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Heather Hardy outpoints Edina Kiss on Thurman-Garcia undercard

Photo courtesy of Natasha Verma Productions
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Heather Hardy met the best named boxer of 2017, Edina Kiss, in the opener a Barclays Center Saturday night, underneath the Danny Garcia v Keith Thurman welterweight main event.

Heather (124.6), repping Brooklyn, came in with an 18-0 mark, while the Hungarian Kiss (124.2) was 13-2.

Hardy was in dominant form, busy, ever busy, mixing a persistent jab with combos, and head movement and strong stamina. Kiss stayed competing, but wasn’t able to decipher the code to keep Hardy off of her. After eight rounds, the judges’ tallies read: 88-72, 88-72, 79-73.

I had Hardy winning every round.

In round one, Hardy pressed forward, flinging. She worked low and high and was the busier boxer.

In the second, left hooks and body work took it for Hardy. Kiss looked to clinch a couple times and her body language suggested she was not liking Hardy’s accuracy.

In the third, Kiss backed up, but tried to be busier with the jab as she did so, so she wouldn’t get stalked as badly. Hardy piled up combos, used uppercuts, took the third straight round.

In the fourth, more underneath body work from Hardy. She stepped up the activity, was the relentless stalker and won another round.

In the fifth, Kiss landed a lead right early. The body attack was simply vicious from the Brooklyner. Kiss was there, still competing, but not winning single minute of a round, let alone a full round.

In the sixth, Hardy the assaulter kept on chugging. Kiss looked fatigued, a left hook missed looked soooo sloooow. Kiss fell to the mat midway through, testifying to tiredness. To 7; the combos were more plentiful from Hardy. She slipped and ripped, ducking left, and then firing a right.

In the eighth and final round, we saw trading. Hardy’s jab still had some crispness. They closed the show still active, and hugged. To the cards we went.