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Porter says he may use Mayweather blueprint to flummox Berto

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Shawn Porter is known for his aggressiveness and physical style.

He’s not a stylist or someone who usually employs finesse to stump his opponents. But on a conference call to promote his April 22 WBC welterweight title eliminator with Andre Berto on Showtime at Barclays Center, Porter pulled a reverse and suggested he may take a page from the Floyd Mayweather Jr. playbook. Porter may utilize Mayweather’s hit-and-not-get-hit style, which he used against Berto in September of 2015 to win a unanimous decision in his farewell fight. Porter admitted that watching Mayweather’s performance against Berto sparked ideas on how to beat Berto with his brain rather than with brute strength, which Porter has in excess.

“Watching him fight, I definitely admired any fight that Floyd Mayweather is in,” Porter said on a conference call on Wednesday. “His boxing ability — I thought that was something that was very, very effective against Andre Berto. So we’ll definitely pick our spots when we box, when we want to use the ring, but at any rate through the fight we will control the action as well as the ring.”

Porter (26-2-1, 16 knockouts) said the fight will dictate how he fights. Historically, Porter has been the stalker, the aggressor. So to hear him talking as if he may move around to avoid Berto was a bit of a surprise. Most experts expect Porter to simply try and bulldoze Berto and overpower him. “It depends on the fight,” Porter said. “My boxing ability may be a little bit underrated. It depends on what I’m in the ring with. You may get more of the boxing. You may get more of the pressure and being aggressive. We’ll take a look at what’s going on and we’ll make adjustments. You might see more boxing, you might see more pressure.”

Berto (31-4, 24 KOs) didn’t seem too fazed by Porter invoking Mayweather’s blueprint against him. “That’s fine,” Berto said on the call. “It’s his game-plan, whichever way he wants to maneuver, whatever his situation is, that’s on him. Right now, we’re just preparing for every look, if it’s boxing, if it’s brawling, whatever the situation is. We’re not really focused on what he’s trying to do to us.”