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Porter and Berto to meet April 22 at Barclays Center on Showtime

Photo courtesy of Premier Boxing Champions

Shawn Porter and Andre Berto will finally square off on April 22 in a Showtime main event at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, a source told on Friday.

An announcement will be made on Saturday before Keith Thurman’s welterweight unification match with Danny Garcia at Barclays Center. Porter was at the Thurman-Garcia weigh-in on Friday and was all smiles, telling RING of a pending announcement on Saturday while declining to reveal any of the specifics.

Porter (26-2-1, 16 knockouts) and Berto (31-4, 24 KOs) are both former welterweight titleholders who occupy a second tier of the division, talented, ambitious fighters who are seeking to break into the higher echelon of the 147-pound weight class, making their bout a sort of win-or-go-home affair. Berto breathed new life into his career in April of last year, knocking out Victor Ortiz in the fourth round of a rematch of their 2011 bout after he lost a wide decision to Floyd Mayweather in 2015. Porter is coming off a spirited, competitive loss to Thurman last June at Barclay Center.





  • Dee Money

    Good news, I’m a big fan of Showtime and excited to see him fight again.

  • Giuseppe

    If Porter doesn’t win this… no career.

    • Fist_ti_cuffs

      I think he wins, but it’s gonna be a battle.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      Why? Look at how many times Berto lost or looked shaky winning and he’s still here!

      Although I guess the fact that Porter was unable to get a fight against a more currently relevant opponent is evidence of how little credit he has in the haymonspehre so in that sense maybe he should be worried about being buried.

      • Giuseppe

        OK I should say that in today’s fukked up version of boxing…. a loss to berth may block him out of the top tier for a while.

        • Ten Count Toronto

          That’s true, that’s why this fight sucks for him even if it’s promoted to Eliminator. He won’t get much credit for winning, and if Berto gets lucky with miracle KO shot, Porter will go to the same scrapheap as Malignaggi & Guerrero. Had he gotten a fight with Bradley,,Pacquiao or Crawford, he’d be the underdog anyway, there’ d be no shame in losing and win would be a signature victory. Even Vargas or Gomez would be a better risk/reward deal from a reputation point of view.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      It would send him to the same scrapheap as Guerrero & Malignaggi – maybe worse because it might be by KO, the ONLY way I can see Berto winning is by miracle KO punch and Porter’s compulsive rushing in does leave a slim chance of that as log as Berto is upright & able to punch. On the other hand he won’t get much credit for beating the 2017 Berto no matter how.

      The fight is a lousy risk/reward proposition from a reputation point of view, I wouldn’t have advised him to take it originally, but now that it’s an Eliminator it has some value.

  • Rosalino Sanchez Felix

    Porter wins…..many levels above the fragile Ortiz, in which Berto looked powerful

  • Michel Desgrottes

    Put Brandon Rios Ortiz as co main

  • inevitable mangina

    Porta Porter will KO Berto.

  • Dan James

    If Berto does not KO Porter withing the first 4 rds, its Porter by wide decision or late stoppage.

  • wrecksracer

    “Berto breathed new life into his career in April of last year knocking out Victor Ortiz” Really? That was an accomplishment? I’m glad he keeps getting paid, but that’s like beating up a Special Olympics participant. Awwww, I take that back. I don’t want to insult any Special Olympics participants.

  • jebib

    What opportunities open for Porter with an impressive win? While I don’t consider Porter second tier I’m not sure just where he fits?

  • jebib

    What opportunities open for Porter with an impressive win? While I don’t consider Porter second tier I’m not sure just where he fits?

    • KillaBlu

      A win over Berto, esspecially if it turns into a fire fight like most of us expect, opens doors to the winners of Thurman-Garcia or Brook-Spence. Porter is one of the most respected top contenders at 147 right now, I’d say he should only be ranked bellow the current 4 titleholders, so he still is a major factor at welterweight

  • JA

    I think this goes similar to Porter vs Paulie. Berto not sharp enough to hold Porter off and too chinny to take a whipping. Porter in 5.

  • Colnef

    Should be comfortable for Porter – he should be looking for bigger fights.

  • Oc

    Good fight but….Porter all the way.

  • Ten Count Toronto

    Guess there is still no real working relationship between Haymon & Arum otherwise Porter would have been excellent next step for Crawford this spring instead of whatever throwaway fight Crawford is going through with in April. Would also have been a good mutual comeback fight between Porter & Vargas.

    Beating either of those two would have gotten much more respect than beating a washed up Berto, and losing to them wouldn’t be as damaging as losing to Berto if he got caught by lucky bomb.