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Freddie Roach weighs in on potential Canelo vs. GGG fight

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So many of us – c’mon, plead guilty along with me – are a tiny bit fixated on what comes next, after Canelo beats Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. tomorrow night.

I know, we shouldn’t presume that the redhead gets the W in Vegas. And another guy who has seen and rode in more rodeos than me, Freddie Roach, he doesn’t assume that the cinnamon-topped Mexican will get the better of the son of the fighting legend.

“Canelo is the bigger puncher of the two – I favor him to win,” said “Dedham” Freddie from his worldwide-known Wild Card Boxing Club in LA. “I hope for Junior to do well, because of the friendship we have. For four fights he was great.”

I asked Roach to play the “if game” with me: If Canelo beats Junior, you get the sense he fights GGG next … and what happens in that one?

“Fighters aren’t scared of each other … never … it’s the promoters who are scared! I don’t think Oscar wants to get his cash cow beat. Now, GGG exposed himself a little last fight – he’s slipping a little bit. He’s my friend, good fighter, had a bad night, but exposed a little bit. He’s still a good puncher. Michael, my man Miguel Cotto would take on both, same night. But Canelo versus Golovkin, it’s 50-50 at this point. Yes, at one point – one point – Golovkin was a big, big favorite. But Canelo has improved quite a bit.”

My take: I do indeed think Oscar will be inclined to follow through on what his team has been saying, that a Canelo win versus Chavez would be followed by a clash against Golovkin next, in September. Why? Because, for among other reasons, public blowback if that can gets kicked down the road more would be fiery and intense and yes, searing.