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Adonis Stevenson says Haymon will work on Ward showdown


Andre Ward indicated after stopping Sergey Kovalev Saturday night that he’s now 2-0 against the Russian and will next be looking toward other challenges to float his professional boat.

He teased post-fight that he’d maybe try cruiserweight or heck, why not, heavyweight. From 175 to 200-plus pounds, probably not a bridge too far for such a skilled ring wizard, depending on the right matchup. (Cough Joseph Parker cough…)

But more than a few fans are of the mind that Ward would be challenged by another standout at 175 pounds, the Haiti-born Canadian resident Adonis Stevenson.

He’s been doing his thing on a track opposite to Ward, who’s attached to HBO. Stevenson, the WBC titleholder, looked mighty sharp and dangerous and showed, again, that his left hand is as filthy as exists in the sport when last month he smashed up Andrzej Fonfara.

And Adonis makes clear that he’s game to take the step up in class to the Ward sphere, which is to say, stepping to the line regarded by many as the best active P4P pugilist in the ranks.

Adonis, you want Ward?

“Al gonna take care of it,” Stevenson told me.

So, has Adonis talked with advisor Haymon about a tango with the Oaklander?

“Yes,  I talk to him,” Adonis stated.

OK, so, say he gets a Ward fight, if walls can come down and bridges does he handle Ward?

“Ha,” he said, “you will see!”


But Ward is a defensive master!

“Is not a problem, defense,” the 29-0 KO collector said.

And then, Adonis returned to familiar terrain. “I let Al take care of it,” he said.

My take: I put it to you, friends. Indulge this exercise as purely theoretical, until if and when we see fruit from this germ of a seed. What happens in a Ward v Stevenson fight?