

      Unless Canelo has a poorer chin than his fights have indicated, I think it will take at least nine rounds for Golovkin to break him down. If GGG does beat Canelo, I’d like to see him take on Bill Saunders and finally unify all the belts. I don’t know if it’s worth his time (or the cut in pay) to take on all the young contenders, but I’ll watch and buy his fights for as long as he’s at or near the level he’s maintained for the past five years. I do think he wants to break Hopkins’ record for defenses (and I know he wants that WBO strap).

    • Harry

      Probably he does not need Charlo twins, but I think he can take the last strap from Saunders or whoever holds it and then give Canelo a rematch if the mexican insists on the rematch next year. Earning another $50 million plus would be a welcome addition to his retirement allowance. This time Golovkin won’t get more than $30 million even if ppvs do very well.

    • AngelMorningstar

      I want him to break b-hops defence record then retire.

    • peter fr

      yep can Canelo Is done I would have said 7. Or 8 like lemieux

  • Seth Class

    Canela is gonna get knocked out before da 7th round let’s see if dat impresses him 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼🥊

  • Joey Junger

    Canelo thinks that being cautious/showing respect to Golovkin is a flaw in a fighter’s game? Canelo certainly boxes well (and has gotten better), but he does not move very well (he’s still somewhat leaden-footed, even when setting up very good angles). I think Golovkin KOs Canelo with a body shot within six rounds, unless he learns to get on his bicycle (and it’s too late for Alvarez to become a different fighter).

    • left hook

      Canelo boxes well compared to GGG and has a pretty good defence.

      • AngelMorningstar

        Not good enough.

      • Julio

        Canelo definitely has some layers to his game, but the problem is his movement. He is not slick, he will stay right in front of GGG and that is where all his maladies start.

        • left hook

          So is GGG slick?

          • Julio

            No…and that wasn’t my assertion anyways.

          • left hook


  • Harry

    A thorough analysis of that fight shows that GGG won 8 rounds against 4 won by Jacobs, provided we give all close rounds to Jacobs, so the real unbiased score in this fight should have been 117:111 or something.

    • AngelMorningstar

      Simple. He’d lose.

      • Greg Myers

        he’d be carried off in a stretcher

    • David Stubbs

      I thought it was a great fight. I thought ggg won by a point but most of my guys thought Jacobs won. Ggg was definitely exposed. I think Sergio in his prime would of had a field day.

  • Greg Myers

    de la hoya has this farce drinking too much “i am great” kool-aid…canyellow you didn’t get a handicap on ggg that means you’re dead meat..

  • philoe bedoe

    Be interesting to see Jacobs next fight, and to see if he can capatalise on a good performance against Golovkin.
    He had the reputation of a talented but vulnerable boxer.
    But since he fought Golovkin most people think he’s definitely the second best out there.
    Or was it a career best performance and a case of him boxing out of his skin………..

    • peter fr

      Just watch ggg vs Jacobs then canelo vs Chavez it’s a mis match ggg destroys him

  • Terry Cochran

    This should be a great fight. In my opinion the winner will be whomever has the best chin and the is the more powerful puncher. So of course I lean toward GGG.

  • wadabs

    Caneli is two dimensional. 20percent rabbit puncher, 80percent runner.

  • wadabs

    GGG already beat Canelo. Its time for GGG to move on vs Saunders.
    Let the Canelo fight Jacobs , or punch Oscar dela Joya.