Errol Spence confident ahead of Kell Brook clash

Undefeated welterweight contender Errol Spence Jr. Photo credit: Tom Casino/Showtime

Unbeaten American Errol Spence Jr. has arrived in the U.K. ahead of his clash with IBF welterweight titleholder Kell Brook and is quietly confident that he’ll travel back to the U.S. with his dream fulfilled.

Spence, who is rated No. 7 by THE RING at 147 pounds, has won all 21 of his fights with 18 victories coming by knockout. The talented southpaw has looked like a real force in the welterweight ranks and is a narrow favorite to prevail on May 27 at Bramall Lane in Sheffield, England.

“I’m going to be a very tough opponent,” said Spence in an interview with Sky Sports in the U.K. “I’m coming out with the win, so I feel like I’m going to be his best opponent.

“The venue I hear is 30,000 and the fans are lively. They are hardcore boxing fans. I feel like it’s going to be a great fight, great environment, and I can’t wait to be under those bright lights.

Spence continued, “This is something I have been fighting for my whole life and a lifelong dream of mine. I won’t let it slip.”

When Spence was asked if he had a message for his more experienced opponent, the 27-year-old boxer-puncher declined the opportunity to trash talk.

“No message at all,” said Spence. “It’s fight time, it’s two weeks away and I can’t wait. All the talking is over with. Now it’s time to fight.”




Tom Gray is a UK Correspondent/ Editor for and a member of THE RING ratings panel.  Follow him on Twitter: @Tom_Gray_Boxing



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  • Colnef

    Will be at ringside, can’t wait.

    • D Johnson

      Ohhh u lucky mutha!!!

  • Big Tom

    Think this fight is going to be special


    This is 50/50 can’t wait!

  • amiwill

    Is this fight being shown on Showtime live in the U.S.?

    • CowboysJ


  • Danny Perez

    Spence by Impressive KO or Stoppage

    • Mark Schoeman

      In 6…and those 6 will be incredibly one-sided.

      • stetee83

        Big talk here boys, hope your man is up to it

      • Colin Mc Flurry.

        You might be right.
        But Spence better have a good set of whiskers.

      • Turner Wednesday

        Don’t be stupid.

    • Turner Wednesday


    • Cuban School

      Right on. Poor Brook, gonna get starched in front of his countrymen.

      #strapseason #mandown

  • CowboysJ

    Spence by KO in the 10th..

    • D Johnson

      That’s what I’m thinking as well.

  • Keano

    My boy Brook has got this

  • J rock

    Spence gonna mow Brook down.

  • Chris Stans

    TBH I really can’t see Spence winning this.

  • Dave O’Connor

    Might be setting myself up for disappointment, but I am thinking FOTY candidate.

  • kiowhatta

    Certainly one of the best possible match ups of the year.

  • Giuseppe

    I don’t want to hear “man down”, “strap season” or “bomb squad” ever again.

    • Colin Mc Flurry.

      BommmmmmmmmmmB SquaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD!

      • Giuseppe

        Love reading those two beautiful words

    • WillieSmalls

      Awful catchphrases.


    another fantastic fight . This year is shaping up nicely

  • Colin Mc Flurry.

    Can’t wait.
    Groves v Chudinov Rocking the Undercard too.

  • IanF69

    People give Kell abuse over his so called padded record but can Spence say he has beaten much better fighters ? Nope….I give Kell the edge in this fight….a bit more ring savvy than Spence and his chin is solid..remember this WW did not go down after takin shots form Golovkin and if not for his injury it could have gone the distance….Great match-up but I lean(slightly) towards Brook.

    • Dee Money

      I get what you are writing about Brooks’ chin, and agree he is very sturdy and can take a punch. But to write, “… if not for his injury it could have gone the distance.” reads as if that injury was some freak occurrence unrelated to the fight (ie Haye). That injury was a broken face caused by his opponents punches after only a few rounds. If not for that injury, he still would have had to endure 7+ more rounds of face breaking punches- that would have been very dangerous and I doubt he could have (or should have) gone the distance vs that.

      • Martin Hall

        Totally. Don’t get me wrong though I would have liked to have seen how far that fight would have gone if it wasn’t for the injury, but its like you said, punches caused that injury.

      • IanF69

        I do agree punches caused the injury 100%, ….All I was trying to get across was that if he didn’t sustain a broken eye socket he may well have been able to take the fight the distance….as he has a great chin.

    • Lontrail Trell Gardner

      Money on Spence #EasyKill

    • stetee83

      Exactly. The definition of ‘Hyped’ seems to depend on what side of the Atlantic you are on

  • philoe bedoe

    The eyeball test looks like Spence could be a bit special, and he puts a lot of pressure on his opponents.
    Brook likes to box at a steadier pace, so Spence could be a problem with the way he likes to stay in punching range.
    But Spence two best wins were against non punchers in Algieri and Bundu.
    Also Brook as beaten a lot of southpaws in his career.
    A very interesting fight……….

    • IanF69

      I really think this comes down to who has the better chin…both will land and both will take big shots…who has the stronger whiskers ? My money will be on Brook between Rnds 9 and 11 in a great fight that will excite the fans.

      • philoe bedoe

        A good summary.
        Both are good, accurate, hard punchers, and we know Brook can take a good shot……….

  • Turner Wednesday

    Brook to destroy this hype job and prove he’s the real deal. Does it inside 5 Rounds.

    • Guy Grundy

      Another Jeff Lacy?

      • stetee83

        Or McClellan. Or Bute. All of those guys only had to turn up and they would win. Or so the so-called experts said

        • Reggie Woodard

          Did you honestly put G-Man and Bute in the same paragraph?? G-Man was absolutely fearsome and hadnt lost in 5/6 years until he ran into Benn. Incredible fight with an unfortunate and tragic outcome.

          • stetee83

            I’m not comaparing their ability (that would be silly). I’m just giving 3 good examples of boxers who have been over hyped by the press/fans. People only criticise Bute after Froch demolished him but going into the fight it was supposed to be the other way round. Then he became part of the ‘he wasn’t as good as I thought’ brigade

          • Reggie Woodard

            For the record, I thought Froch would decapitate Bute but I get understand what you’re saying. Bute was the overwhelming favorite going into that fight with the Cobra.

          • stetee83

            He was. A lot of experts here in the UK had Froch to lose that fight. In fairness, Bute’s bark was much worse than his bite and he ran into a Carl Froch that was in Super Mode. However, I feel my opinions are no longer valid after Saturday so I’ll shut up ha ha

          • Reggie Woodard

            Hahaha…. We’ve all been there. Mosley/Forrest1 and Tszyu/Judah. I was straight crestfallen after the Mosley/Forrest tilt.
            Pascal, Bute, Kessler(twice), Ward, Taylor, Johnson, Dirrell. Finishes up with Groves twice.
            He ran the gauntlet like a throwback fighter..

          • stetee83

            I was actually there on Saturday night. No shame in admitting that Brook lost to the better man on the night. The kid took some punches and then landed some big shots. And he had the balls to jump on a plane and come to Kell’s backyard and took his belt off him. Not many do that so it has to be respected

            Regarding Froch, he and Hatton are my boxing heroes. I was the second Kessler and Groves fights. The atmosphere in the O2 in London for the Kessler fight was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before or since. Surely Froch’s record (in terms of the names he fought) is one of the strongest in recent times. The Taylor fight was unbelievable. Got out boxed for 6 rounds, knocked down for the first time as a pro, came back in the second half with a dramatic stoppage in the final round. What more can you ask for?

          • Reggie Woodard

            That’s good stuff… I have it on my bucket list to venture across the Pond to see a fight at either the O2 or Wembley. I can imagine what that must’ve felt like being there live as you could feel the energy watching it on TV.
            I was very impressed with both fighters(Spence and Brook). It’s what we hope elite level welters do when facing one another..

      • Reggie Woodard

        He’s nothing like Jeff Lacy. Not sure why so many “pundits” had Lacy heavily favored over the great Calzaghe. Lacy’s fights with Reuben Williams and Robin Reid showed how limited a fighter he was.
        Spence Jr is no one trick pony and looks to have a champions mindset.

        • Guy Grundy

          He is exactly like Lacy with regards to being hyped by the US boxing media. Brook is a great fighter with no glaring weakness. Spence might not be a one trick pony but he hasn’t faced anyone remotely as good as Brook before. It should be a cracking fight but I feel one that might have come too soon for the American.

      • Turner Wednesday


  • WillieSmalls

    Brook TKO 10

  • J rock

    Spence Knocks Brook out in 8. And totally embarrasses Brook in front of all of his countrymen. Not because he gets Knocked out….but by helpless he looks before he gets knocked out. If you consider a one sided beating a good fight, then you will love this fight… but if you like fights of this magnitude to be competitive, you will be very disappointed.

    • stetee83

      Very bold prediction, hope you are as magnanimous in defeat as you are with your predictions

  • PrinceGian

    Spence by UD or late rounds stoppage. I am of the opinion that making 147 will be too much of a drain on Brook.

  • miguel guerrero

    spence by KO later rounds!!

  • Lontrail Trell Gardner

    Spence Will knock his ass out! #EasyKill

  • Reggie Woodard

    I like Spence Jr by late stoppage or close UD.

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