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Video: Manny Pacquiao trains for Jeff Horn fight


MANILA, Philippines – Another day logged in training camp for Manny Pacquiao.

The Filipino boxer-turned-senator capped off his training week Saturday with seven rounds of sparring – three against Leonardo Doronio and four with Sonny Katiandagho – as the days tick down to his WBO welterweight title defense against Jeff Horn in Brisbane, Australia.

Pacquiao (59-6-2, 38 knockouts) had his chance to dish it out, particularly to Doronio, who had landed his share of punches on Pacquiao earlier in the week, say those at the Elorde Gym at the Five E-Com building in Pasay City, Philippines. Katiandagho was able to get his work in off the jab before Pacquiao’s experience and movement broke his guard down.

“[Pacquiao] hurt them today,” said trainer Freddie Roach. “It’s been a long fucking time since he’s done that in sparring.”

The identity of Pacquiao’s third sparring partner still to arrive with Michael Koncz remained a mystery to those in Pacquiao’s camp, but a fourth, from Australia, would not be making the trip after turning down the invite, says Roach.

Pacquiao’s training camp takes place against the backdrop of clashes between military and local terror groups in the southern Philippine region of Mindanao, which is now under martial law. Pacquiao says they might relocate training camp to his hometown of General Santos City – within that region – next week.

After his workout, the attention turned to basketball, with his supporters holding an impromptu cheer in the locker room for the Golden State Warriors, a favorite team in the Philippines. Pacquiao says he’s picking the Warriors to win the NBA Finals over the Cleveland Cavaliers, which defeated his favored Boston Celtics, in five games.

  • SouthMan

    not a fan of Manny (specially his political views) but he still beats all top 3 active WWs. I am sure he wont fight them, but just my opinion.

    • Eric Gelmete

      Sorry buddy but Manny is not beating the top w.w. in this day definately not……Manny is fighting bumm after bummmm…ruining his legacy in my humble opinion. If he makes the mistake of allowing Arum to PIMP him out for Crawford ..Manny will get knocked out and possibly hurt. Great fighter prior to USADA…..BUT NOT SINCE…..FACTS

      • SouthMan

        Manny still beat Tim Bradley after the USAD stuff and he’s still is a great fighter. Maybe not the same level of power, but I get you….I think Crawford would be small enough and would be to quick for him. I think both these guys (including Thurman) didn’t show that sort of quickness for me…I think Manny can pot-shots these guys to win a UD. Not saying it would be easy, but i think Manny still have a 2 good fights a head of him. Manny being a southpaw would be difficult for these guys. I can see Manny moving side to side with his L and follow up with his R and duck a bit. I think these guys eats a lot of leather. I think he’s still quicker than these guys. Not saying stronger. Spence would be easier to time. If you watch the fight, you can see him jumping on Brook at a lot. Floyd would have a field day on Spence. Anyways, pointless, Manny will never fight any of these guys. He doesn’t have to…That would be stupid. Thanks…

        • cassidy

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