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Charlo vacates title, moves up to 160, Hurd and Harrison go for title

Photo by: German Villasenor

In a surprising move that has immediate implications, Jermall Charlo vacated his IBF junior middleweight title on Thursday to move up to the treacherous terrain of GGG at middleweight. As a result, the bout between Jarrett Hurd and Tony Harrison set for Feb. 25 on Fox as the Deontay Wilder-Gerald Washington co-feature has been elevated and will now be for the vacant IBF 154-pound title, it was announced on Thursday.

The bout between Hurd and Harrison was initially pegged as an eliminator for the No. 1 position in the IBF to be Charlo’s mandatory with Harrison No. 2 and Hurd No. 3. Rumors circulated before his sensational fifth-round knockout of previously undefeated Julian Williams in December that he was having trouble making 154 pounds and may move up. Now, he will throw his name into a deep middleweight division that includes unified champion Golovkin, Danny Jacobs, WBO titleholder Billy Joe Saunders and even Canelo Alvarez if he decides to move to middleweight.

“These guys have already shown their mettle by agreeing to fight each other — No. 2 versus No. 3 — for the No. 1 spot,” Tom Brown of TGB Promotions said in a prepared statement of a card from Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama. “Having this match be for a world title is a great reward for two young guys who have shown a willingness to face each other.” Promoter Lou DiBella predicted the matchup would be a “war” in the release.

Detroit’s Harrison (24-1, 20 knockouts) has won three straight since he suffered an upset loss to Willie Nelson in July of 2015 when he was stopped in the ninth round, derailing his chances of a title shot at the time. “I’ve been waiting on this for a long time,” Harrison said in a news release.  “This the biggest shot of my life. It’s like my son being born all over again. It doesn’t change the approach. It just makes it much sweeter and puts that much more respect on the winner of this fight.”

Maryland’s Hurd (19-0, 13 KOs) has emerged as a top contender with impressive wins against Oscar Molina (TKO 10) and Frank Galarza (TKO 6) in recent fights. “This is the moment every boxer dreams of, becoming the world champion,” Hurd said in the release. “I finally get that opportunity on the big stage. I’m blessed.”

  • Vincent

    Can’t wait to see who Charlo fights at 60′.
    If he fights and beats a top ten contender like N’Dam or even Andy Lee then he may have a shot at GGG. To me this is the news here not so much that the ibf at 54′ is now vacant.

    • Shitzecreek

      I’ll pick him over NDam or Lee. Hes got the power and the badass attitude to back it up.

      • Sweet_Science_

        I agree. Was just hoping he gets in with a live body at 60′ It really does nothing for his career to have anymore “showcase” fights.
        Lee would be a good fight with his experience and right hook. I think Charlo wins but not easily.

        • DRE

          Lee would be tougher to beat than NDam. And if not Lee then how about Charlo vs the Stevens-Lemieux winner?

          • Sweet_Science_

            Sounds great! I favor Lemeiux in that fight vs Stevens. Just a live opponent would be nice. Imo too often a fighter beats a couple journeymen at a new class then all of a sudden some sanctioning body has him as a Mando.
            Charlo has the goods but for me he needs to be tested to bring his best out. Fighting journeymen and manditory challengers does nothing to improve his career at this point.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      I wouldn’t mind if he took N’Dam or Johsnon in April and then aimed for the Lemieux-Stevens winner in thelate summer or early fall. Two wins like that would make him a hghly legitimate challenger in December or early 2018.

  • Abraham E. Hernández

    Good luck Charlo!

  • Antony916

    Lions Only!

  • Standing8

    No surprise, the guy looks like a LH. No wonder he knocked out people @ 154

    • Sweet_Science_

      I wish it would go back to same day weigh in’s. I figured Charlo was cutting 25-30 lbs to make 54′ he was definitely huge for the division.
      Let’s see if the power is there at 60′.

      • ceylon mooney

        id like same
        day also

      • Ten Count Toronto

        He’ll be hitting bigger opponents but he’ll be stronger too, and if it ups his work rate it will definitely be a net gain.

    • Ciscostudent561

      Yea been saying the guys at 154-
      Andrade Hurd Jermall – to name a few, walk around lookin like light heavies. They are massive. Charlo power is unreal. He knocked down 2 cats with a jab. He’s one of my top 5 fave to watch right now. I’d like to see him go after Lemieux, Stevens, Lee… I really think it’s him or Andrade as he only guys under 168 who stand a chance against GGG. His block to uppercut on J rock was mad underrated. And he’s grown as a cerebral fighter. Definetly excited.

      • Ten Count Toronto

        Without seeing them together i;d say Hurd is bigger than Charlo but that might be because Hurd has been matched with much smaller opponents. But all three of them are definitely big enough for Middleweight and in Charlo;s case I think it will make him better.

  • Fist_ti_cuffs

    I was kinda hopeful that we could see him matched up against Andrade before he left, but he definitely has a bright future. Hopefully Lara vacates next so we can see someone attempt to unify.

    • D. Gambino

      Same here Fist! I really wanted to see those two fight. I hope Charlo fights a decent MW for his first fight. No more soft touches for Charlo (both Charlo’s at this point).

    • Sweet_Science_

      I think after Andrade beats Cualcay he will go to 60′. That’s another guy none of the name fighters want to fight. The bigger fights and paydays are at mw.

      • Ten Count Toronto

        That would suddenly make 160 a much improved division.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      In a perfect world there would have been a unification between Charlo & Alvarez to determine who is THE definitive Jr. Middle of the post-Martinez years (2009-16) with a merit-based mandate to get the first crack at GGG .

      Alternativelyt I would have preferred if either Hurd, Harrison on Andrade got to bre measured against a more proven commodity like Charlo or Canelo so we have a better idea of how good they really are, no it loos like that won;t happen either.

      But it;s an acceptable trade-off the Middleweight division finally getting good..

      • Fist_ti_cuffs

        Yep, we lose a little on one side but gain some interesting matchups on the other. Boxing in 2017 has been incredible and I’m hopeful that it’ll continue.

      • Fist_ti_cuffs

        Yep, we lose a little on one side but gain some interesting matchups on the other. Boxing in 2017 has been incredible and I’m hopeful that it’ll continue.

  • Avery Benitez

    Why doesn’t he fight Khurtsidze to become mando for BJS (or GGG assuming they fight and GGG wins which is a huge assumption)? Lee and N’Dam are solid names as well. Although I think he will probably be gunning for someone like Willie Monroe. Turreano Johnson would be a great fight as well, he would then be the IBF mando which would make sense since he just dropped the 154 lb version of that belt.

  • Charlie U.

    Well, well, well…The 160 Lb division just became a lot more interesting. There’s really no need for GGG to move up anytime in the near future. If he gets past Jacobs, then he can unify against BJS in June. After that, I still believe the Canelo fight will get made in September. In the meantime, Charlo will be getting his feet wet in the division. If Charlo’s ambitious, he could fight three times this year. If he’s able to win those and look at least close to as good as he looked against J-Rock, a GGG-Charlo fight in 2018 would be really big. As for GGG, if he’s able to pull those four fights off, that would mean he’s beating the second best guy in the division next month in Jacobs. Then, he’s unifying the titles against BJS in June. A legacy fight with Canelo in September, where he could potentially tie Hopkins defense record. And then a showdown against a guy in Charlo who looks like he could really make some noise in the division (after all, Charlo is @Futureofboxing, according to his Twitter account. Lol). By my calculations (carry the 3, subtract the 1, add the 4), that would take away any of the arguments the anti-GGG crowd has. Then again, I take that back. Those folks aren’t the most rational bunch so I’m sure they’d find something to criticize him for.

    • Ерлан Табылдиев

      Excellent post, Charlie. I see Charlo as a real threat to GGG, he is young and powerful, has size and reach advantage over Golovkin. And I also clearly see him outweighing GGG on fight night. Not easy fight for Golovkin. If they fight this year or in the first half of 2018, no doubt, GGG wins. But if they fight later on, it might be 50/50 bout providing that Charlo wins all his tune-up fights at MW. Cheers.

      • Charlie U.

        Agree, Yerlan. I think he could eventually pose a real threat to GGG. We’ll see how he looks adjusting to the new weight class.

        One more month to our guy is back in the ring! Cheers, dude.

        • Ерлан Табылдиев

          Yeah, Charlie, I also cannot wait!

          P. S. It’s nice of You to write my name properly )) Some guys are still writing to me “Ernah” ))))) So it means You have a very good memory like a few men here. Kudos, Charlie.

    • darumax

      No GGG fight without VADA testing for Charlo. The guy appeared juiced to the gills for the Williams fight.

      • Charlie U.

        That’s because he was 6 ft and 154 lbs. If you can be that tall and boil down that much, you’re bound to look pretty lean and muscular.

  • ceylon mooney

    why is this a
    surprise? charlo announced he was goin to 160 around his last fight.

  • Left Hook

    I didn’t realize MW was deep. GGG and nobodies. Time for GGG to move up, etc. Now Charlo moves up and it’s deep. OK haters.. if GGG fights and kayos Charlo…was Charlo a bum all the time or does GGG get credit?

    • Regie Tayaben

      No way haters give GGG credit for fighting a smaller man going up in wt.

      • Ерлан Табылдиев

        I wouldn’t say Jermall Charlo is a smaller man comparing to Golovkin )))) He is just one of many who was boiling down to JMW. Charlo is pretty huge guy and definitely outweighs Golovkin at fight night, if/when they agree to fight. I think GGG could also easily to fight at JMW limit (he was willing to do so only for Mayweather Jr.) but he doesn’t need to have weight advantage over opponents.

        • Ten Count Toronto

          I’m not sire about “easily” but if 154 was what it took to make 5x the money compared to his usual, he’d be able to do it. Ni question though when a fighter is +33 and still making 160 (or less) with no apparent problems he’s not a very big Middleweight at all.

    • Ерлан Табылдиев

      Spot on. Kudos, mate.

  • Ten Count Toronto

    Instant boost to the division, I might be tempted to pick Charlo over Jacobs & Saunders right now, but it’s more prudent to wait until we see his chin tested at 160. I just hope he’s coming to Middleweight to aim hight and not hang around waiting for the inevitability of one title becoming vacant sooner or later.

  • PrinceGian

    Good news. Charlo brings some badly needed fresh blood as well as some balls to the MW division. Hopefully this will draw some of the attention away from whether or not GGG vs Canelo will happen. I will put my money on Charlo to beat anyone in the division right now who is not named Golovkin.

  • Al Del

    Good another “Bum” to add to the list! .ha .