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Top Rank in discussions to move Felix Verdejo’s training camp to U.S.

Photo by: Naoki Fukuda

In an effort to block out the distractions and revitalize Felix Verdejo’s once-thriving career, Top Rank officials are discussing potentially relocating Verdejo’s next training camp from his native Puerto Rico to a site in the United States, Top Rank president Todd duBoef told on Tuesday.

The boxer’s circle met last week in Florida with promoter Bob Arum and a major talking point was moving Verdejo’s camp to the U.S. for his next fight. Nothing has been decided but things seem to be moving in that direction, duBoef suggested. Verdejo (23-0, 15 knockouts) is the mandatory to face the winner of WBO lightweight titleholder Terry Flanagan’s defense against Petr Petrov on Saturday in Manchester. Top Rank is eyeing the outcome of the match for Verdejo while also looking to shake things up and spark Verdejo’s career after the 23-year-old seems to have plateaued and stagnated. Verdejo has blamed everyday distractions in previous training camps as a reason he hasn’t always looked his best.

“They had a meeting down in Florida and I think they’re looking to see what happens in the Flanagan fight,” duBoef told RING. “He’s in position to make that fight. They’re looking to see where they’re going to get prepared for this fight. I think most likely what the conversation was — ‘Your preparation going forward, a lot of distractions in Puerto Rico. It’s been tough for a lot of people. And should you go to New York, go to California? Should you go to Big Bear, should you go to Las Vegas to train.’ And Bob (Arum) said when he talked to him, ‘Ray (Leonard) did it, Marvin (Hagler) did it, (Larry) Holmes did it. (Muhammad) Ali did it. Everybody got away and for these kids they’re young — Terence (Crawford) goes to Colorado Springs. (Vasyl) Lomachenko goes to California.” Added duBoef, “As much as home feels nice and the sheets feel nice and the home cooking is nice, it’s not really getting ready for what you need to do. So, I think that was a large part of the conversation.”